Abhigya- story of opposite attracts each other (epi-40)


Thank u all for the continous support and here we go into the story…. Hi Pavi!! I got their reply…see at the end of this epi I have stated what they have replied….

Both Abhi and Pragya were not talking to each other as before. Silence was their way of communication. When Abhi looked at Pragya she never looked at him back and when Pragya looked at him, he too never looked at him back….

Dadi started to realise the differences between them as both didn’t talk to each other at the dining hall whenever they had their meals. Both always looked sad and a smile from their faces was not seen that much. She found this all not normal as always Abhi used to disturb Pragya during meals.

Dadi thought of asking both of them what’s wrong between them and she called them to their room. Abhigya came in and Dadi ” What’s wrong with both of u all? Why both of u always look sad as if u all lost something in life!” Abhigya looked nervous that Dadi was suspicious about them and both of them replied at the same time ” Nothing Dadi!” Dadi ” Pragya u tell what happened?” Pragya ” Nothing Dadi both of us are busy in our work may be that’s why we look tired but not sad Dadi!” Abhi ” Haan Dadi! Just like what she said we are tired Dadi!” Dadi was not satisfied with their answers and said to them don’t overstress in your work. Try to take a break and spend quality time with each other.

Abhigya nodded in response and Abhi received a call at the moment and left the room and after sometime Pragya also left the room. Dadi know that both are lying about something but not sure how to find out!!

Dadi called Purab ” Purab I want to ask u something?” Purab ” Haan Dadi! U called me so early in the morning? Anything important?” Dadi ” Yes about Abhi and Pragya!” Purab ” What about them? ” Dadi ” U know that both of them behave very differently for the past few days! Both always look gloomy and are not even talking to each other properly!” Purab ” Oh yes Dadi I also realise that usually they will call each other even during work times but now I never see Abhi calling Pragya di that often! He also looks very lost!”

Dadi told Purab it means they both had a very big misunderstanding and are not trying to solve it! So we must plan something to solve their issues.Purab ” Can I tell u something Dadi? From the start there have been a lot of plans done by either one of them with me to make them closer! And when they are now close to each other still there is a plan carried out by me to help them!!” Dadi laughed at his reply and said ” Their love is so complicated na! Always there is plans being done to make them even more closer!

Purab agreed with Dadi and both discussed on how to solve their issues. After talking to Dadi, Purab called Pragya and told her that she want to talk to her something important and asked her to come to a near by cafe in the evening.

Pragya reached the cafe and both started to talk. Pragya ” Purab what’s the matter? Is anything serious?” Purab ” Yes di! It’s about Abhi!” Pragya ” What about him?” Purab ” He is not concentrating in his work properly and u know right he is incharge of Harsha’s album launch which is just in a few weeks time and he also need to prepare for another big live concert a month later. But now he is not even practising properly as he is not coming to studio regularly!” Pragya hearing that felt really bad and she know that she is the reason for all of this. Pragya ” I will talk to him about this!” Purab ” Thanks di! Pls do it fast if not it will affect his career very badly!”

Pragya was now in a dilemma of how to talk to Abhi… Shall I tell the truth or just force him to concentrate on his work. With deep thoughts in mind she reached home and saw Abhi in the room looking at their marriage photo.

Abhigya now in a unexpected place!!

I know it’s a short one but pls wait as I am still thinking of how to unite them in a special way….
Pavi this is what they have replied to me:
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Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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  1. Wow…I liked it…but it too small episode…pls unite abhigya soon
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    1. Haha I also can’t stand the kkb dadi like confusing Pragya! So atleast here she don’t spoil anything!

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    1. Ya i know right! Can’t stand her there so thought of changing here a bit! ??

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