Abhigya- story of opposite attracts each other (epi-41)


Hi everyone! Finally here we go to unite Abhigya and it’s not in a special way lol more of a unexpected way…. Hopefully it is in an unexpected way that you all never thought of!!

Pragya entered the room and saw Abhi looking at their marriage photo. She felt how much pain he is being going through that made him to look at their marriage photo with tears in his eyes. Seeing that see also felt her heart was paining. Abhi realised that she was there and he quickly kept the photo aside and started to use his phone. Pragya “ Suniye! I want to talk to u!” Abhi “ Haan! What?” Pragya “ Just forget whatever I have been doing and we can just talk as normal as before!” Abhi “ Pragya again you want to hide something from me! It’s better to share what issue you have with me! And why can’t u understand that?” Pragya “ Pls just leave it! I have no mood to share about it!” Just then Abhi received a call from Purab. Purab in an anxious tone “Abhi u know what happened? U never realise that Dadi is not at home ah? Come fast to the place that I say!” Abhi “What happened to Dadi? What place?” Purab “How can I tell that? U faster come to the xyz place!” Pragya listening all to this was panicking and asked Abhi what happened. Abhi said that he is also not sure as Purab never said it properly and ask her to come along with him as he is also very nervous. Both of them drove off in the car and reached the place.

Pragya “What is this place and why is it so dark here? And where is Purab and Dadi?” Abhi “How would I know? Purab never tell me anything properly and this place looks more like a haunted one and why Dadi had came here??” Pragya “ There is some light over there in the house there may be they are there! Come let’s go!” Abhi “Ok come!” Both of them were very scared and held each others’ hand in nervousness. Abhi “The door is open here! So they should be here right?” Pragya “ Why can’t u call Purab and ask him?” Abhi “ Haan ok I will call him now!” Abhi called but Purab’s phone was unreachable. Abhi “So now how?” Pragya “We shall just go in and check!” Purab was there but he purposely never picked up Abhi’s call….

Both of them went in were very scared but the place was not that scary as they thought as it was like a normal kind of house as if someone is living there. Both of them searched the whole place to find for Purab and Dadi and they were nowhere to be found. Pragya “ Are you sure that this is the place that Purab told?” Abhi “ Yes I am very sure! Why are u asking like that?” Pragya “ May be in tension u heard it wrongly!” Abhi “ No this is the one!” Abhi called Purab again and he now picked up and said Dadi have returned home and ask them to come back to home. Abhi “ What is this Purab thinking ah? Make us roam here and there and then now ask us to come back home!” Pragya “ Just leave it at least Dadi is now back at home right? Come let’s get back to home” Both of them drove off from there but on their way the petrol had run out!
Abhi “ U see now the petrol has run out!” Pragya “ U don’t get tensed for everything! Call our car driver and ask him to pick us from here!” Abhi agreed to that and made a call to him and both of them waited for the car to arrive.

Abhigya were waiting there for so long and only got frustrated. Pragya “ How long we will wait like this?” Abhi “ I also don’t know why it takes him so long to come here!” Pragya “ Just like you where it takes so long to tell the truth!” Abhi “ What truth are u talking about? If u never tell then how would I know?” Pragya “ Ok I will tell! The day u proposed me at college and before that u planned with Harsha to hear your voice in the lecture hall! And then u came after my lecture as if u have realised my love. But your arrival at that time it was all a plan right?” Abhi was shocked to hear that she knew everything and he said “ Yes Pragya it was a plan but it doesn’t mean that I never realise your love! I always felt your love from the moment I fell in love with you!” Pragya “ But you shouldn’t have hide all this from me! It really hurts me that you never felt my love that day! I am thinking that u did all this to win the challenge!” Abhi “ So sorry Pragya! I did all that to win you and not the challenge!” Pragya “Really?” Abhi “Yes Pragya I always wanted to win you and have u in my life!” Pragya “So you will not hide anything from me from now onwards?” Abhi “Yes I won’t…. let me tell u one more thing also…I read ur diary that day!” Pragya “What u read my diary? When?” Abhi “ After u told me that books are your best friends and I wanted to find out whether are u really telling the truth and I felt that if i ask u directly then u will feel bad… So that’s why i did like that!” Pragya smiled and said “It’s ok at least u have told me now! I have full faith in u now!” Abhi “Thank u Pragya!” He hugged her tightly and said I won’t let u down anymore! Sanam re plays… Pragya was finally happy that the problem that they were facing had been solved.

By this the time the car arrived and both reached home. Both entered with a joyful face. Dadi and Purab saw that and were surprised at their sudden change. Abhi “ Dadi! Why did u went to that place and how u get back to here?” Dadi “ Abhi I got lost on my way to a temple and ended up there but Purab came there on time and helped me to come here” Abhigya thanked Purab for his help and asked Dadi not to go alone next time. But Dadi and Purab had planned something else actually they wanted to lock Abhigya inside the house that they went but Purab missed the chance of doing that and was thinking that their plan failed! After Abhigya went to their room, Dadi asked Purab “U think they are ok now?” Purab “Looks like that Dadi may be they had resolved their problem on the way to home!” Dadi “ Hope so Purab! But we need to double check about it! What if they are just acting in front of us!” Purab “Yes u are right Dadi!” Dadi “So what’s next?” Purab “We should wait until tomorrow Dadi!”

Abhigya are having fun in making Purab to be confused!!!

Hopefully u all didn’t get confused with the way I wrote to unite Abhigya but to tell the truth I got confused while writing this haha……

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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  1. Wow..u r superb …united abhigya and u have unloaded this episode today itself….thanku…waiting for next episode…..

  2. That was seriously unexpected! So much uniqueness in one episode ! Their plan didn’t worked but it worked lol and pre recap seems much more interesting! Can’t get enough of it loved it so much!

  3. Abhigya..........

    Superb….. Nd the precap seems funny…waiting for next part……

  4. ohhh really in an unxpected way they burst their flngs towards each other nd they both understood each other so easily nd forgiven each other y not bcoz forgiveness is much easier fr our loved ones right!!! really ur amazing in flngs

  5. Nice yaar…

  6. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Superbbbbbbbb……… I loved the way u wrote it……….????????????????????????

  7. Simplyy superb 🙂 🙂 🙂 …. Instead of thinking and confusing ourself, it’s always better to discuss and sort out prbls immediately to avoid relation gap ….

  8. unbelivable…..really u r rocking…..always using different ways.

  9. unbelivable…..really u r rocking…..always using different paths…

  10. Super super super

  11. wow really super…

  12. superb episode yr seriously and especially that plan scene awesome now it will be fun looking Purab confused

  13. sana (abhigya)


  14. Maya!!!!!! Its amazing…… M sry i dnt comment these days cz i was a silent reader!

  15. Thank u everyone for ur valuable comments! ???Unable to personally reply u all as I am still in lecture

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