Abhigya- story of opposite attracts each other (epi-4)


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Pragya turns around and Dadi starts to speak, “Pragya you no need to worry I am not going to ask you about the news. I am actually Abhi’s grandma. Pragya is surprised. Pragya I know what Abhi did was a bit silly and I also can understand your feelings. He had assured me that he will solve this problem and you no need to worry. Pragya is amazed by how polite Dadi speaks and thanks her for the help. She also thanks god. Pragya with hesitation asks for the phone number of Abhi to apologise to him. Dadi, you no need to hesitate too much you seems to be such a cultured girl so here you go this is the number. Pragya takes her leave and touches Dadi’s feet for blessings. Dadi felt that how I wish I get a bahu like Pragya at that moment.

Pragya comes to home calling out for ma with so much of excitement and explains to Sarla whatever happened in temple and Sarla is happy to hear that and she says you quickly call Abhi and apologise to him so that he can solve the media issue. Pragya tries to call him and but he does not pick up the call as he is still sleeping. After many missed calls she decides to send message. She sent quite a long message and was relieved that everything would be fine now. Abhi just wakes up and sees so many missed calls and also starts to read the message sent by Pragya.

Abhi realises how bad Pragya is feeling after reading the message and he also texts back a long message with an apology too. Pragya astonished by reading Abhi’s apology too and thinks that Abhi is such a good person who understands other’s feelings. In reply to Abhi’s message, Pragya says we shall just forget whatever happened. Abhi replies saying that “You no need to worry too much as everything will be ok and I shall speak to the media and put a full stop this issue”. Pragya thanks for his help and the conversation ends there.

Abhi has a press meet for his new album launch and over there he also talks about Pragya and he requests the media not make cheap publicity out of it as it was just a regular Q&A session that was held in a college. Abhi also mentions that I myself is not worried about the question made by Pragya why are you all making an issue out of it. So now you all should have more news about my new album so that it is more entertaining to audiences too. Abhi also said that it will be very painful to someone being criticised too much for such a trivia issue. Hope you all understand and stop this issue. Some of the media people asked him why are you suddenly being so polite to the media as your style is usually with a bit of arrogance. To that Abhi said in a funny way, So you all do not want me to be polite, I thought it’s a new year may be should show you all a new side of me. But if you all insist then I can always be arrogant. Every one over there bursts in laughter to his regular witty reply.

Pragya upon watching that on TV is very grateful to Abhi as she knew that there will be no more press people coming to her house to ask her all kinds of random questions. On top of that there will be no more of the TV news of her. Pragya immediately sends a text to Abhi thanking him and is happy that she can go back to her routine life with no more troubles.

On the other hand, Abhi is talking to the producer about his new album which is about college life and he has come up with an idea of having new faces in the album. He also checked his phone at the same time and reads Pragya’s message and replies, my pleasure and have a nice day. The producer who was opposite him asked Abhi, “Is it your girlfriend who had texted you? You seem to be very happy. Abhi says it’s none of your business and can we talk about the album?” Producer replies “Ya sure, it’s a great idea so you want models in the album?”

Abhi says “No models please as they will be too perfect. I want really new and fresh faces who will be making some cute mistakes. May be we shall have talent search in colleges and there will be a lot of fresh faces who we can shortlist”. Abhi mentions the name of the college where Pragya works and producer said I am ok with anything.

Abhi and producer has informed the principal of the college and he had made arrangements for the talent search. The principal had allocated them the auditorium where students can come and show their talents. Meanwhile Abhi thought of seeing Pragya but she was nowhere to be seen. He thought may she should be busy with her work. Abhi was so tired after auditioning a lot of students but not able to find the apt students that he wanted, so he went out of the auditorium asking the producer to continue with the audition. He thought of taking a stroll in the nearby garden area. He walked slowly and had a breath of relief after walking around the blissful garden area.

Abhi heard a very familiar voice talking to someone, he went closer to listen, it was Pragya talking to a guy, and he seemed to be a student and listened to their conversation from the back.

Credit to: Sugashini

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