Abhigya- story of opposite attracts each other (epi-2)

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Recap: Abhi walks up to the stage and receives the bouquet from Pragya and they have a short eye to eye contact (Allah wariya plays).
Then Abhi goes to the podium and starts saying “Hello everyone I am happy to be here and meeting my young and vibrant fans is making me very excited”. As he saying this students in the college start to scream his name. Abhi says “I am thankful to the presenter who had made a great speech about me. However I felt that she should have listened to my music but its ok not listening to my music is just a great loss to her. Ok coming back to the point, I am planning to compose a song based on college life so I am here to get fresh ideas for that.”
Hearing Abhi’s speech made Pragya angry as she felt how it can be a great loss if I never listen to his music. Everybody have their own interest and who is he to tell I am having great loss! The speech of Abhi ends and he goes back to his seat to watch the other performances. Meanwhile Pragya who is in the backstage is still irritated and Geeta who comes there your speech was awesome and it was so funny when he teased you. Pragya on the other hand fumed at her I have no interest in him or in his speech so don’t talk about him to me.

The event went smoothly and in the end there was a Q & A (Question and Answer) session arranged with the students. Pragya was also there at the back of the room with other professors to ensure that everything went smoothly. Pragya was still irritated but did not show it in her face. Abhi who was on the stage sitting down looked at Pragya for a while and then listened to the questions that were asked by the students. Pragya unknowingly started to smirk as Abhi answered all the questions in his own witty way. In the end Abhi asked “So many students are asking questions, why the professors are not even asking one question? Are they so scared of me?”
Geeta who is a very ardent fan of Abhi asked a question about his personal life, “Abhi have you ever fallen in love?” To that Abhi said I am still finding what is love. Right now music is my love. Geeta is very happy as she dreams of becoming Abhi’s lover. Abhi said how about the lady who gave the welcome speech ask me a question.
Pragya is astonished and is stumbled as she do not have any question to ask. Then she ask, “How can you say I am having great loss if I have never listened to your music? I do listen to music but not to the kind of music that you make. I like Hindustani music a lot and listening to music is an individual’s preference and it should not be forced that you should listen to this and not that one”. Pragya also says sorry if I have asked anything wrong.

Everyone over there is shocked on the way Pragya has asked a question to Abhi. As for Abhi he is also shocked and felt annoyed but he replies saying that I am not forcing you to listen to my music. I just want everybody to be exposed to all kinds of music. He had to reply in a polite way as he had noticed that there is media around and they may be filming the interview session. However he told himself I shouldn’t have asked her to question me. He also apologised to Pragya if he had hurt her feelings.
Pragya is stunned and start to feel a bit guilty as she felt she should not have asked like that. She knew she was a bit rude but she is a person who can’t stand anyone who tries to hurt her interests and emotions. The principal just came at the right time and said its time that the Q&A session to be called off.

Abhi thanks everyone for making this day memorable and told himself that Pragya is such an irritating person while taking a glance at her. He was ushered back to his car. Geeta is now fuming with anger as to why Pragya behaved that way. She goes to Pragya and asked why were you so emotional? And you know what? Whatever you said just now will be telecasted in TV so how are you going to face Abhi’s fans?
Pragya is now even more tensed and thinks how she going to handle this?

Pragya on her way to home is still in thoughts about what had happened in college. Suddenly a BMW car passes her and also slowly reverses to where she is walking.

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