Abhigya- story of opposite attracts each other (epi-37)


Thank u all for the support and here we go into the story…

In Mehra mansion…

Abhi was very tired with the long trip and Pragya also understood it so she did not want to ask him any questions regarding Tanu. She thought may be she should ask about it later…

Abhi went inside their room while Pragya was unpacking his luggage and other stuffs in the room too.Abhi ” Pragya what’s the hurry to do all these? U can do this later na? Come here and sit down with me! I want to share with u a lot of things..” Pragya ” Wait! Just a bit more to do! And we can talk anytime!” Abhi ” U always give importance to work first!” Pragya ” Ok fine I am just here right? Tell me what u want to share!” Abhi ” No! I want to tell u when u are sitting beside me!” Pragya ” Ok just a minute!”

Pragya sat beside Abhi to listen to what he want to share. He started to talk with so much of excitement… first about how much he missed her, what happened in the concert, the people and his fans that he met there and lastly about Tanu!

Pragya was now listening more carefully… Abhi told her that he met Tanu at the airport in US. He said she is her high schoolmate and she had changed completely into a different person. She is now more matured and a successful fashion designer. She is settled in the US and once in a while will visit India to meet her family. Pragya was now very curious is Tanu still single or not? Abhi continued saying that Tanu don’t believe in marriages and is more career minded. Pragya in her mind, What it means she is still single!! Oh my god! Now I will have to be very careful what if he has a soft corner for his first crush?

Abhi looked at Pragya and find it different to see Pragya looking not at him instead she was looking on top. Abhi ” Why are u not looking at me? I thought u said u want to look at me? And now u are looking at the ceiling? Is my face is there or what?”

Pragya ” Nothing like that! I saw something over there..So Tanu is your friend is it?” Abhi was hesitant to tell the truth but he said it, ” No not a friend but she was used to be my girlfriend. But Pragya don’t mistake me! It was just a infactuation and I didn’t feel anything like what i feel with u! U are my love and will always be!” Pragya was relieved by his words but still something in her said that she still have to be very careful.

Pragya was still not looking at him. Abhi now laughed as she was looking at her duppata that she was holding onto..Pragya came back to her senses hearing his laughter… Pragya ” why are u laughing like this!” Abhi ” U are the one making me laugh!! First u were looking at the ceiling and then now at your duppata! So now u can see me in ur duppata is it?”

Pragya ” Stop teasing me I was just looking at the design of the duppata.” Abhi ” Oh really? Or u are very nervous to look at my attractive face right?” Pragya ” No! Why should I? Anyway ur face is not that attractive!” Abhi then came closer to Pragya facing her and said ” So u don’t find me attractive?” Pragya was speechless as he was very near to him until she had no space to breathe…

Pragya closed her eyes as she was not able to look into his dazzling eyes. Abhi ” My sweetheart u can’t even look into my eyes as u are scared that u will get attracted to me!!” Just when Abhi was about to kiss Pragya, someone knocked the door. Pragya immediately stood up and Abhi was irritated that there was a disturbance when he was romancing with Pragya!

Pragya could feel his irritation but she just went to open the door to check who it was.
She opened the door and saw Dadi there. Dadi ” Sorry Pragya! I just came here to talk to Abhi for a while. I missed talking to him for so long!” Pragya ” Why u need to say sorry for this? Come in Dadi and he also wants to talk to u!” Abhi saw Dadi and his irritation had gone as Dadi came near him to hug him. They were all chatting for sometime until when Pragya received a call and excused herself from there.

Pragya couldn’t believe to what she had heard!! She felt how could Abhi do this to her?

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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  1. Hi Maya, episode was nice 🙂 .. Next time we r expecting one long episode yaar …

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  3. Reshma Pradeep

    Woww……..Its Awesome……. Precap is sooooooooo Interesting…….

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    Awesome episode…eagerly waiting for the next part…

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  7. Thank u all for the lovely comments! Will make the nxt epi longer! Today my mood was off due to some reasons so tats y the update is shorter…

    1. what happen ya……

  8. ohhh no dr again ur ff is running in my mind bcoz of tht precap wat did abhi do nd if u can plzzz a bit longer episode I know u vil dfntly hv sme issue so nly u couldn’t but still my heart nvr agrees to leave complaining to my frnd as it is my hobby tht to always complain to my dr ones fr silly things hope u vil nt take me wrong

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