Abhigya- story of opposite attracts each other (epi-29)


Hi friends! As mentioned earlier i am updating this one to compensate for the shorter one uploaded earlier….

Abhi started to read the diary…..
Abhi had read about almost 20 pages but all only stated about her daily routine in her work and house.Abhi in his mind, What is this!! Its alrdy a big thing for me to read so many pages!!! And until now i still cant find anything abt her friends!!! Ok don give up Abhi just read as much as possible so that u can find something…..

And then he came across a page…

Dear Diary….

I dont know why but Abhi is avoiding me…. U know something I feel that I have built a unexplainable bond with him. Is it a crush? Is it an attraction? I don’t know but whenever he talked to me I feel that I find a friend in him…. Since young I dont have best friends, I had friends but all were only there to share my happiness but not my sorrows…Bulbul was there but I couldnt share all my feelings with her as she was too young… I am scared that the friend that I found in Abhi is slowly leaving me… I dont whether love can happen btw us but if it happens I will be the most happiest person in the world as the friend that I found in him will be with me forever….

I really wish he stops avoiding me! Did i made any mistake that he had started to avoid me? I really dont know! Why everytime when i wish for something it always have to be shortlived? Am i that undeserving to have my simple wishes fulfilled. Dont know when Abhi will talk to me again but for now hoping for it to happen is the only hope that I am having….

With hopes….

This was written by Pragya before Purab told that Abhi is avoiding her as he is scared that love and relationships would hinder his career….

Abhi was now extremely sad and was in tears…
Abhi felt that because of him she had gone through so much of sorrow. He was deeply moved by the fact that she found a friend in him. He also felt the same way but to him it was not a very big matter as he have best friend like Purab. But to her it was a very big thing, she wanted a friend whom she can share both her happiness and sorrows… But he was only thinking abt himself and had avoided her. He felt very guilty for making her go through sadness…

Just then, Pragya knocked the door and asked ‘ Suniye! How long are u gg to practice? U havent had ur breakfast too!’ Abhi wiped off his tears and answered ‘ Haan coming Pragya u set the breakfast in our room and I will come soon!’ Pragya ‘ Ok!’

Abhi decided that I will make her my best friend! Pragya u will be my best friend from now onwards and u will be able to share all your happiness and sorrows with me for all your life! Its a promise from my side that I wont let u down as a friend! Abhi said to himself, This rockstar will rock ur life Pragya! ?

Abhi went to his room and saw Pragya waiting for him and they both had breakfast together and Abhi was keep on looking at her. Pragya got surprised as to why he was constantly looking at her! Pragya ‘ Why are u keep on looking at me?’ Abhi ‘ Why u think I need to ask permission to look at my wife?’ Pragya ‘ Hmm I think u are up to something! Thats y u are talking like this…’ Abhi ‘ Really? So u can read my mind now? ‘ Pragya ‘ Not really but I strongly feel u are gg to do something as ur actions show it off!’ Abhi thought that he should restrict his actions so that Pragya wont find out about his plans…

Now Pragya finds something about Abhi!!

Ok sorry if its short as i am a bit sick again becoz of the haze ??

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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  1. so amazing.pls update soon

    1. Glad that u found it amazing ?..will try to update soon and the time it comes depends on telly updates too…..

  2. Nice yaar… Really superb

    1. Glad that u found it nice n superb ?

  3. oh Maya seriously u r unpredictable girl see what an episode u have given the diary part was too lovable yr and yeah as I have already said that I am crazy about ur story yup get well soon dear it’s a big thing that u r uploading it in sickness also ???

    1. Oh unpredictable me? May be if u say so haha. Glad that u found te diary part lovable…..and also tks for ur craziness abt my story….ya hope to get well soon and its not at all a big thing if i am really that sick then i wouldnt have uploaded itself….its just a bit of stomach ache tat i am having on and off…. on top of tat the weather is unpredicatble here which makes me sick…

  4. super suga

  5. Wowwwwwww……… Its Amazing yaar……….Especially The Diary………Loved it………………

  6. nice track keep going..very intrstng…suprb….i m waiting fr nxt epi.update fast..

  7. Thanks rithu,reshma and nasima! Alrdy updated….the speed depends on telly updates!

  8. ♡♡♡♡♥♥♥♥ ur epi was lik tis oly….mindblowing…..diary scence was superb….★★★★★★

    1. Ur comment is so nice…???

    1. Tks shriti

  9. Awesome epi suga lovd it to the core my dr frnd & i was worried dr tht u r not feeling well na but see u’ll get well soon dr as i said na thn ur stomach ache will run away frm u as it knows thts it better to run away frm u than hearing my stupid wrds

    1. Oh pavi ur comments are so sweet and ya hope my stomach ache runs away by ur concern n not by stupid words…

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