Abhigya- story of opposite attracts each other (epi-35)

Hi everyone! So we shall straightly go into the story….
Pragya woke up in the morning feeling lonely without his presence in the room. She was keep on checking her phone for his call. But he didn’t call. She was waiting eagerly for his call and did not even have the mood to have her breakfast. Dadi called her to have her meal but she politely said that she have no mood to eat now and will have her meal later. Dadi understood her plight of missing Abhi badly and brought the food to the room itself. Dadi “I will feed you the food and you can’t disagree to it!” Pragya “ Dadi why u bother yourself? I will have the food by myself…”
Dadi “ What is it to be bothered here? I am feeding my favourite person who cares for me more than herself so don’t talk a lot and just have the food!” Pragya was very touched by Dadi’s words and had food from Dadi’s hands…

Dadi advised her not to worry too much about Abhi and he will call her soon. After Dadi left, Pragya checked her phone again and found a message from a new number. It was from Abhi…

A: Pragya this is the new number that I will be using to contact u from here…I will call you soon as I am quite busy now…
P: Ok I am waiting for your call and take care!

A few hours later Abhi called Pragya…

Pragya “ U were very busy until u called me so late ah?” Abhi “Hmm sorry and yes was very busy! I didn’t even have enough time to sleep properly u know?” Pragya “Oh that much u are busy but don’t strain yourself! Take sufficient amount of rest ok?” Abhi “Ok can! How is Dadi and everyone?” Pragya “Everyone is fine you should call and talk to them too!” Abhi “Yes I know I will call the house phone after talking to you!” Pragya “That’s good and you know what I miss you a lot!” Abhi “ I know that Pragya….I can guess it from your voice itself… U cried right?” Pragya “ Haan…but how u know?” Abhi “I just felt that u cried.. Before I forget something I will sent u a audio file through email and u listen to it ok?” Pragya “What audio file? Anything important?” Abhi “U go and listen to it and I can’t tell u about it now…” Pragya “What’s that just tell na?” Abhi “Pragya it’s my kind request so don’t ask anything further!” Pragya “Ok can I shall go and listen to it!” Abhi “That’s like my sweetheart! Ok I shall call u again after talking to Dadi and I have sent the file already! U go and listen now!” Pragya “Seriously I don’t know what is in the audio file that u insist me so much to listen to it!!” Abhi with a laughing tone “Something that cannot be expressed in words…Ok bye Pragya!” Pragya “Ok bye and take care!”

Pragya opened her mail and check for his email. She downloaded the audio file he sent and started to listen to it

Abhi in his voice said…
Pragya all the while I wanted to express to you that how much of importance that you have in my life now. After I met you I only felt that I have been lucky and I consider you as my good luck charm that brings a meaning to my life now…A meaning that brings happiness to my life just like a best friend would do without any expectations…. So to express all this I am singing a song for you which will explain all my feelings…He sang the song Zehnaseeb…..

Zehnaseeb, Zehnaseeb
Tujhe chaahoon betahasha zehnaseeb
Mere kareeb, Mere habeeb,
Tujhe chaahoon betahasha zehnaseeb

O my good luck,
I love you beyond limits, O my good luck…
(O the one) Near me, my beloved,
I love you beyond limits, O my good luck..

Tere sang beete har lamhe pe hum ko naaz hai
Tere sang jo na beete us pe aitraaz hai
Is kadar hum dono ka milna ek raaz hai

I am proud of every moment passed with you,
I have an issue with those which didn’t pass with you…
Such secret is our meeting together…

Hua ameer dil gareeb
Tujhe chaahoon betahasha zehnaseeb
Zehnaseeb, Zehnaseeb
Tujhe chaahoon betahasha zehnaseeb

The poor heart is rich now,
I love you beyond limits, O my good luck…
O my good luck,
I love you beyond limits, O my good luck…

Lena-dena nahi duniya se mera
Bas tujh se kaam hai
Teri ankhiyon ke sahar me
Yaara sab intezaam hai
Khushiyon ka ek tukda mile
Ya mile gham khurchane
Yaara tere mere kharche mein
Dono ka hi ek daam hai

I have nothing to do with the world,
I have to do with you alone..
In the city of your eyes,
There is all arrangement (of my happiness) O beloved..
Whether I get a piece of joy,
Or remains of sorrows,
In our transactions,
Both are equally priced…

Hona likha tha yoon hi jo hua
Yaa hote hote abhi anjaane mein ho gaya
Jo bhi hua, hua ajeeb
Tujhe chaahoon betahasha zehnaseeb

Whatever was written in fate should happen, has that happened
Or did it just happen unknowingly, just like that…
Whatever happened, was strange…
I love you beyond limits, O my good luck…
Zehnaseeb, Zehnaseeb
Tujhe chaahoon betahasha zehnaseeb

Pragya was now in tears now after listening to his singing which expressed immense amount of emotions on how he feels towards her. Pragya, so he considers me as his best friend? I must be so lucky to get him in his life and he also considers me as his lucky charm! What more can I ask for? And this is what I always wanted!!! Genuine love from someone and it’s always and only him… I must talk to him now!!

She tried calling him but his number was unreachable… She felt very agitated that she can’t get through the call and texted him and was waiting impatiently for his call. Meanwhile she was keep on listening to the audio file again and again…She felt she was the luckiest person in the world when every single time she listened to the audio file….

Abhi and Pragya meet again in airport but she meets someone which makes her upset!!!

Keep supporting and hope you all liked this episode….

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