Abhigya- story of opposite attracts each other (epi-26)


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In the morning at Mehra mansion….
Everyone in the mansion were buzzing here and there and all were eagerly waiting for the wedding moment of Abhi and Pragya. Pragya had also reached the mansion and was brought to the room to get ready in her bridal wear. Abhi was also getting ready in his room and that’s when Dadi came into his room and pass him a letter and said its written by your dad and he asked me to give it to you before your marriage. And then she went to Pragya’s room and passed another letter and said it was from Abhi’s father.

Both of them began to read the letter….
The letter from Abhi’s father to Abhi:
Dear Abhi my beta….
I know that I was not able to spend time with u from your childhood and I wasn’t able to be with you during your successes and failures. I was not there with you to give advices on love and marriage like other dads would do to their sons. I really know how much you will be missing me! I was also like u as I was brought up by your Dadi only. I didn’t expect my very own son to go through the same scenario as me but fate is cruel and the cycle is repeating. Abhi I asked ur Dadi to pass this letter just before ur wedding as I want to give u advice on marriage to u just before u take the vows later. Abhi when I married your mum she was so patient and understood me very well, actually more than what i understood myself. We did had arguments and fights but always made sure that it ended within by the day itself. Prolonging a fight or argument will only bring distance and it can break the relationship. I don’t know who u are gg to marry but if its with ur Dadi’s approval then it means she will be surely like your mum. Make sure u understand her and respect her faiths and desires. At times it will be difficult to understand each other but if u make an effort then it will be surely easy. Lastly I would just like to say treat your wife more like a friend and then everything would be easier. So my son will u try to follow ur beloved dad’s advice?

Abhi had tears in his eyes after reading the letter and said ‘Sure dad I will follow ur advice!’

In Pragya’s room….
Pragya opened the letter and started to read
Dear daughter in law…
I don’t know who u are or how u look but hope you will read this letter thinking its like from your father. I never spent that much time with Abhi so I don’t know how is he now and what are his characteristics but one thing I know for sure is he would be like a workaholic. That I can say for sure as everyone in our family are like that. So pls adjust to it and make him understand that work is not the only thing that is important. Taking care and spending time with ur family is more important as works can change but families won’t so its important to give priority to them. And I hope that u can make him realise all this. I didnt have the oppurtunity to make him understand all these. So I hope you are in my place to do this. I know his mother would have done all this but still if he didn’t really understand all this I hope that u will take the responsibility to do this! And one more thing try to resolve any misunderstandings that u all have within the day itself as dragging it will only give pain to both of u all. I strongly feel that u are a understanding person and hope that you two have a marriage life filled with happiness and prosperity! Lastly be like friends to understand each other and reapect each other feelings! Its a small request from a father. So will u do all this thinking that I am like your father?

Pragya got deeply moved by the letter and with tears in her eyes said ‘ Yes I will do!’

Both Abhi and Pragya got emotional and told themselves that they will fulfil the words of Abhi’s father.

Wedding rituals started at the mandap and soon both of them reached the mandap and everyone over there were filled with happiness and both Abhi and Pragya were still thinking about the words of Abhi’s father while taking the vows. And finally the wedding had happened. After that they began their happy marriage life but little do they know that there will be more ups and down need to be faced in their relation….

Abhi and Pragya fight for the changes in room! Who will win will be decided by Dadi!

Ok I have written this with a lot of doubt as I am not really good at writing emotional lines. Sorry if there were any mistakes as I am updating this thr hp.

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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  1. Both the letters frm abhis dad was very nice

    1. Glad that u felt it nice!

  2. what to tell u r perfect in every terms till now I use to say that ur narration of story is driving me crazy now today the feelings u expressed by abhis dad seriously u are beyond perfection I have to say suga ????

  3. what to say maya u r perfect in every terms till now I use to say that ur narration of story is driving me crazy now today the feelings u expressed by abhis dad seriously u are beyond perfection I have to say suga ????

    1. Always a pleasure to get comments from u! And ur words made my day!

  4. Nice yaar really superb n awesome…

    1. Tks Durga!

  5. A kind request actually more of a doubt to any fellow ff writers who read my ff, have u all seen the ff u all written in another website with the same title but the words in the ff have been changed?? I saw this just now and is it normal to see like that?

    1. Yes maya! Its normal…. Welll episode was amazing, letter from abhi’s dad is just beyond amazing….

      1. thank u Somiya!!!

  6. This was ho early really good. I kinda expected yes a longer update but it’s okay

    1. I am not feeling well if not would have updated a bit longer. Sorry Kristy and happy to see ur comment after a long time!

  7. Awesome letter scene was superb emotional

    1. Tks Zari!

  8. Awesome episode yaar. The letters r nice too much emotional.

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  9. Amazing!

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