Abhigya- story of opposite attracts each other (epi-27)


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Few days after the wedding…..

Abhi yelled ‘ Pragya!!!!!’ Alarmed by his loud voice Pragya who was in Dadi’s room ran to her room to check why was he yelling out her name. Abhi ‘ Pragya what is all this ??? Why there are so many books on my desk area??? U know right I don’t like books at all !!!’ Pragya ‘Oh my god!!! For this you shout as if somebody is going to kill you!! U know how much I panicked hearing to your loud voice? And these are my books and I don’t have any place to put them that’s why I put it on your desk area. Anyways your desk area also had nothing except for a pen holder. So how does it even bother you?’ Abhi ‘ Pragya I really don’t like books and u just move all your books the guest room and I shall arrange for a bookshelf over there to put it for u!’ Pragya ‘Then you want me to sleep at the guest room is it?’ Abhi ‘Huh? Why u have to sleep there? U can sleep here itself!’ Pragya ‘ I will only sleep after reading a book and if all my books are there then I have to sleep only there!’ Abhi ‘What?? U are only going to read one book right? Not all the books that you need to have them in this room!! Then y are u talking like this??’ Pragya ‘These books are my friends and I want them to be beside me and not far away from me!’ Abhi’ Books are your friends?? Pragya pls don’t try to be funny how can these non-living things can be your friends!!!’ Pragya ‘Don’t talk like that I am already very angry!!’
They continued to argue and by then Dadi who was unable to tolerate their loud argument had entered their room. Once they saw Dadi they stopped arguing and looked as if students who are going to be punished by their teacher. Dadi ‘Why are u two like fighting like small kids!! Pragya what’s wrong?’ Pragya explained everything to Dadi and Dadi stared at Abhi. Dadi ‘Abhi you are having such a big room and you can’t set aside some space in it for Pragya? Why are you being like this like a small kid?’ Abhi ‘ No Dadi!! She should have asked me before that she need space for her books then I would have arranged!!’ Dadi ‘ Ask you?? Is she some guest staying for a while to ask you permission? She is your wife and she have the rights to share this room of yours!!’ Pragya smiled at Abhi as Dadi was supporting her and not him. Abhi noticed that and thought in his mind, Pragya u are smiling away as Dadi is scolding me!! Wait I will do something that will make Dadi scold you too!!. Abhi ‘ Sorry Dadi I now understand my mistake and you don’t get tension for this. I will set aside space for Pragya to keep her books in the room’. Dadi ‘ Ok finally u understood your mistake!!’ Dadi ‘ Pragya you come to my room and let him decide where he want to give you space in this room’ Pragya followed Dadi to her room and as for Abhi he throwed one of the book over there behind him to show his anger. Since the book was quite big and thick it made quite a big sound once it dropped on the floor. Hearing that Dadi from her room shouted ‘ Abhi!! What happened now??’ Abhi with a panicking tone ‘ Nothing Dadi!! I dropped my phone!!’ Abhi in his mind Pragya and also her books both are against me in getting me into trouble!!!! Now i don’t know what else i need to change in this room!!!

In Dadi’s room…….
Dadi ‘Pragya don’t mistake Abhi! He is not really used to sharing things with others but he will always give what he has to others. When he was very young his father brought him very expensive toy and it was his favourite too but when his best friend asked him for it he just gave it without even thinking twice. When asked why he did like that then he said when my friends ask me anything I can’t say no to them. U know at that young age itself he valued friendship a lot’. When Dadi told that Pragya only remembered the words of Abhi’s father asking her to be a friend with Abhi first. Pragya said ‘ Dadi you no need to worry that I will mistake him and I can totally understand why is he like that and I will talk to him about it’ Pragya after chit chatting with Dadi went to the kitchen for some work and on the way she thought maybe I am not yet his best friend that is why he is still unable to give space in his room. I should do something that will make him feel that I am his best friend too.

Abhi was still deciding which part of the room that he can set aside to place a bookshelf for Pragya’s books. Pragya then entered the room and look at Abhi who was keep on looking at all directions in the room. Pragya ‘Tea for u!’ Abhi ‘Keep it there on the table’ Pragya in her mind i think he is still angry with me. Oh Pragya think on what to do!!

Pragya came in front of him and said ‘I want to talk to you!’ Abhi ‘What u want to talk?’ Pragya ‘I am sorry at least I could have informed you about placing the books there. I can understand how u felt when suddenly someone uses your things without even informing you!’ Abhi who was angry with Pragya was now touched by her words. He realised that she made an effort to understand about his feelings but he was only thinking on how to make Pragya get scolded by Dadi. Abhi ‘Pragya! As usual you have amazed me with your ability to understand other’s feelings and I shouldn’t have reacted too much just now! U know right I always overreact too much for small things!!! Pragya can u also forgive me? And one more thing you are not someone to me!!’ Pragya ‘How can I forgive u when I am not even angry with u! But now u are not angry with me right?’ Abhi ‘Hmm what do you think?’ Pragya ‘I think you can’t get angry with me for more than 1 hour!’ Abhi ‘What? U have been keeping track on the time that we started our fight just now? U are always proving that you are a lecturer who keeps track on time!!’ Pragya laughed out at his comment and then both together discussed on where will be the bookshelf and Pragya’s other stuffs can be placed in their room.

Abhi want to find something about Pragya!!! Will he find that something???

Hope you all enjoy this too!

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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  1. yup its quite intrstng dr abhi is evn naughty here also thinking smehow fr pragya getting scoldings frm Dadi nd wat abhi is searching???:O

    1. Ya true abhi is naughty here too!!?
      Hmm u have to wait for the nxt epi to find what he is searching!!?

  2. oh my dear Maya it was damn awesome yr I laughed a lot when abhi being scolded and pragya was smiling seriously dear u r too great ? for u only

    1. Glad that what i wrote made u laugh!!thank u for the 100 marks!!!???

  3. Wow Maya its amazing

    1. Glad that u find it amazing!?

  4. Nice yaar really superb n soooooooooooo cute

  5. Superb yaar it’s soooooooooooo cute n sweet

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  6. Amazing epi

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  7. Its Amazing yaar………….Like it a lottt……………..

    1. Glad that u found it amazing and also for liking it a lot!!?

  8. No romance?

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  9. comdey ya….really both fighting lik kid..:.superb……

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  10. so sweet dr….

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