Abhigya- story of opposite attracts each other (epi-25)


Hi friends! Thank u for the nice comments and we shall straightly do into the episode. I seriously can’t assume when this will be uploaded. The time here is 11.42 am hope its uploaded by evening!
Dadi decided to have the wedding as soon as possible as she had been waiting for many years for Abhi to get married and settle down in life with a good life partner. So the wedding preparations were happening on full swing and both families were busily involved in the preparations. The elders had said to Abhi and Pragya not to meet each other before the marriage and they too agreed to it but Abhi was missing Pragya badly by not seeing her. The same scenario was with Pragya but both of them had secretly be in contact with each other through skype.
Within a few weeks all the rituals that lead to marriage have been done and it was the night before wedding. Pragya somehow felt restless and wanted to talk with Abhi but he was not picking up the call. Pragya, why is he not picking up my call? He should be at his house now right? I have been trying to call him for more than one hour but he is still not picking up!!! Just then Meethu, Abhi’s friend called up ‘ Hi Pragya!! Congrats on the wedding with Abhi tmrw. I wish u now as I won’t be able to attend the wedding tmrw as I have a modelling assignment that I have signed up few months ago. So I can’t back out from it now and I didn’t expect Abhi’s marriage to happen so fast. Hope u will understand and forgive me!’ Pragya ‘ It’s ok Meethu! And no need to be sorry it’s not as if u are doing it intentionally and did u informed about this to Abhi?’ Meethu ‘Thanks for the understanding and No!!! He will be mad at me if i inform him now and can u pls inform him ok?’ Pragya ‘Ok sure no problem! Any way I have been trying to calling him for more than a hour but he is unreachable!’ Meethu ‘Today is the day before wedding right? May be he is having party with his friends!!!’ Pragya ‘U mean Bachelor’s party??’ Meethu ‘What else??? He loves parties too!!’ Pragya ‘ No it can’t be as he had told me that he won’t organise Bachelor’s party as he don’t want to look tired on the wedding day!’ Meethu ‘What an excuse!! And u also believed him? Pragya you are too innocent! U know guys tell this kind of things to make girls like us believe that they won’t do anything that we dislike!’ Pragya ‘But i never told him that i dislike parties!’ Meethu ‘ Pragya from the way you are he no need to ask u whether u like or dislike parties and its very obvious u won’t have interest in them!’ Pragya ‘ No Meethu he won’t lie to me and I know that! Sorry but I won’t believe u!’ Meethu ‘ Oh Pragya! I am sure he is now having party and won’t be in his room now! ok fine want to have a bet?’ Pragya ‘ What bet?’ Meethu ‘ U shall go to his hse now and check whether is he in his room!!’ Pragya ‘ Huh? U have to be kidding me? At this time? And what if others see? I can’t agree to this bet!!’ Just then Bulbul came into Pragya’s room ‘ Di what bet u are talking about? Did jiju tell some challenge now? Tell me na wait I myself talk to him!’ With that she snatched the phone from Pragya and talked to Meethu. Bulbul ‘ It’s a great bet Meethu di! Wait I make my di agree to this!’ Pragya found all this unreasonable, how can they even think of me going at this time. Bulbul kept on pestering her and finally she agreed to it as she was also concerned about what is Abhi doing now. Meethu ‘ Ok done! I will pick up u from ur house within 10 minutes and u come down secretly ok?’ Bulbul told Meethu its not a issue and i can take care of it. Bulbul told her mum that she want to spent some time with Pragya in the room as it will be last day that they will be spending together. Understanding her daugther’s bonding she left them alone in the room. All the elders were assembled in the hall and they also never disturb Bulbul and Pragya.

Meanwhile, Pragya was very nervous about what she is going to do if any one finds out! Bulbul told Pragya to leave the house from the back door and she have already told Meethu and she will be waiting there. Pragya slowly walked through the back door in the dark and by then Meethu was already there waiting in her car. Meethu drove the car fastly and reached Abhi’s house.
Meethu ‘Pragya u have to go from the balcony to reach his room!’ Pragya ‘Ah? How do i do that? ‘ Meethu who knows Abhi’s mansion very well and she knew there is a ladder in the store room in the garden and went there to fetch it. After fetching it she placed in the direction of the balcony and hold the ladder and signalled Pragya to climb up. Pragya ‘ Oh god what am I doing? And this Meethu is also crazy!! How do I escape from this now?’ Meethu ‘ Pragya faster do it before anyone comes! I know no body will come out as everyone will be tired by now but we can’t take any chances!’ Pragya ‘ Meethu now also it’s not late na! We shall just go back and I know he will be inside the room so shall we just go back?’. Meethu ‘ If u never climb up now then I will call everyone now!!!’ Pragya ‘ No!!! Ok I will climb up’. With a lot of courage Pragya did her very first adventurous act of climbing up the ladder.

She reached the balcony and went inside the room. She found no one there and got disappointed that Abhi really went to the party but then suddenly heard the loud singing voice. It was Abhi’s voice and he is was in the bathroom singing. Pragya was now happy and quickly called Meethu to inform her that she won the bet! Abhi was about to open the door of the bathroom and Pragya noticed that and she now panicked as what if he founds out that she is here! So she quickly hide behind the bed there.( Something like one of the scene in kkb where both of them were avoiding each other in the night) Pragya messaged Meethu about it but now she didn’t text back. Pragya in her mind, Oh no Pragya! U are trapped now! Now how to escape!!!

Just then her phone rang and she had forgotten to put it in silent mode so the ringtone of Happy love song played. Pragya got even more tensed and cut the call of Meethu. Abhi was surprised to hear his song but he knew he never played it. He heard it from the direction of behind the bed. Abhi walked towards it and Pragya could hear his footsteps and she just hide her face with her duppata.

Abhi was astonished to see Pragya there! He couldn’t believe his eyes but he knew it was her and held her hand and brought her out from there. Still she was hiding her face with duppata as she knew she won’t be able to stand his teases now. Abhi ‘Pragya u missed me a lot until u came to my room to see me! Does anyone know that u are here?’ By now he had removed the duppata that was covering her face. Pragya stammered and said ‘No I was just concerned ….that why u never pick up my call!!’ Abhi ‘Oh my phone had some problem and I can only make calls but can’t receive calls. I thought you would have slept early and that’s y i never call u. U could have called my landline number right?’ Pragya ‘I did called but it was unreachable too!’ He looked at the phone and realised that the cable connection had been loosely connected’ Abhi ‘ Sorry for making u worried but you could have called Dadi or Purab right? And one more thing how did u even came into my room without anyone’s knowledge?’ Pragya ‘From the balcony’ Abhi ‘What balcony? It means u climb up? I didn’t know u was so daring!!’ Just then Meethu called and Abhi saw Meethu’s name flashed on Pragya’s phone. Pragya thought now I am badly trapped now!!! He would have guessed it now that I came with the help of her! Abhi ‘ So my Pagal friend is behind all these ah? Where is she now?’ Pragya pointed her finger towards the direction of balcony and both of them walked there. Abhi ‘Where is she? I can’t see her!! So fast she vanished into air or what?’ Pragya ‘No! Look down!’ Abhi looked down and loudly said ‘Hi Meethu!!’ Both Pragya and Meethu were taken aback by his loud voice and Pragya covered his mouth with her hand and said ‘ Sssh! What if Dadi or someone hear you? Then we will be caught!!’ Abhi smiled wittingly and said after removing her hand from his mouth ‘It’s not we but You will be caught!’ Meethu then called Pragya’s phone and she picked up and ask her to put the phone in speaker. Meethu ‘ So how was my surprise?’ Abhi ‘ Surprise?’ Meethu ‘ Pragya meeting u at this time is not a surprise for u? U said right u want to meet her before wedding and that’s y i planned this!!!’ Pragya ‘ Meethu so whatever u told was to just make me come here!!! How can u do this Meethu!!’ Abhi ‘Thank u for the surprise and now I will manage Pragya!! U no need to worry!’ Pragya was very angry now and face was turning red. Abhi ‘Oh Pragya it was different right? Usually guys take risk to meet girls and in our case it’s the other way round!’ Pragya ‘No but u know she shouldn’t have lied to me!’ Abhi ‘U also lied to me right?’ Pragya didn’t know how to reply and Abhi said ‘Ok fine! And think in this way next time when we tell our love story to others it will be very interesting especially to our kids u know?’ Pragya couldn’t hide her shyness on hearing the word kids and said ‘You always know how to pacify me!! Ok but now I need to go home! It’s already late’. Pragya looked down on how to climb down now and Abhi understood from her reaction and said ‘U no need to use ladder! Come I will bring you secretly out!’
Abhi somehow managed to bring Pragya out secretly as by then everyone were sleeping and dropped her at her home. Abhi ‘Anyways Thanks for the daring act! I know it’s your first time!’ Pragya ‘ I can do anything for u! And ok bye and leave before anyone see us together!’ Pragya was amazed thinking how did she even do all this and thought may be her heart is really willing to do anything for him and that’s why she have done what she never even dreamt of in her life!

Dadi giving something to Abhi and Pragya that makes both of them emotional before the wedding! What is the something? Just guess!!!

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Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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