Abhigya- story of opposite attracts each other (epi-38)

Pragya answered the call. It was Purab. Purab ” Di! I need to tell u something!” Pragya ” Yes what? And why have u called me? Usually u will only call him right?” Purab ” Yes di! But what i am gg to share with u now is something special! U know the concert that Abhi had performed in US right? It was a massive hit!! And the organisers are planning to have one more bigger concert in India too! And u know what they also want to throw a party to celebrate the success of the concert!!” Pragya ” Wow Purab! This is such a great news!! And wait let me go and tell him immediately!!” Purab ” Yes u should be the one telling him and that’s y i told u this first!!”
Pragya went inside the room with so much of excitement and happiness to tell Abhi about the good news and she saw him still talking to Dadi….Unable to control her excitement she said ” Dadi!! I am so happy now!!” Dadi ” What makes u so happy? Share with us too!” Abhi winked at Pragya and signalled her to tell and Pragya noticed that and said ” It’s because of him!! His concert at US was a huge hit and the organisers want to make one more with him over here and guess what they want to throw a party to celeberate the success too!!”
Abhi and Dadi were also very happy hearing this and Dadi blessed Abhi that he should achieve more of this kind of victory in his life. Dadi left the room after that and Abhi immediately hugged Pragya…

Pragya was taken aback by the sudden hug but she too responded to it. Abhi ” I told u right? U are my good luck charm and because of u only i can perform so well and gain so much of success!!” Pragya ” No! It’s because of ur hardwork that u were able to perform well and this got nothing to do with luck! U were so hardworking and that’s why u get this level of success!!” Abhi ” Pragya yes I know my hardwork also plays a part in the success but without ur support during my practice sessions it would not be possible for me to perform with the ease that day!!” Pragya got emotional that how much she matters to him and she hugged him again to show her love towards him. Abhi ” But I must say one thing Pragya that we should still understand each other better before we move our relationship to the next level. I think u understand what i mean..” Pragya ” Yes i too feel the same way and yes we have a lot of time now to understand each other better!” Abhi ” Thank u Pragya! For always understanding me! But I feel i am the one who needs to understand u better!” Pragya ” Don’t say like that! The feelings that u have for me is more than enough to understand me!” With that their day ended for that day and both were thinking that still there are somethings that both have to understand of each other to make their relationship even stronger….
A few days later…

Everyone were busy in getting ready to go for the success party. Pragya dressed up in a beautiful dark maroon saree as for Abhi he was dressed up in black suit…Both were looking compatible in their outfits and were ready to go to the party.

It was Pragya’s first time attending this kind of party. She always had avoided parties as she had no interest in them but today she wanted to go with him as it was a special day for him!

Once they entered the venue, Pragya was in awe of the interior of the venue! It looked very majestic and royal! She had never seen such a place before and Abhi noticed her amazement and said ” Pragya! U will definitely enjoy the party this is not the kind of party that u would thought of!!” Pragya looked at him in surprise and thought how he knows that what i think about parties… and she just smiled in response
The party beginned and Pragya met a lot of celebrities and his friends too. She interacted friendly with all of them and suddenly she realised that he was missing! She kept on looking in all directions and it was very difficult for her to look for him in the crowd…

Just then she heard his voice….

Abhi ” Hi everyone! I am glad that so many of u all had turned up for my sucess party and this shows that u all are also sharing my joyness of success with me! So thank u for that! And now I would like to tell something! About my wife…It’s her first time to a concert like this! And I want to make it memorable for her! So will u all support me?” The guests over there cheered yes! As for Pragya she was thinking what is he up to now? Abhi walked closer to Pragya and brought her to the stage set up there and whispered in her ears ” U are now gg to dance with me!” Pragya’ s eyes opened widely in surprise and he said ” No need to be scared I will guide u all the way!”

Mere Haath Mein plays and Abhi guided Pragya through all the way through the romantic dance….Pragya initially felt nervous but his closeness and the way he danced with her made her felt comfortable and she too enjoyed dancing with him.

They ended the dance and the all the guests there clapped and cheered loudly for them. Pragya was keep on looking at Abhi. Everyone over there praised Abhi for his sweet gesture to give a memorable day to his wife. Pragya heard all that and again she felt she was the luckiest person in the world. Abhi said to her ” More surprises are awaiting for u sweetheart! You just have to wait for it!” Pragya smiled in shyness and he said he is gg to meet someone and ask her to continue to talk with his friends there.
After sometime Pragya started to miss Abhi and went to search for him. There she saw Harsha there talking to Abhi… But they never saw her and she could hear their conversation…

Harsha ” Abhi sir I am so happy for u and the way u danced today with di was just mind-blowing and I am glad that i helped u that day!” Abhi ” Yes Harsha i have to be thankful to u! If u never helped that day then i would not have gotten Pragya! It would have been very difficult to win her challenge that she had given me!” Harsha ” But it was all your plan that i executed…u asked to hide portable speakers so that ur voice can be heard and i just did a small part of convincing my classmates to act as if they can’t hear anything!” Abhi ” Ok why are we talking about this now! Now everything is fine I love her and she too loves me a lot and that’s what matters now!!”

Pragya was shocked to hear all this. So that day when she heard his voice in the lecture hall was all just a plan by them. She couldn’t believe what she had heard. How could Abhi do this to her! He said that he felt her love for him and that is why he was there that day!! And this means that he never really feel anything for me! Why does he have to hide all this from me? Even though it was a plan to convince me but he could have tell it now right? He knows that I don’t like liars and he lied to me about his love for me that day! Until now I am thinking that he came in front of me that day by realising how much I love him and how much I yearn for him but now I feel he just did all that to win the challenge that I have given to him! She was so upset and her eyes were welled up in tears, she left the place without informing anyone…She just don’t want to see him now…

Will Abhi know that Pragya knows the truth already?

I tried to make it longer as requested by some of u all and sorry again if it is not long just to tell again this ff is just the differences btw Abhigya and how they overcome it so there will be no villains from outside… it’s their own characters or emotions that act as the villains… and do tell me if u all think this ff is dragging at any point of time….as i am not really able to decide now…if it’s dragging then I shall end this ff soon… Once again thank u all for the support friends!!

And ya my holiday is ending on 8 may! So not sure how i am gg to update regularly but i will try but most probably my ffs will be updated in the evenings or night… so pls don’t expect it in the day time! I guess i can only update after classes while travelling in train…and sorry if the updates turn out to be short again…weekends u all can expect for a longer update! And will again update u all if i have any issues in updating the ffs… hope u all can understand…

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  1. Dont let them separate. Pls suga…

    1. No I won’t tina! So no worries! ??

  2. As u wish, alway suport…

    1. Thanks di!

  3. Just to clarify again I don’t have the intention of ending the ff right now but just need a opinion of whether do u all feel its dragging? And pls be feel free to tell abt it.. as what i am writing is only for u all…??

  4. sana (abhigya)

    Nice but don’t separate them maya

    1. Ok sana i won’t…?

  5. Abhigya......

    superb episode suga…

    1. Tks Abhigya! Ur ff is also awesome?

      1. Abhigya..........

        No suga it’s someone else using same name it’s not me….

    2. Oic anyways tks for ur continous comments! 🙂

  6. no dragging suga story is at right speed and yup again u rocked yr i am eagerly waiting for your next episode now please move the story like this only and yeah if you are not having mood of ending the ff so we are in no mood to see the end also ?????? so keep continue…….. ?????

    1. Ok point noted!!?? Won’t ask this qn again…tks for the clarification ????

  7. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Superbbbbbbbb yaar……..

    1. Tks Reshma ??

  8. Episode was too gud 🙂 …Don’t think abt the end now … Pls keep going 🙂 .. Waiting for next one ..

    1. Ok I won’t think abt the end Sanju!! ?? will just continue it!!

  9. Superb yaar ur ff s really interesting don’t thk it’s boring @ any single point it’s really really interesting thn 2day’s episode s nice n eagerly waiting for next part…

    1. Ok I won’t think its boring and tks for ur wait durga!!???

  10. Dragging ???? see i already said u crack funny jokes, today’s episode was soooooooooo lovely and i know you won’t seprate them so chill and i m just waiting for your next update and yes as surbhi said we are also not in mood to watch the end of this ff soooo i m waiting !

    1. Haha now I don’t know why i ask like that after seeing all ur comments… just confused not sure whether is it dragging or not!!???…ok tks for ur wait and clarification!

  11. arey yaar y u always ask if it is boring no single question raises here abt boring actually ur a stable writer u very know hw to mesmerize ppl with simple nd short nd sweet stories y nt bcoz urself ur sweet as sugar aka suga dr ur on crrct track dont gv faat ending nd nvr u dare again to ask whether its boring r not bcoz sweet nvr gets bored at any cost nd srry fr late cmmnt lil bit busy wat vil b pragyas reaction eagerly waiting fr it

  12. arey yaar y u always ask if it is boring no single question raises here abt boring actually ur a stable writer u very know hw to mesmerize ppl with simple nd short nd sweet stories y nt bcoz urself ur sweet as sugar aka suga dr ur on crrct track dont gv fast ending nd nvr u dare again to ask whether its boring r not bcoz sweet nvr gets bored at any cost nd srry fr late cmmnt lil bit busy wat vil b pragyas reaction eagerly waiting fr it

    1. Ok from now onwards i won’t ask that silly question again!! I think my mind got corrupted after doing my lab safety quiz for so long!! ????….sorry again for disturbing everyone wit my silly qn!!

      1. And maahi no need to be sorry for the late comments as i am more than happy when u read my ff…but to tell the truth too much sweet is also not good in life as sometimes it can be too suffocating… haha..and sorry if u think i am lecturing!! Just telling the truth lol

  13. yup srry posted it two times

    1. No prob Maahi!!??

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