Abhigya- story of opposite attracts each other (epi-22)


Hi guys! Maya here again and here the episode begins….

In college….
Slowly, the students has arrived the lecture hall and as usual Pragya was 10 minutes earlier to the lecture hall. Once the time reached to start the lecture, she announced that she will be conducting a new topic today and ask her students to be attentive as it needs a lot of understanding. A few seconds later, she heard someone singing. She felt the voice was similar and looked around who was it? She then realised it was Abhi’s voice without any music; it was just his singing alone. (Not that loud but loud enough to be heard by the whole class). She was stunned at the realization and was surprised by the fact that all her students were normal as if they never hear anything. Pragya ‘Students! Do you all hear anybody singing?’ One of the students stood up and said, ‘No mam! Other than your voice we never hear anything. Mam do you hear anything?’ Pragya had no words to reply that’s when one of the students in the class raised his hand to talk. Pragya saw that and signalled him to talk, ‘ Mam yes I hear something! It’s the growling sound of Arvind’s stomach in hunger. I am hearing it since I sat beside him but I didn’t expect it that you will hear it as someone singing’. The whole class bursted into laughter hearing his reply and Pragya got irritated and said that I didn’t expect you to be funny to this extent. With that she continued the class but still was hearing Abhi’s voice at the background.

With a lot of determination she completed the class although at times she was carried away by Abhi’s mesmerizing voice. All left the class except for Pragya who just sat down there and was pretending to check some papers. Once everyone left, she broke down into tears, why do I always think about him and today he made me crazy in front of my class. How am I going to face them again and now all of them would be talking about me!

Harsha thanked all his classmates for the support and he had already informed them about his plan about few days ago. And everyone unanimously agreed to help their favourite lecturer. That’s y everyone had acted as if they never hear anything. Harsha quickly informed Abhi about what had happened in class and Abhi who was just waiting outside the college went towards the lecture hall. Harsha actually had hidden portable speakers in the lecture hall that can be operated using the phone’s Bluetooth.(I have that kind of speaker so that’s y I used it as the idea here).
Pragya was still sobbing and after a few minutes saw Abhi standing in front of her. She again started to cry profusely as now she felt that she is imagining him. By now the singing that was heard in the background was stopped. She kept on seeing him and unable to stand her tears, he just hugged her tightly. It took a while for her to realise that Abhi was really standing in front of her. Abhi ‘ Why are u crying like this?’ Pragya ‘I don’t know! First I always think about u but now I hear u and see u everywhere and it’s just getting worse!’ Abhi ‘All this happens in love right? Pragya when u were thinking about me and then I am really here now so it means both of our love is real and I truly love u’. Pragya ‘Really? U can realise my love?’ Abhi ‘Yes since when my Dadi explained about my Dad’s life and the importance of relationships’. Pragya ‘Ur Dad’s life?’ Abhi explained everything and he was in tears now and Pragya hugged him back to console him. Both broke the hug after a while and Pragya asked Abhi ‘So u have accepted the challenge and fulfilled it too!’ Abhi, ‘Really? I have won the challenge!! I am so happy now!!!’ and with that he kissed on her forehead. Pragya ‘U will never ever leave me right?’ Abhi ‘Never ever I will even if I have fever!’ Pragya ‘what fever!!? U are kidding at this time even when I asking u something seriously?’ Abhi ‘ Arrey don’t get angry! It was nice right? I mean like rhyming never, ever and then fever. But seriously u no need to ask me this question and I will be always be with you no matter what happens!’ Pragya ‘I love you so much that u can’t even imagine!’ Abhi ‘I know that Pragya!’ With that now opposites have attracted and realised their love too. And now this story of opposite attracts each other will be like how much of this love will help them to overcome their differences……

Pragya and Abhi’s first misunderstanding….

Thank you for the support! I didn’t want to upload today as I was waiting for responses and I don’t want just to update it by getting responses from few people as I really felt that I need to get a range of views. But still I am uploading it even though I got fewer responses as I can’t control myself from uploading the ff. And on top of that the comments that I got so far itself made me to update today.
As reji said I am writing this ff to have the satisfying feeling and also to satisfy all of ur feelings too, that is why i shared about my thoughts on this ff and also wanted at least most of your responses. As I had mentioned previously I really consider all, both my silent readers and those who comment as my friends wholeheartedly. I have a very few friends and I always wanted a lot of friends but from here when some of u all called me di, it’s more than what I expected.
So reji thanks for loving my ff and no need to be sorry for not commenting as I am also a student who can understand your plight. I also like to tell that I really enjoyed your previous and ongoing ff but unable to comment regularly too, so sorry for that. And Samyuktha glad that u liked my way of thinking and thank u for ur thoughts and support. I also like concepts and I am more like a conceptual thinker so I am pleased that you can understand me in that way. And whatever u had expressed was not like a lecture that bores me. As for Somiya what can I say…? Ok to start with I am very big fan of your ff and now a fan of your comments too. As for the part that you shared that you missed your cousin a lot now, let me tell u as your friend and like a sister too… I feel that in one way or another we will miss our closed ones either for a short period of time or forever but the thing that we need to cherish is the memories that we spent with them and most importantly the values and thoughts that we learnt from them and try our best in every possible way to carry out their values and thoughts with us. It’s the least that we can do to our loved ones who are not with us. And from your words so far I can feel that you really know how to make others happy and this character of yours is very unique and pls be like this forever. And one more thing don’t ever think u bore with me with any of ur comments. As for Sharaya thank u for the understanding and support as you have given always. And Sona thanks for the compliment! Durga thank u for sharing your opinion and understanding my thoughts. Reshma thank u also for the understanding and I know u love my ff which is reflected in ur sweet comments itself. Zari its also a pleasure that your are happy seeing my updates and thanks for the support. And guys I am not stopping the ff but I just want all of your response. (I know it’s quite tough to get comments from the silent readers as being a silent reader myself I can understand the situation). But it’s ok as I strongly believe that you all will be reading this and hope that someday you all will convey your feelings about this ff. I don’t know how long I will continue this ff but right now I don’t have the intention of ending it when I am ending it I will surely inform u all beforehand. I don’t plan anything in my life as I want to enjoy the way that life takes me and that’s y I have not decided on when to end this ff. I will end once I am satisfied that I had fulfilled the motive of this ff that I had mentioned in the previous update. I am not sure whether I can reply u all personally once the update has been posted as I am busy now preparing for my last paper. Once I am free I would respond to all of u all. I also don’t know whether u all have accepted me as friends but I really consider as u all as friends who are living far away from me but are very close to my heart. I have never ever in my life expected so many ppl to appreciate my work, so whatever that i have gotten here is the best and I would cherish this all my life. All these only makes me to continuously update even at times I did said that I can’t upload the next day. Sorry if whatever i have shared here had made u all feel bored or irritated.

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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  1. awesome yaar it was really really nice i loved it a lot that guy saying aravinds stomach is sounding that part was really nice and at last abhigya’s hug i loved it

    1. Glad that u like it vaishali?

  2. don’t seperate them yaar

    1. Haha ? I won’t !

  3. Mmm no i havn’t accepted you as my friend, …. But as sister ???…yeah i miss my cousin but i think what just happened was right or else this earth could have become narrow for her! She might be happy there… But currently your reply has made me happy very much, i won’t be able to read any of your update till 19th may! But i will surely read all after 19th may! I m great fan of your ff… Don’t think like i m buttering you lol ?? that’s what you truly deserve… At last i loved this episode, seriously u are amazing and pre recap seems much more intresting….. So best of luck for your paper….

    1. No need to worry tht i will think u are buttering me and glad that u liked it and all the best for ur future ventures sis!! And thanks for the wishes too. ??

      1. Thanks maya! I wish i could meet you and hug u tightly! Hhaa that’s not possible ???

      2. Haha ok u r welcomed. But world is small right? We can surely meet if we are destined to meet. May be the nxt time i visit India? Haha just felt like telling that. I did visit India last yr though.

  4. i want their nok jhok pls dont seperate them

    1. No lola not seperating them… will have nok jhoks no need to worry!

  5. Its Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome………….?????????????????????Loved it soooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhh………………….So My dear frnd,Best of luck for Ur last Paper………….?????????????????????????????????????????????????

    1. Thanks for the wishes reshma ?????

  6. hey really you are the best
    i won’t comment every ff but i read them
    and accept me as afriend
    may i know from where u are & what are u studying

    1. Thank u Prasu for the compliment and friendship accepted! From Singapore and studying Pharamaceutical Engineering ?

    1. Thank u Zari!

  7. Awesome I really really really happy not 4 Ur ff bt u carried Ur ff as Ur thoughts thn really 2day episode s amazing n thn I want to know wat pragya vl do when she knows abt abhi’s plan I mean tat singing during her lecture… Eagerly waiting for nxt part

    1. Thank u Durga and keep supporting!

  8. Maya maya maya aka sughasini first of all i love your name sughasina alot and secondly i am saying that i am in love with your narration dear seriously each and every line have perfection you know what i look in story that is narration always weather it is book or anything else if i found that narration is perfect i use to read it and dear your narration is beyond awesomeness i really love this and dont feel bad for less comments yr as i also dont have much fan following the thing which irritates more is this silent reader factor i meant to say that they should response yr it helps in motivating that some people are reading it we have to continue but when we see the comments are less it feels like why we are writing when no one is giving response but i always keep that positivity that till one person is reading i will write and so i use to do and you dont worry about that i know these regular readers and commentors will comment everyday yr anyways again i am saying that i loved your episode very much dear keep going on like this you will surely cross a century and i am not joking i am serious

    1. Same thoughts as u Surbhi di but i wont agree that my narration is that good though. But still if u say so then i am more than happy to accept it. Not sure abt the century thing but anyways tks for the compliment and encouragment!

      1. And one more thing i read ur ff regularly too its just that recently i dont have the time to read properly and even if i read its always vry late. So tats y i cant comment on ur ff properly…. But to say the truth ur ff is the best tat shows family relations which i love and respect a lot. Will comment regularly once my exams are over. Ur last epi was hilarious and i replied to u there just now.

  9. Suga sorry 4 comment.. cmng 2episode chala chala chala bagundi??????
    Loved it dear???
    U r just awesome in ur thoughts.. I don’t knw how old r u.. But wanna call u akka?☺? if u HV instagram r twitter tell me.. I vl wail for ur response
    Love you suga♥
    I loved this ff???

    1. Mistake..Sorry for late comment

      1. Its ok kutty i will inform u when i have one as i don’t have one but intending to have intsagram after my exams as my uni friend is nagging me to have it .

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