Abhigya- story of opposite attracts each other (epi-33)


Sorry for the very late update. Ok let’s just get into the story….
The next day Pragya was searching for her diary frantically. She knew that she kept it on the desk and did not remember taking it off from there for the past few days. Pragya asked Abhi “Have u seen my diary? I kept it on the desk but now i can’t find it!”Abhi realised that he was still having the diary with him. Abhi “It should be there only! Wear your chasma properly and look for it! May be your chasma is out of focus!” Pragya “ I shouldn’t have asked u! And u just focus on your work and don’t ever talk about my chasma!” Abhi “Chill Pragya no need to be so angry for talking bad about your chasma! And your diary should be just around here! May be u could have misplaced it and have forgotten where u kept it!” Pragya “ Instead of talking so much can u help me find it?” Abhi “ Pragya I need to practise for my next album so u slowly search by yourself. Anyway what’s the hurry today is Saturday right so u find slowly and steadily! Ah there is a quote saying Slow and steady will win the race!” Pragya “ Ok fine! You carry on with your work” Pragya in her mind thought he only know how to talk a lot not even helping me in such a small matter!
Abhi went to his studio room where he had kept the diary. Abhi thought Luckily I escaped from her so now I can’t return the diary to her now if not she will explode in anger like a volcano! Abhi hid the diary and screamed “Pragya!!Pragya!!” Hearing his scream Pragya got alarmed and came running to his studio room. Pragya saw him holding onto his hand as if he had hurt his palm. Pragya “ What happened now?” Abhi “ I had hurt my palm!!” Pragya “ How?” Abhi “ I am saying that I am in pain and you are asking the cause of it!!” Pragya “ Ok sorry baba! Let me bring something to heal the pain” Abhi “No need to bring anything! U yourself can treat the pain” Pragya “ What? I can treat your pain?” Abhi “Kiss treatment! It’s the best cure for all kinds of pains!” Pragya realised that he is acting as if he is in pain and said “Ok can close your eyes first!” Abhi “Why? U won’t leave without doing the treatment after I close my eyes right?” Pragya “No I won’t but just close your eyes now!” Abhi was very excited as it was the first time that Pragya was taking the step to kiss him. By looking at his excited face, Pragya could not control her wide smile. Pragya held his hands near to her and kissed his palm which he said was hurt. Abhi opened his eyes and said “What is this? Why u kiss here?” Pragya “The treatment should be done at the place where the pain is right?” Abhi “This is not fair at all!” Just then Dadi called her and while leaving from there she said “Everything is fair in love and war!” Abhi was upset that the kiss was not as he expected but was relieved at least Pragya now would be distracted from searching the diary. He thought before she finds out I should keep the diary back in the room again.
In the kitchen….
Pragya came to the kitchen and asked Dadi “ What’s the matter Dadi u had called me just now?” Dadi “ Nothing much Pragya just want to ask you eat these! And Pragya you seem to be very happy! Because of Abhi right?” Pragya blushed and nodded her head in response and said “ Haan Dadi and why suddenly u ask me to eat so many fruits?” Dadi “ It’s Abhi he bought organic fruits for you!” Pragya “ What organic fruits?” Dadi “ Yes yesterday u looked very weak right? So he went out early in the morning and bought these fruits! And guess what he also found that Organic fruits are the healthier ones and somehow manage to buy them early in the morning!” Pragya “ But Dadi when I woke up he was still sleeping!” Dadi “ He did like that so that you would not know what he had done for you” Pragya was very touched by Abhi’s caring act. Dadi “ Pragya he really loves u a lot and that is why he is showering so much of care and concern to you!” Pragya had tears of happiness in her eyes as this was the very first time that someone had cared for her so much.
Pragya went back to her room with one of the fruit that he had bought for her. Abhi was sitting on the bed and was lost in some thoughts. Pragya said loudly “ The apple tastes so nice!!” Abhi came back to his senses after her hearing her loud voice. He smiled at her and she continued to talk “ Do you want to try too?” Abhi “ It’s ok Pragya u carry on! I don’t feel like eating now” Pragya “ Still angry about the treatment just now?” Abhi “No Pragya I am thinking about something else” Pragya
“ What’s the matter and why u look worried now?” Abhi looked at Pragya with tears and Pragya was also now very worried seeing him in tears and went closer and sat beside him. Unable to control his tears he hugged her like a child would hug his mother when he was in trouble.
Abhi and Pragya miss each other badly….

Actually after a few episodes there will be a twist so that Abhigya can understand their differences better. So stay tuned for the twist…. hope u all liked this episode..

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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