Abhigya SS : Curse Part 2


Ruby is shifted to her house where her family are tensed about the whole situation.
Veer ; We appointed a nurse but doctor said only prayers can save her now, I will take your leave now
Pragya travels back to her house near Vadhapur and gets scared after the incident with Ruby. Her father is out of town and is all alone in the big house. Late at night there is noise of bird on the roof of house. Pragya wakes up hearing a noise of an anklet and sees somebody’s shadow running outside the room. She tries to call somebody but in vain. She hears somebody calling her name softly while she walks in hallway. Her hair are blowed by somebody from back but she could not see anybody.
Pragya : who is there (goes near balcony)
Noise of wind from outside. Pragya sees the doors shutting and opening due to the wind outside. She goes out of the palace when she spots an old woman sitting on the bench. She goes near the women but gets scared seeing the eyes of woman and runs from there. She breathes heavily after reaching the road and gets unconscious. A silver accord car comes forward and person inside the car comes out and take her to home. The guy is none other than Abhi who is Pragya’s childhood friend.
Abhi : Doctor is she okay?
Doctor : She is just in shock, she will regain consciousness tomorrow morning don’t worry
Abhi : thank you doctor, thank god I found her at this time
Doctor ; do you know her?
Abhi : she is my childhood friend and my dad’s friend’s daughter
The doctor leaves and Abhi lets Pragya take rest. Next day Pragya regains consciousness and finds herself in another house. Abhi comes in the room and teases her as usual.
Pragya : What am i doing here?

Abhi : Wow somebody lost their memory, at least try to remember me
” Even if I lose memory but I cannot forget you” says Pragya annoyingly
Abhi : you are still that same, you never learnt how to say thank you to your savior
Pragya : I say thanks to people who save genuinely
Abhi : You are always in mood of fighting, it is your hobby and by the way what were you doing in the middle of road
Pragya : Dad was not at home and there were strange noises coming but why am I telling this to you, modern NRI
Abhi ; you are right, are you trying to say that ghost came to meet you yesterday but honestly he would run away from you (teases)
Pragya throws pillows on him and runs after him.
Abhi : hey fatso
Pragya : how did you call me fatso ? I will kill you
Abhi : see thats why I told you ghost would not dare to harm you
Pragya : shut up!!!

Abhi : Okay stop fighting now, I need to talk something important with you
Pragya : what is it?
Abhi : after yesterday incidence, you can stay here because your dad told me to take care of you
Pragya : I don’t need your help do you get it ?
Abhi : Fine, then you can stay in your haunted house
Pragya : why do you need to joke for everything, it is serious
Abhi : Come on, you are modern girl and stop believing all this things, it superstition
Pragya : I don’t care about your NRI thinking, I am leaving right now and thank you for saving my life
Abhi : okay fine, I will not trouble you but till your dad returns you will be safe here
Pragya : I am only staying here only on dad’s insistence
Veer informs Pragya about Ruby’s condition is stable and not able to regain consciousness.
Abhi : what happened?
Pragya narrates everything to Abhi confusing him more. He tells Pragya about Ruby being in shock only due to trauma.
Abhi : she might be sick thats why
Pragya ; I am telling you there is something more to it because she got unconscious after she went to that floor
Abhi : maybe we can open that room on second floor and find out the truth
Pragya : have you gone crazy ? opening that room is inviting death (leaves) you will not do anything wrong
Abhi : I cannot see you like this Pragya I will find out the truth as soon I can but before that I have to find out what is the secret behind that haunted palace

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