Abhigya SS : Curse Part 1


Theme : The plot revolves around a haunted palace which was owned by Thakur Pratap’s ancestors years ago but was sold by Pratap due to personal reasons. Deep mysteries are hidden which are haunting to Pratap’s daughter Pragya years later. The story unfolds how his daughter manages to save herself from the mistakes done by his fathers’ ancestors.

Pragya : Raised up in a conservative family, daughter of a Thakur. Very sophisticated and dutiful daughter.

Abhi : Free living guy who is brought up in lap of luxury. Does not believe in superstition and very modern NRI from America but lovable at heart. Falls for Pragya heads over heel.

Thakur Pratap : Father of Pragya, very well know Thakur of Vadhapur. The richest person in Bhopal.

Part 1

The story opens with a group of college students visiting a big palace in small town of Vadhapur. People consider to be a haunted palace and all students are warned to not go on the second floor at any cost. One of the student in the group named Ruby ignores the warning thinking it is rumor and old superstition. The whole group reaches the destination and are stunned to see the beautiful palace. In the group another girl who is Ruby’s best friend Pragya also joins the tour to the palace.
Pragya looks at the exterior of palace very strangely and stares for some minutes. Her friend brings her to senses at the nick of time.

Ruby : where are you lost? come on

Veer (tour guide) : Guys we will stay here for some hours but nobody will go near the second floor room, got it

Everybody starts looking inside the palace while Ruby sneakingly goes to the second floor in spite of Pragya warning her.

Ruby : This is all fake, don’t worry I will come back soon, I will not get another opportunity to take pictures for my portfolio

Pragya : Please go carefully

Ruby walks to the second floor and is totally isolated without any noise. She looks around the hallway and gets lost in the beauty of the floor. She starts to get scared when she sees a big painting of a bengali dancer. Ruby gets lost in the painting when a small ball falls from stair and chill start to run in her spine.

The group starts to leave while Kaya gets worried when Ruby does not return after long time.

Veer: Is everybody here? Pragya, where is Ruby?

Pragya : Sir actually (Stammers)

Veer : Speak up Pragya, where is Ruby?

Pragya : She went to the second floor and did not return back (says with terrified voice)

Veer scolds Pragya for supporting Ruby and avoiding his warning. He tells the members to start looking for Ruby.

Veer : I will take strict against Ruby after we go back, you all are my responsibility, if anything happens you I will have to answer your families and authority.

Everybody starts looking for Ruby and finally finds her unconscious at the entrance of second floor.

Pragya : Ruby, are you okay (pats her face)

Rohit : Sir, I think she is in shock, lets take her to hospital

The group rushes Ruby to hospital but gets worried when doctor informs them about Ruby is under observation due to shock.

Pragya : what (shocked)

Doctor : Only prayers can save her, we are keeping her under observation

Rohit : Pragya, you don’t worry she will be fine

Pragya ; this is all my fault I should have not let go alone

Rohit : Its okay

Late at night it is silent in the hospital when the bottle of oxygen turns into blood. One of the nurse passing from the room sees a desk drawer moving and one of the vase falls on ground by itself. She immediately calls the security waking the staff too. Everybody gets horrified seeing Ruby in the air touching the celling. Her hair are loosed with dark black eyes and smiling smirky. She throws a table on one of the staff. The spirit throws Ruby down on bed when Pragya comes in with the God’s statue. The doctor tells Veer to take Ruby to avoid risking his hospital.

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