Abhigya- story of opposite attracts each other (epi-24)


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Ok getting back to the story…..
Pragya together with her mum reached the mandir earlier and was impatiently waiting for Abhi to arrive. Both Pragya and her mum did the prayers and still Abhi had not reached yet. Pragya’s mum said that we shall leave as i have a lot of household chores need to be done. Pragya got tensed and said that she is feeling stressed for the past few days and asked whether we stay here for sometime to get a peace of mind and also said since she is not gg to college today so she can help her in the chores.

Her mum agreed to it and they sat down in one corner of the mandir. Pragya kept on sharing about her work load in college to drag the time and her mum also listened all to it patiently. But she also noticed Pragya keep on looking at the entrance of the mandir as if waiting for someone.

Not able to wait any longer Pragya decided to call him up and just then he arrived with his Dadi. Abhi and Dadi went to do their prayers first and came closer to where Pragya and her mum were sitting. Pragya stood up first followed by her mum. Pragya ‘ Ma this is Abhi and this is his Dadi’

Pragya’s mum ‘ Yes i know he is the same rockstar who had made u face the ridiculous questions of the media right? I still remember that!’ Abhi was taken aback but remained calm and responded ‘ Yes I am the one but its a misunderstanding auntyji and whatever happened after that really matters! I am glad that i had met Pragya as we became friends and then now we love each other truly’. Pragya’s mum looked at Pragya and asked is it true that whatever he is saying now? Pragya nodded her head in response and her mum asked y did u hide it from me? Pragya ‘ I was nervous to tell u the truth Ma! I was scared that u will get upset by my decision!’ Pragya’s mum ‘ What is there need to be scared? Its ur life and u can decide to who u want to love and spent ur life with! And I am also in favour of any wish of urs as i know that u will make a right choice!’

Pragya realised that what her mum mentioned
is similar to the words of Abhi. Pragya ‘ Sorry Ma for thinking that u wont agree to it!’ and hugged her mum with tears of happiness. Abhi ‘ So Pragya see its so simple right? And for this we argue yesterday!’ Dadi ‘ U two had argument yesterday?’ Abhi explained everything to both Dadi and Pragya’s mum. Dadi ‘ Abhi its good to have arguments as u two will have a better understanding of each other! And now u know how much Pragya cares about her mother’s feelings and this means she is such a caring daughter and will be surely a caring wife and bahu too!’ Abhi smiled at Dadi’s reply and Pragya and her mum were glad that Dadi is such a understanding person. Both the elders started to talk about the marriage part while Abhi and Pragya moved aside from them to talk.

Abhi ‘ So happy?’ Pragya ‘Very vry happy cant express in words!’ Abhi ‘ Ok and by the way u look gorgeous in this green saree!’ Pragya blushed to his reply and said ‘ Thank u for the compliment and can i ask u something?’ Abhi ‘ Sure what?’ Pragya ‘ Are u really ok with the marriage. I am asking this as u dont believe in marriage from the start’ Abhi ‘ Yes true initially i dont believe in marriage and commitments but now i believe in love and if it leads to marriage then I truly have believe in it too!’ Pragya ‘ I feel that I am blessed to have u in my life and day by day u are getting matured
thoughts!’ Abhi ‘ I guess the credit goes to lecturer Pragyaji!’.

Wedding preparations are on full swing…. the night before wedding Pragya meets Abhi at his room!!!

I know its a short update but the nxt one will be longer one as by then my exams will be over.

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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  9. interesting episode .In real life i faced such situation that they seem to be difficult
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