Abhigya- story of opposite attracts each other (epi-3)


Pragya is on her way to home and is thinking about what had happened in the college. She feels that she should apologise again to Abhi but does not have any clue on how to contact him as he is such a big celebrity in town.

It is just then she sees a BMW car passes her and then it slowly reverses to where she is walking. The car stops and the door opens, Abhi gets down from the car and walk towards her. Pragya is very much surprised as it’s the first time where she sees a person whom she was just thinking about.
Abhi comes near her and starts to shout at her, “How dare you talk to a rock star like this? I just teased you but you took it so seriously and insulted me in front so many people! U know what boring professors like you are not worth enough to listen to entertaining music. You all are just born to listen to your own boring lectures as songs!”

Pragya is stunned but retaliates by saying, “How can you generalize that all professors are like that?? It’s just me who does not listen to your music and I had a thought of apologising to you and also had an idea of listening to your music but now I think it’s not worth it at all!” Abhi says “Better not. I also do not want silly people like you to listen to my music”. Both are very annoyed and they can’t stand each other so Abhi decides to walk back to his car and Pragya to continue to walk to her home. That is when Pragya’s duppata flies over on Abhi’s face. Abhi gets irritated and crumple the duppata and throws back to Pragya which lands around on her like a garland.

Abhi gets on the car and thinks about the conversation with Pragya and he realises that I shouldn’t be so angry after all she is nothing to me and also remembers that Pragya said that she wanted to apologise to him.

Pragya on the other hand is very angry and reaches home. Her sister, Bulbul and mother, Sarla are very angry on her. Sarla shouts “What have you done Pragya? Already your marriage is keep on getting postponed and now on top of that you have made yourself a laughing stock”. Pragya asks what happened Ma? Sarla switches on the TV and it shows that Pragya a simple professor to get publicity has questioned Abhi the rock star like a lawyer! Who is she to question him? Watch out for more updates on who Pragya is and what is her motive to question the rock star in such a furious manner.

Pragya is shocked upon seeing that she knows that something like this would happen but not to this extent of coverage. Sarla says Pragya why are you being like this? U know all our neighbours know about this and they are keep on asking about this! Even our relatives are calling me and enquiring about this. Just then phone is ringing and Bulbul answers the call, “Hello, Masi I also don’t know what happened, Di has just arrived we are asking her about it. I will call you back later and tell everything. Bye”. Bulbul somehow managed and ends the call in a hurry. Di you should have controlled your anger and how are you going to handle this?
Pragya is really stressed and she just dashes to her room and locks the door. She starts to cry and blames herself that every time there is only problem because of her. She also thinks that why she was so angry for what had Abhi said as he is nothing to her. Pragya wipes her tears and decides to face whatever happens and comes out of the room. She tells Sarla and Bulbul that I will manage this problem and you all no need to worry. Sarla say do whatever you want but make sure it does not affect your marriage prospect.

Pragya decides not to go college the next day as she does not want to face any humiliation by her students and colleagues.
Abhi at home watches the news about Pragya asking him question. He thinks that she deserves this for the way she behaved towards me. It is then when Dadi comes inside and also watches the news. Dadi asks what had happened and Abhi explains everything. Dadi says “It’s you who started and how can you just tease her like that. Great loss and all was too much Abhi, sometimes you still behave like a kid”. Abhi says “Dadi I am not a kid BUT I am a rock star”. Dadi continues saying that sometimes you should respect others interests and emotions. She never said that she did not respect your music right? She just said she have not listened to your music may be she is not exposed to your music. And look at her she looks so innocent. Abhi looked at Dadi and said Ya she is innocent but furious. Anyways what you said is correct. I will do something about it. Dadi says That’s my grandson. Dadi hugs Abhi and she leaves the room. Abhi thinks about how to solve this issue.

Next day Pragya decides to go temple to get peace of mind so she informs Sarla and leaves the house. Sarla says Only God can should show you the right path. Pragya reaches temple and she feels relieved. She prays to god that all the issues that she has been facing should be solved as soon as possible and says she don’t want to be burden to anyone. Please show me the right path to help solve my problems. She decides to sit down for a while. Dadi reaches the temple to do pooja for the well being of the family. The pandit ji says the preparations for the pooja is delayed a bit so you will have to wait for an half an hour, may be you can have a seat first. Dadi says ok I shall wait and goes down to sit.

Pragya turns around as someone called for her in a very polite tone. She was just hoping that the person would not ask anything about the TV news.

Credit to: Sugashini

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  1. i think in the precap it would be abhi who called pragya but abhi doesn’t trust god i don’t understand this point

  2. Very nice pls continue eagerly waiting for u r next episode

  3. Very very diff plot n diff ff
    Too gud

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  5. It will be dadi who called pragya:)

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  7. Reshma Pradeep

    So nyc yaar…..plz continue it & update regularly……

  8. superb yaar

  9. superb..jus now i read all ua episods toghtr..u all guys r rocking..naveena,tisha,reji..Sugashini..its amazing..contnue yarr.i hop so its dadii who calld her..

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