Abhigya- story of opposite attracts each other (epi-30)


Thank u! Danke! For all ur support and we shall just go into the story directly…..

Pragya found it very suspicious as nowadays Abhi was behaving weirdly…. He cared for her even more extra. Yes she knew that he loved her but now it was too much compared to the days that they loved each other before their marriage…

He woke up early and prepared bed coffee for her. He made it a routine to drop her at the college and after her work he picked her up too. He even buy for her favourite novels…She felt all this is still ok but today when she was about to walk down the staircase he asked her do you want me to carry u down? This is too much!! Just now he asked me like as if i had injured my leg!!!

Pragya was still pondering what made him to be like this especially after that day he was practising music….Pragya got so confused to the extent that she took off from her work.
Now she decided to find why he had change like this…

Abhi as usual went to his studio for his recording. As for Pragya she wanted to find out why is he like that so she decided to ask opinion from Dadi.

In Dadi’s room…
Pragya ‘ Dadi have u taken ur medicines?’ Dadi ‘ Haan Pragya come here and sit down’. Pragya ‘ Yes Dadi! I want to talk to u also!” Dadi ‘Sure Pragya let’s talk!’ Pragya ‘ Its about him…’ Dadi ‘ U mean Abhi?’ Pragya ‘ Yes i dont know why he is showing extra care nowadays… I mean its nice to be cared by him but i feel its very sudden!’ Dadi smiled at her and said ‘ Pragya may be he had understood that he needs to be caring to his wife. Thats y he is behaving like that!’ Pragya ‘ But Dadi… his care is just too exaggerating, he even showed it publicly which i am not used to’ Dadi ‘ Yes i know that he is always like that once he start to care too much for a person then his care will be limitless… I tell u something about him but u shouldn’t show that u know about it to him.’ Pragya got very excited that she is gg to know smthing abt Abhi!

Dadi told that during his high school days he loved a girl actually it was more of a infactuation but he showed so much of care to her during that period. He had asked Dadi to prepare the girl’s favourite fd and then he would do all her hmwrk even though the girl said there is no need to do all this. But he insisted that he feels happy by doing all this for her. And during exams he even tried to help her as he thought she was finding it difficult to do the paper. She got so much of irritation by his continous disturbance and in the end she complained to teacher that he is trying to copy her answer. Abhi was shocked by that and both of them broke up….

Pragya don’t know whether to laugh or get shocked after hearing to what Dadi have said… She found it that Abhi is the same from his young days itself. He had not changed at all. Pragya told Dadi although what u told me made laugh out loud but now i know that Abhi still have a child like heart who expresses his love in cute ways. And also told Dadi that she was fortunate to have him as her life partner and asked Dadi for the name of the girl that he thought to have loved in his high school days…

Abhi is scared to see Pragya now!

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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  1. so cute flashback….unbeliviable maya..simply awesome.

  2. nyc episode nd intrstng precap dr nd abhi askng pragya to carry her is funny I mean intolerable care

  3. I like u story, but smthinking missing?

  4. Nice yaar really superb n soooooooooooo cute even I 2 laughing loud bt anyway its soooo sad tat thy break up bt abhi’s care to tat girl I over limitless… How can b lk tz a person can care their loved one lk tz… No no care it’s more than tat…

  5. Abhi asking pragya tat he will carry her was toooo cute. Awesome

  6. Wowwwwwww……….. Its sooooooo cute yaar…………Really Superbbbbbbbb………….

  7. very nice epi…so cute…..precap very intrstng….

  8. Thank u friends for the support and sweet comments! Unable to personally comment each of u all as i am busy now?

    1. Personally reply*

  9. Awesome episode

  10. Unpredictable word now has become small for u serioisly i am sayonv that now i cant wait for next episode Abhi is that much caring haah that made me also laugh yr ??? ny the way girl as always for u ??

  11. Awesome epi suga lovd it to the core dr abhi was such a lovable husband na tht he cares this much 4his wife&haha i lovd abhis madness as if he started to like someone he will do anything 4them na &haan dr i have a reason 4loving his madness as i am also a mad like him na,hope ur stomach ache had ran away

  12. Awesome

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