Abhigya SS : Curse part 3

Abhi goes to the haunted palace without informing Pragya. He sees the exterior of mansion and goes inside the mansion. By walking he reaches the second floor and sees the big paintings of all kings on wall. He sees the big door locked with all tantras. He also notices drops of blood near the door and find Ruby’s bracelet.
Abhi : I am sure Ruby might have reached here and got unconscious, what would be inside this room
He meets a priest outside and asks about the key to the locked door on second floor.
Abhi : I want to go inside that door, can I get the keys for it?
Priest : the person who has the keys is out of town
Abhi : when will he come back?
Priest : I don’t know, maybe two or three weeks
Abhi wonders another way of opening the door. Pragya calls Abhi and asks his whereabouts.
Pragya : I told you not to go at that place why don’t you understand
Abhi : That is the only way we can find out the truth, by the way how is Ruby ? did she regain consciousness
Pragya : yeah I got call from her sister, I was going there
Abhi : I will come with you
Both of them reaches Ruby’s house and finds from her mother about Ruby’s worst condition. Her mother informs about Ruby not opening the door from long time. Everybody hears the noise of breaking glasses from room.

Pragya : Ruby open the door (knocks)
Abhi breaks the door but everybody gets shocked seeing Ruby sitting in the corner with scared face. She hides her face behind the couch. Pragya consoles her friend.
Ruby : Pragya, I am very scared, something wrong is happening
Pragya : I will not let anything happen to you, I promise you but first you tell me what did you see that day
Ruby : That door (flashback of closed door with all tantras), big painting (big painting of king)
Later while going outside Pragya also goes back to her memory when she had dreams of those kind of things. She is about to lose her balance but is consoled by Abhi.
Abhi : Are you okay?
Pragya : That painting, door Ruby is telling, I used to get dreams of it from childhood
Abhi ; whatever it is, this link is related with Pragya
Pragya : what are you thinking?
Abhi ; nothing, lets go home
Both goes back to their home and have their dinner. Suddenly the lights go off which scares Pragya.
Pragya : I am scared of dark
Abhi : Don’t worry, it might fuse problem I will fix it
Pragya holds the candle when Abhi tries to the fix the light. Both of them gets very intimate to each other but Pragya sees a shadow behind Abhi and is frightened.
Abhi : what happened?

Pragya : there is somebody over there (shows him the place)
Abhi looks behind but finds nobody and asks her to calm down.
Pragya : Trust me, I saw somebody over there
Abhi : You need some rest, go to sleep
Pragya tries to sleep but sees somebody outside the window. She goes to see but cannot see anybody. She starts sweating hearing weird noises outside the palace. Abhi comes from behind.
Abhi : what are you doing here?
Pragya : i could hear the noise of anklet, trust me
Abhi : Come I will be with you in your room
Pragya in her dreams gets some flashbacks of a the locked door in the palace and the some paintings. She wakes up in fear.
Abhi : Calm down (cups her face)
Pragya : That door,
Later Pragya sleep resting her head on Abhi’s lap caressing her hair. Next day Abhi shares his feeling with Rohit for Pragya.
Abhi : you know I have always loved Pragya from childhood but I could never told her
Rohit : But why didn’t you tell her?
Abhi : Thats why i came back to India but see the joke of destiny
Rohit : don’t worry everything will be fine
The priest Acharya returns who has the key for the locked door in the haunted palace. Abhi and Pragya goes to meet Acharya and gets shock after knowing everything
Pragya : what happened?
Acharya : that palace is known as haunted due to a grave mistake done by some ancestors
Abhi : what do you mean?
Acharya : I suggest you both to not open that door, your friend did the mistake of going on that floor and awake that spirit
Abhi : Spirit?
Acharya ; Yes, that room you are talking about has that spirit of bengali dancer which your friend saw poster of, I cannot tell you more about it because I don’t know anything
Pragya : Please tell us whatever you know
Acharya : It will be better for you to stay away from this matter, I will give you amulet, it will protect you from that illusions you see everywhere, at any cost don’t remove it
The priest ties the amulet on Pragya’s wrist and does some kind of mantras in it.
Abhi decides to confess his love for Pragya to divert her mind from the incidence. He organizes the candle light dinner at his home in the evening.
Pragya : what is all this?

Abhi sits on his knees and proposes her for marriage.
Pragya : do you know what you are saying?
Abhi : i only know that I always saw one girl’s face when I close my eyes and that is you, I will not force you
Pragya is overwhelmed to hear his confession as she always waited for Abhi’s proposal and agrees to it. Abhi puts on the ring to her finger happily. Both of them share romantic moments together when are caught by Pragya’s dad Thakur Pratap who reaches back to town.
Pragya : Dad (goes to hug him)
Abhi : Uncle when did you come back ?
Pratap : just today, what was going on here ?
Pragya : Dad (stammers) you are getting all wrong
Abhi : yes uncle
” I did not ask anything to you” says Pratap angrily to Abhi
Pragya : dad, what is wrong?
Pratap : Abhi, I told you take care of my daughter not to make her settle here, and you this is what i taught you
Pragya : but what is wrong with Abhi? he is friends’ son
Pratap : Remove that ring right now and come with me
Pragya is taken forcefully by her father while Abhi picks up the ring fallen on floor. She asks her father about the reason but he refuses to tell her.
Late at night Pragya calls Abhi and shares her plight to him who consoles her of staying strong.
Abhi : you cannot be weak, if we are destined to meet then nobody will be able to separate us
Pragya : I am sorry (cries on phone)
Abhi : don’t worry I will be fine, you take of yourself, bye
Pragya : Bye
Abhi goes to meet the priest who has the keys for the second floor room. He informs Abhi about the mansion have the spirit of a bengali dancer.
Priest : It is a grave mistake done by some ancestors to that dancer thats why she is finding chance to hurt the daughters of that ancestor
Abhi : You mean Pragya?
Priest : Yes, I know her father Pratap, one of his ancestor called Vikram fell in love with the bengali dancer and they insulted her when she was pregnant and was killed. Before she died she promised to not let any girl marry in the coming generation who will have daughters.
Abhi is shaken up hearing the whole story and starts fearing about Pragya’s safety. He asks him the solution to save Pragya.
Priest : There is no solution of this problem Abhi, I recommend you to let that girl stay safe and even you can be harmed due to this thing
Abhi : , I respect you a lot please
Priest : I recommend you to not mess up your both life and do not do the mistake of opening that door because it will bring doom to you and Pragya
Abhi goes to Pragya’s house house and brings a red wedding dress with him but her father rages at him.
Pragya : Dad please, today you have to tell me the reason
Pratap : You go inside Pragya
Pragya : But dad
“Did you not hear what I said” said Pratap angry due to which Pragya leaves
Pratap drags Abhi out and warns him to leave his daughter.
Abhi ; I know everything, but I guess you forgot that selling that mansion cannot change your fate
Pratap is shocked to hear the whole truth
Abhi : Your daughter is suffering due to your ancestor’s deeds and you did not tell her anything
Pratap : Now that you know, I request you to stay away from Pragya if you want her to be safe
Abhi : you might not do anything but I will not let my love die like this
Pratap : If anything happens to you then what will I tell your father that I let you die, you are like my son thats why I cannot risk your life like this
Abhi : then why didn’t you tell anything to Pragya
Pratap ; I sold that mansion after it started to haunt Pragya before you came back to India but I did not know that my daughter will have pay for our deeds, you can call me selfish but I am choosing my daughter’s life over her happiness
Pragya overhears everything and agrees with her father’s decision.
Abhi : What are you saying Pragya
Pratap leaves the couple alone for a while.
Pragya : Abhi, your life is too worthy for me right now (cups his face) if anything happens to you I will never forgive myself
Abhi : Nothing will happen to me as long as you are with me but going away from you will kill me
Pragya : Please promise me you will never meet me after today
Abhi : At least keep this ring with you as a token of my love (puts ring in her fist)
Pratap feels helpless seeing her daughter’s plight and apologizes for his mistake.
Pragya : Dad, you don’t have to worry, your daughter will never do anything against your wish
Pratap : I am sorry dear I could not give you the happiness I wanted you to give
Pragya : I will not meet Abhi after today I promise
Abhi makes Priest’s daughter Ana who is his friend to steal the keys of the haunted room. He reaches the second floor of the room and opens the door of the haunted room. Some kind of powder falls on him when he opens it. There is complete silent without a single noise inside the room. Pragya starts to feel restless when she opens the window of her room.
Pratap : what happened dear?
Pragya : I don’t know my heart is feeling restless something terrible is going to happen
Pratap : My child nothing will happen to you till I am alive, lets go have dinner now
Abhi witnesses the paintings of king and some of palace things. Pragya finds a bad omen when milk falls down from her hands. The cat starts to drink the milk and after sometime it dies much to the horror of Pragya and her father.
Pragya : Dad, did you see that?
Pratap : I feel somebody had tampered with that door thats why it is happening

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