Abhigya- story of opposite attracts each other (epi-43)


Abhigya both secretly had called each other and shared that it was really very funny to see Purab’s reactions… Purab who was still
confused and was thinking whether he should talk about this to Dadi. But then he decided to find it first before sharing this to Dadi…

After his work, Abhi decided to pick up Pragya from college and again Purab followed him. They reached the college and Abhi stepped out of the car and was waiting for Pragya to arrive. Pragya saw him for distance and thought Oh my god now I will have to start acting again! Sorry Purab but what can I do with this Abhi!! I am just turning like him!

Pragya walked towards Abhi and once he reached near him, she started to yell in a loud voice ” Why are u here? How many times should I say to u that you no need to come and pick me up! I am not a small kid I can come by myself to home!” Abhi ” Why are you shouting like this Pragya? Can’t u see we are in your college and not at home!” Pragya ” I am very angry now and don’t make it worse!!” Purab seeing all this stepped out of the car to stop their argument but as usual it was useless as now Pragya said to Purab not to involve in husband and wife’s issues! Purab was really feeling lost in how to stop their non-stop bak baks and finally they themselves stopped as they were very tired of their fight… And they also realise that a lot of students were also looking at them.

Both quickly went inside the car followed by Purab who shook his head and felt like banging against on the car for coming along with Abhi!
In the car both of them were very quiet and Purab was relieved at least now he can get some peace of mind. They remained silent until they reached home. And their fight started again….This is time was arguing who will get down first from the car! Purab found all this unreasonable and interefered ” U all know that the car have two doors to exit right? Then why u two are fighting for this silly thing!” Abhi ” No it’s my lucky side to get down! So I will get down first!” Pragya ” What u find lucky in this? Either way u get down still u will walk to home right? U are talking as if u will have the luck to fly from that side!” Unable to tolerate their argument Purab stepped out first and went inside the house….

Abhigya broke into laughter after he left but Pragya felt all this was too much for her to do. Abhi assured her that very soon he will reveal whatever we were doing was just for fun to Purab but until then we have to just play with Purab! Pragya nodded her head in response and she knew Abhi like to play games but not this kind of games!!! Abhigya went inside the house with a sad face and Purab saw that and he really did not have the mood to talk to them…

Both Abhigya went inside their room to freshen up and after sometime Pragya ran down the stairs in a hurry and called Purab. Pragya ” Purab you come and see what he have done!” Purab thought again these two have started and now what Abhi had done??

Purab went with Pragya to the room and was shocked to see the sight in front of him!!!

Pragya sees someone with Abhi and wonders who is that person?

I have to tell u all something that I will end this ff in episode 50 with a happy ending….As now I really feel that its better to end soon before I go a bit off track…So thank u all for the support so far and sorry if I have disappoint any of u all with my decision.

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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  1. Itz really funny yar

    1. Glad that u find it funny????

  2. Very funny da.
    Pls give me ur mail ID ma

      1. Rithu ma ennoda fb id pavithra aathis prof pic actor vijay holdng guitar da naan unnaku frnd req koduka try pannen but mudiyala da so unnala req koduka mudiyuma da

  3. ????????????????????lucky side of car ??????????purab?????????? can’t say anything let me laugh please

    1. Haha ok i let u laugh first…??????????

  4. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Really Superbbbbbbbb…….

    1. Ok Reshma ?????

  5. Purab’s situation was very pity 🙁 🙁 … But soon get back the normal mode … Episode was nice …

    1. Oh Sanju don worry by nxt epi i will make Purab feel better…normal mode will be soon ??

  6. Ohhhhhh sooooo sad 4 purab really abhigya doing too much yaar thn today’s episode s really awesome n soooo cute n funny yaar

    1. Me too sad for Purab but all will be fine in nxt epi!!???

  7. Lucky 😛 i………….WHATTTTTTTT 😛 What to say ,OMG that was so much hilarious 😛 Purab’s reaction hahahahahahahahahahha i can’t stop laughing dude 😛 This was so much entertaining .Wow Amazing

    1. Glad that u felt it as a entertaining!!??????

  8. Ayyo ennala siripa niruthave mudiyala…god I am laughing so much. ..it was so funny yaar…super suga….good job..!!

    1. Reji I have to tell u something… naan unnoda storiesku periya fan aana now i am in a situation of not able to read any of the ffs…eana inge irukula neraya ffs ellam padika arambicha oru addiction vanthuruthu and that’s y i have restricted myself not read any of them for now… and athoda ippa ennoda college timing and schedule elllame athigama aayithu eana athutha varushame ennaku internship iruku athuku train panna ippave intensive aana stuff ellam pannuranga so sorry for not able to read ur ff…??

  9. Abhigya......

    It’s awesome

    1. Glad that u find it awesome??

  10. Haha ka it was amazing and purab ohh my god romba paavam ka purab.. He feels to banging against the car haha semma ka.. But u gave me a shock at the last.. Ok u r going to end this but u have to come up with a new ff its a request from ur thangachi.. Soo plss accept it ka..

    1. Hmm ipothuku ennala puthu ff start panna mudiyathu…erkaneve onnum ezhuthuran right? Atha padichu nee enjoy pannalam…may be during holidays i may start new one provided if any ideas came to my mind???

  11. dr actually I am srry nw I remember tht already I askd u abt ur profession but nowadays suffering with memory loss mom is scolding me fr tht issue of forgetting things nd u knw wat I wanted to do pharm D but destiny had its games sooo my fate I hv medicinal allergy but I lyk tht profession a lot but bcoz of allergy I came to sme other field may b destiny wanted me to fulfill my father’s wish to c me as a physics professor so no other option left wanna move on with it but u choosed great nd intrstng profession nw stopping my BLABBERING cmng to episode yaar hilarious really lucky side of car really imagining purab my head is rolling dont knw wat is his reaction really vrry funny episode njoyed a loooooooooooootttttttt nd cmng to ending its kkk dr I know u vil gv a spcl ending with a moral as previous one lv u a lootttt lots of hugs nd kisses nd thanks fr accpting me as ur frnd yipeeeeeeee

    1. Oh i see so u ar

      1. Oh i see so u are now a studying or working? I also wish u success in ur field and have fun it but my course is not really about pharmacy its more of manufacturing of drugs! So more of working in industry areas…and ya it seems to be fun but difficult to imagine a lot of things!! But slowly slowly i am trying to do it!???

  12. Haha abigyas fight haha purabs state haha so funny dr lovd it a lot oh u r gng to end this ff! But k dr i know u’ll start a new one n suga pls give me ur fb id with profile pic haan dr my prof name is pavithra aathis pic is actor vijay holdng a guitar pls dr say me ur prof name without 4getng k

    1. Glad that u find it funny ??… haan pavi ippa end panurathuthan sarinu manasu solluthu!? oh pls don expect that i will start a new ff for now..may be in my holidays yr…fb profile name: Sugashini suga…profile pic a blue color abstract pic… naan fb request annuparan!?

      1. Hey neeye enna kandupidi…naan unna thedi parthen aana kandu pidika mudiyala…

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