Abhigya- story of opposite attracts each other (epi-23)


Hi guys! Maya here again and here we go with the next one….

Weeks passed after both of them had accepted the love for each other and now will spending time with each other after their respective work. And Pragya felt that she need to bring their level of relation to the next level by marriage. So she called Abhi up and asked him to pick up from the college.
Abhi ‘Pragya why u suddenly called me and asked me to pick up from college? U don’t like me to pick u up from college right? And u were also saying we need to go somewhere and where are we going?’ Pragya ‘ I need to talk to u something important and that’s y I had called u and shall we go to the nearby park and talk?’ Abhi ‘Ok sure can!’
They reached park and sat down on a bench there to talk. Pragya ‘ I think that we should get married soon’. Abhi ‘ Haan I was also thinking about that as Dadi is keep on asking about our marriage but I said i will discuss with u first before coming to a decision’. Pragya ‘ Then if that’s the case, Can u ask your Dadi to come to my house and ask for marriage proposal but tell her not to reveal that we know each other to mum’. Abhi ‘ It means that u haven’t yet told your mum that u love me?’ Pragya ‘ No i didn’t as I am scared that she will get upset if I tell her that i love you’. Abhi ‘Upset for falling in love or loving me?’ Pragya ‘Nothing like that! U know she brought My sister and me with a lot of struggle as a single parent and i don’t want to her to get worried after knowing that I love a stranger’. Abhi said with a stern look, ‘Stranger? Me?’ Pragya ‘No!!I mean to her you are a stranger not to me that’s y I am very scared that she will feel worried!’. Abhi ‘ I really don’t understand your point of view! I don’t understand why u need to be scared to tell who u love! I mean it’s your life and you have the rights to tell who you want to love. And ok think in this way already you have mentioned to me that some of your colleagues are gossiping about our relation and how long it will take for this news to reach your mother. And how will she feel that her daughter had not shared her feelings with her?’

Pragya ‘ I understand whatever u say but I know my mum very well and surely she will be upset if I tell her that I love you! So pls just do as what i had suggested!’. Abhi ‘ U know what Pragya? I will wait until you admit your love for me to your mum. To me it’s important that you don’t hide anything from your family. You have already made your decision and not even giving a thought to my opinions. I am leaving now Pragya!!’
He left the place while Pragya was keep on telling to just listen to her once again but he was in no mood to listen to her.

At night…..
Both Abhi and Pragya were restless thinking about what had happened earlier today and were unable to sleep in their respective rooms. Pragya took her handphone and went up to the terrace. Abhi took his handphone and went to the balcony.

Pragya in her mind was thinking Yes its true that i never gave a thought to his opinions, I was just firm with my decision and now u see he is angry with you. May be i should call him and say sorry. No maybe he is sleeping and I don’t want to disturb his sleep. Or maybe i shall text him and then wait for his reply. As for Abhi he was thinking, Pragya is correct she knows her mum well and that’s y she made that decision and I was very angry at her today. I think I call her and apologise to her but maybe she is sleeping. She should be already very upset because of my behaviour. I text her now and call her tmrw to talk to her.

Both of them texted exactly the same sorry message at the same time and were very happy seeing each other’s message. Abhi texted U are still awake? Can i call u now? Pragya texted back Yes and Sure! He called her and said ‘ Pragya I am really sorry for being like that earlier today and as u said u know your mum well and had came to the decision after much thoughts so we shall go on with ur decision’. Pragya ‘ No I must be sorry as I never really tried to consider your opinion and I think ur decision is right! We shall just do like that!’ Abhi ‘Pragya u no need to do anything for me! I am ok with ur decision too!’ Pragya ‘Huh? Now I am in a dilemma when I have decided that your decision was the right thing to do and now you are saying u are ok with my decision too! So which one to choose now?’ Abhi smiled at her confused reply and said ‘Why not we combine our decisions?’ Pragya ‘ Huh? How to do that? I am very confused now!!!!’ Abhi ‘Miss confuse! listen to me carefully ok? As per your idea Dadi will meet your mum for marriage proposal and since u are scared to tell your love for me to auntyji , I will be there to tell about our love and you will also be there to see your mum’s response’ Pragya ‘ Oh I see….But do you think I really need to be present as I am so scared what if she rejected you in front of me! Then i will be totally broken down’ Abhi ‘ Be positive Pragya and I believe that she will definitely understand us and also support us so don’t worry too much!’ Pragya ‘ So u are coming to my hse tmrw?’ Abhi ‘Why are u in such a hurry? I haven’t even inform Dadi about this and she is also going Mandir tmrw. How about the day after tmrw?’ Pragya ‘ My mum is also going Mandir tmrw why not we meet at the mandir itself? It’s a holy place to talk about something auspicious right? But will you come?’ Abhi ‘ Great!! Then I shall bring Dadi to Mandir and you come with auntyji. And Pragya when u can love me then I can also love the places that you love to go even though I don’t have the faith or interest in going to such places’ Pragya smiled widely at his reply and said ‘ Thank you so much and I guess someone is turning into a poet now!’ Abhi ‘I guess it’s the magic of love that you are showering on me which is turning me into a poet now!’ Pragya ‘Ok enough of your sweet words… Go and sleep now as we have to meet in the morning and it’s already very late’ Abhi ‘ Okok ! Gdnight and Sweet dreams and remember to only dream about me!’ With that both went to sleep peacefully thinking about each other after resolving their first misunderstanding.

Pragya impatiently waiting for Abhi at the mandir….

Thank u everyone for the support and I have already replied to the comments that u all had given for the previous update and hope you all will read when u all are free. And thank u shriti and gagan for the support. And kutty, nuvvu ichina comments naaku nachindi. Nachindi ante just nachindi kadhu chala chala nachindi endukante naaku telugulo express cheyadaniki antha petha athirshtham ikkada lethu. Naaku ikkada unna friends evaru Indians kathu kani basha oka barrier lethu and that’s y we get along very well, like opposite attract each other haha. Ok sorry if i bore u!
And once again thank you all for the support!!!!!

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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  3. Pragya and Abhi love each other so they should trust and believe. in each because. love make things possible.Tan and Alia should stop planning. evil things against the couple. because the Bible says what God has put together no man can separate.Tanu is not even beautiful than Pragya .

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