Abhigya- story of opposite attracts each other (epi-39)


Pragya reached home and she just didn’t want to see him anymore. She felt betrayed as she have been always thinking that Abhi realised her love truly and her love was the one that made him to come and propose to her that day! But now she felt all her feelings have been shattered into pieces….

At the party…

Abhi started to realise that Pragya was nowhere to be seen and looked out for her frantically. He asked Dadi who was there too but she said she also haven’t see Pragya for quite sometime. He panicked a lot and just then he received a message to his phone. It was Pragya’s message : No need to panick! I came back to home as I was not feeling well.
Abhi was relieved but was wondering why Pragya never even inform Dadi and had left the place. Abhi’s mind couldn’t think straight and his thoughts were only about Pragya on how she is now! Dadi realised his worry and asked him to go home first. She said that she and Purab will manage the rest of the party.

With that Abhi drove off to home and rushed to his room to see Pragya. There he saw Pragya sleeping on the couch instead of the bed. He carried her and laid her gently on the bed and carressed her head. He felt that she really looked weak and tired even in her sleep and that’s why she came back home to have rest. He thought that I should have been with her throughout the party! If not she wouldn’t have to come back home all by herself. He whispered in her ears, “Sorry Pragya!” and he also slept beside her.

The next day morning when Abhi woke up he found Pragya to be missing…He searched in the closet and everywhere in the mansion also but she was nowhere to be found and he went to Dadi to ask about it. Dadi said that she went to work early in the morning as she said that there is a lot of papers to mark and also need to prepare notes for her students.

Abhi was worried as why she have to go work today when yesterday night she was not feeling well! She could have just be on leave today and why she is always after work like this!

Abhi tried to call Pragya’s phone but she never answered it instead she just texted him back saying that she is busy and will call back later. Abhi was still worried but he didn’t want to disturb her and just waited for her call. But she never called back at all. He tried to call her many times but everytime he only received the same message again!

Pragya went to her mum’s house straight after work and asked her mum to call him and inform that she was here. Her mum also did that and now Abhi was quite relieved at least Pragya would not be doing any kind of work in her mum’s house and there will be less strain to her health.

The same thing happened for a few days and everytime Pragya returned home only after Abhi had slept. All this made Abhi feel somewhat weird and scared that Pragya is moving far away from him…He felt like she is keeping a distance from him. And on that day he didn’t sleep early and was waiting for Pragya to come and sort things out with her.

Abhi was sitting on the couch using his phone and just then Pragya entered the room. Abhi ” I want to talk to u after u have freshen up!” Pragya ” I am very tired now and we shall talk later!” Abhi ” No Pragya it would be better if we talk now! I don’t want to prolong this anymore!”

Pragya ” There is nothing that is being prolonged and I think u are just overthinking!”
Abhi ” Really? Then why are u not talking to me properly for the past few days especially after the party? I feel that u are avoiding me! Just share with me Pragya if there is any problem!” Pragya ” Share? Sometimes it is better not to share certain things as it will only makes it worse! And u are talking as if u have shared with me everything?” Abhi ” What are u talking Pragya? I have been sharing with u a lot of things but u are the one not sharing with me anything and that’s why it is difficult for me to understand u!” Pragya ” So now u have difficulty is it? Then why did u marry me when u know there will be difficulty?” Abhi ” Pragya why are u talking like this? Come just sit down and cool down a bit! U think I find u as a difficulty? U are my love Pragya and how can there be difficulty in it?” Pragya ” Fine! I don’t want to talk anymore as it will only get worse… I am leaving to the guest room now!” Abhi stopped Pragya from moving by holding her hands and said ” If u go and sleep there Dadi will know that there is some fight between us! So u stay here and I will leave from here! But let me tell u Pragya, I know that u are angry on me for something but if u never tell what is it then how u expect it to be solved? It will only get worse Pragya!” Pragya didn’t looked at his face at all and it only made Abhi even more upset. She let go of her hand and left the room.

Pragya broke down into tears and said to herself how can i tell that my love itself had lied to me? I can’t leave u and at the same time I can’t be near u now…U shouldn’t have done that and I don’t know how to tell u also…I always had faith in u right from our first meeting but now I feel all my faith is useless.

As for Abhi he went to his studio room and had also in tears and was unable to understand why Pragya had so much anger towards him. He was thinking what mistake that he had made her to behave like this!! He took out the letter given by his Dad and said ” Dad! I am trying my best to resolve the issue between us but she is not even trying to understand what I am saying! I don’t know what to do!” As for Pragya, she also took out the letter by Abhi’s dad that was given to her before the marriage and said ” I know that u wanted us not to prolong any misunderstandings between us…But this is not even a misunderstanding! It’s more of a betrayal…A betrayal to my feelings and love!!”

Both were in tears and were unable to sleep that day. Abhi was just hoping that he could find a way to know what mistake of his had made Pragya to have so much of hatred towards him… As for Pragya she was still unable to accept what Abhi have done to her…

Dadi realises the differences between Abhigya… Will she help to solve or make it worse for them?

Sorry guys if it was like too intense or emotional… pls don’t hate me for hurting Abhigya here…will solve the issue soon.
And i won’t ask the silly question again whether is it dragging! I will just continue for now and thank u for all ur support…

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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  1. suga just two words from my side
    perfection overloaded =perfection overloaded
    yes it was a perfect episode ☺☺☺☺☺??

    1. Haha but no still i made some mistakes!!???

  2. Wow…superb..so much emotional..abhi is really feeling bad….pls make them realize their true love towards each othet and unite them soon….

    1. Sure sana it will happen soon and pls wait until that! ??

  3. ha ha ha…..it was very nice.even a fights will increase the love between them.

    1. Tks Emy! Hmm ya fights do increase love!!

  4. Nice yaar…Bf sooooooooo sad 4 abhi coz if pragya says it only abhi can explain it in his view na I thk abhi work hard to make pragya as his frnd n also make pragya to accept his as her frd yaar…soooo sad

    1. Don be sad durga and don worry! Abhigya will unite in a special way!!??

  5. Abhigya.......

    This is superb!! Suga u have written it so perfectly….???nd dadi always makes the matter worse ???? as we all know but let’s see….

    1. Tks Abhigya??? haha ya Dadi always makes the matter worse in kkb but may be not here!!??

  6. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Awesome yaar…….

    1. Tks Reshma??

  7. Episode was nice ?☺… But I feel sad for abhi ?????…

    Pls soonnnn make abhi and pragya to realize each other’s love for them ..

    1. Sure it will happen Sanju ??and don be sad!!

  8. Pls update next episode today itself…

    1. Sana I will try but I got some work to do now if not u will have to wait tmrw… Sorry sana!

  9. Very nice suga

    1. Tks rithu ??

  10. sana (abhigya)

    Nice maya but pls don’t separate them like this

    1. I won’t sana! ??

  11. its very nice epi…suprb..well going..wait for nxt…update fast..

    1. Tks nasima! ?? I will try to update fast but pls wait….

  12. yup its an emotional episode dr really I am flng my heart stabbed by knowing my sweetheart abhi is bearing dizzz tears I really cant imagine tht situation nd pragya ‘s flng is also true nd dr ALL IS FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR SOOO PAIN ALWAYS INCREASES LOVE

    1. Yes Maahi that’s what I am trying to convey and glad that a lot of u all are able to understand that??

  13. Hey super epi dr lovd it a lot&haan don’t dare to say this again,how could v hate our swt frnd na dr

    1. Hehe ok won’t tell that again! I alrdy replied to ur msg at the other ff!!

  14. Hey sorry! Actually no sorry it’s not my mistake i already commented but i guess that website didn’t posted, quite good coz it gave me a chance to read ypur epi again hehe, acha i know i m doing bak bak, so coming to episode what should i say Good? Awesome? Amazing? Loved it? Superb? Brilliant? Mind-blowing? Or whattt? See evertime you confuse me now i m not gonna say it’s better or best bcoz ypu already know i guess lol, okay okay what should i say! Lol confused! Coz words nhi mil rhay na, 1st it was surbhi for whom i had no words now youuu! Goshh! Acha okay! Lol more confused! ?? Abhiii and Pragyaaaa, ahhhh what to say! Waiting for next episode, bcoz i guess u have understood how much best epi it was

    1. Omg!! So confused ah? Ok my nxt epi will make u more clearer…??? and yes as usual tks for the appreciation!! ??…

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