Abhigya SS : Curse Last Part 4


Pragya goes back to her room and is horrified with the whole scene. She sees her room messed up and the wall has all blood saying her countdown has began.
Pragya : Dad (shouts loud)
Pratap comes rushingly to her room and sees the threaten on the wall with blood.
Pragya : I am scared dad, what is happening?
Pratap : Don’t worry dear I will call the priest tomorrow and find out, but for that I have to travel another town tonight and I will be back tomorrow
Pragya : thats okay, I will be fine
Abhi later drives car after he visited the haunted room in fear. He gets restless after what he experienced in the room.

Abhi left the haunted room and closed it when he hears the noise of anklet. Somebody from inside tries to open the door and shouts loud speaking Bengali initially.
Abhi : Who is it?
Voice : Your death, (laughs evilly)
Abhi : what do you want
Voice : I will not leave that girl and you, on Durgastmi I will kill that girl and after that I will get liberation
After a while the spirit leaves when Abhi wears the holy locket priest gave him.
Flashback ends
Abhi stops the car in the middle of the road. Pragya is unable to sleep and gets up when somebody tights her neck with scarf.
Pragya : Coughs loudly
She realizes her amulet is lost somewhere due to which she gets illusion. Pragya goes outside her room and sees the door is opening slowly due to wind. She goes inside the room and sees the window is open. Few minutes later Pragya goes outside near the well and starts running on road seeing Ruby’s bloodshed death body . Abhi goes to Pragya’s house since it is near when he witnesses Pragya running and is about to hit by truck but is saved by Abhi in the nick of time.
Abhi : Its okay (pats her back)

Pragya cries sobberly in his arms but is consoled. While walking back to house Pragya’s leg are tied by a rope near the well and is taken down in the well. Abhi panics seeing the scene and tries to hold Pragya but is hit by rod on his head by somebody. There is loud scream of Pragya who is dragged down inside the well. Nobody is able to witness the scene due to the late night. Next day Pragya is found lying unconsciously outside her house by her father.
Pratap : Pragya dear (pats her face)
Pragya does not open her eyes and is taken under observation but in vain.
Pratap : doctor what is wrong with her?
Doctor : she is in huge shock, only prayer can save her now because she is suffering from trauma
Pratap is worried when Pragya does not open her eyes and decides to call the priest. Abhi finds himself in his house and asks his servant who brought him there.
Servant : your friend Rohit brought you here
Rohit : Are you okay Abhi? (Asks with concern)
Abhi : Where is Pragya? I have to save her
Rohit : Ruby is dead

Abhi is shocked with hearing his statement and asks him how did he know
Rohit : Remember you called me that your car broke down so I came to see you but I found you unconscious outside that well and i saw Ruby’s dead body inside the well
Abhi : Somebody took Pragya inside the well
Rohit : She is fine, I went to see her but she is under observation
The priest looks at Pragya and informs Pratap she is suffering due to the deeds of his ancestors.
Pratap : Can you please tell me the way to save my daughter?
Abhi comes there running but Pratap is furious at him for not following Pragya after knowing truth.
Priest : somebody opened that door and you are the one who did it right Abhi
Pratap : I told you not to do anything but you did not pay heed to me
Abhi : Trust me nobody was in that room
Priest : something cannot be seen but they exist and now there is only way to save this girl
Pratap : Please tell me (fold his hands)
Priest : You will have to throw all belonging of that spirit which is in that room and that too before tomorrow midnight because it is full moon night and the power of this spirit will be increased
Abhi : I will go there and immerse everything
Pratap : No I will do this task I cannot let you take this risk
Priest : he is right, only he can go in that haunted room and immerse it into the holy river before midnight tomorrow
Abhi : i will go there and save my love, uncle give me your blessings
Pratap hesitantly blesses him and prays for both of them. Later the priest put the amulet on her hand but gets shocked when it is thrown away by the spirit, Pragya opens the eyes but is possessed by the spirit. She has dark black eyes and screams loudly throwing things around. Abhi gets hurt with glass on his head and it starts bleeding. The spirit is stands touching the ceiling (thunder noise sound)
Spirit : only two days, then this spirit will leave her body forever (leaves throwing Pragya down on floor)
Abhi : Pragya, wake up (pats her face)
Priest : I suggest you to not waste time and throw those things as soon as possible

Abhi places Pragya on bed carefully and leaves for his house but witnesses a temple on his way.
Abhi : God, you know that Pragya never harmed anybody than why is she punished for no reason. Please mercy on me to save my Pragya and the future generation who will be victim like this.
Priest tells him that god is testing them and he has to be strong.
Abhi comes to see Pragya who is lying on her bed closing her eyes and holds her hand with tears in his eyes.
Abhi : This time I will not let anybody harm you and thats my promise (leaves)
Later the priest starts doing the prayer and chanting the mantras with Pratap. They bring unconscious Pragya and puts inside the circle. Abhi reaches the haunted palace in the evening and is not able to door initially but after lot of effort opens it. He hears strange noises while he is collecting the things inside the room. Suddenly the picture frame of the dancer falls down breaking it and the door closes due to the strong wind. Abhi’s neck starts to hurt and is unable go outside. He starts chanting hanuman chalisa and trying to open the door. His shoulder starts bleeding after getting hurt with a piece of knife. The spirit awakens in Pragya’s body is dragged inside the room in spite of priest stopping it.
Pratap : what happened?
Priest : I hope Abhi reaches the river soon to immerse everything
Abhi finally opens the door and starts to leave saving himself from the pillar falling behind him. He gets into his car and looks at time to reach before midnight.
Abhi : Its 9, I have to reach quickly
He starts to drive his car speedily but he finds the road closed due to the weather.
Abhi : Shit (hits the steering wheel and reverse the car)
The priest and Pratap knocks on the door but nobody responds. Pragya opens her eyes and finds a lady sitting in front of her.
Pragya : who are you? (says terrified voice)
Vasundara : Vasundara, whom your father’s ancestors killed brutally, just like this I was craving to get justice but nobody payed heed to me
Pragya : what do you want from me? please leave me alone
Vasundara : I will once your lover will be in heaven
Pragya who is completely shocked gets worried for Abhi. Suddenly with the force of wind the door opens quickly. Abhi’s car get stuck inside under tree when it falls on his car. He opens the door carefully and goes out of car. He starts running but his leg so gets slow to reach his destination.
Abhi : (wheezes) there is only an hour left
He sees river immediately and goes there quickly to immerse the belongings but mistakenly drops one anklet on road and leaves.

Abhi immerses all the belongings of Vasundara in the river leaving behind one of her ornament on road. He immediately reaches home when he sees blood on floor and looking like somebody was being dragged. The next scene horrifies him when he sees the body of Pratap and the priest’s with blood on their body.
Abhi : Uncle (tries to wake Pratap)
Pratap (coughs) : Abhi, don’t waste time, please save my daughter, promise me you will not let anything happen to her please
Abhi : I promise I will not let anything happen to her but you cannot leave us like this, she would die without you
Pratap : NO!! you will not let her miss me (closes her eyes slowly)
Suddenly Abhi hears a voice of laughing like a child voice and the noise of anklet. He gets up to find Pragya and sees the spirit standing upstairs at the wall.
Vasundara : That Pratap left (laughs loudly)
Abhi : You took your revenge on him now what do you want from Pragya, leave her alone I beg of you
Vasundara : I am so sorry but I cannot leave her till you are alive (throws knife at him)
Abhi : Ouch (screams and falls down on ground)
Pragya begs Abhi to save her as she does not want to leave him.
Abhi : Pragya
Pragya : Please Abhi, she killed my dad I do not want to lose you (cries soberly)
The spirit tries to cut Pragya’s vain but Abhi who is severely injured closes his eyes few minutes and remembers priest’s words on only way to save Pragya is god. He starts chanting hanuman chalisa. He grabs on spirit who is inside Pragya even though it the spirit is trying to take her away.
Shri guru charan saroj raj nij mane mukure sudhaari
Varnao raghuvar vimal jasu jo daayaku phal chaari
Budhi hin tanu janike sumirau pavan kumaram
Bal budhi vidya dehu mohe harahu kalesavikaar

Jai hanuman gyan gun saagar
Jai kapis tihun lok ujaagar
Ram doot atulit bal dhaama
Anjani-putra pavan sut naama
Mahavir vikram bajrangi
Kumati nivaar sumati ke sangi
Kanchan varan viraaj subesa
Kaanan kundal kunchit kesaa
Haath vajra aur dhuvaje viraaje
Kandhe moonj janehu saaje

Shankar suvan kesri nandan
Tej prataap maha jag vandan
Vidyavaan guni ati chaatur
Raam kaaj karibe ko aatur
Prabhu charitra sunibe ko rasiya
Raam lakhan sita man basiya
Sukshma roop dhari siyahi dikhaava
Vikat roop dhari lanka jalaava
Bhima roop dhari asur sanghaare
Ramachandra ke kaaj sanvaare

Laaye sanjivan lakhan jiyaaye
Shri raghuvir harashi ur laaye
Raghupati kinhi bahut badhaayi
Tum mam priye bharat-hi sam bhaai
Sahas badan tumharo yash gaave
As kahi shripati kanth lagaave
Sankadik brahmadi muneesa
Naarad saarad sahit aheesa
Yam kuber digpal jahan te
Kavi kovid kahi sake kahan te

Tum upkaar sugreevahin keenha
Ram milaay rajpad deenha
Tumharo mantra vibheeshan maana
Lankeshwar bhay sub jag jaana
Yug sahastra jo jan par bhaanu
Leelyo tahi madhur phal jaanu
Prabhu mudrika meli mukh maahee
Jaladhi langhi gaye achraj naahee
Durgaam kaaj jagat ke jete
Sugam anugraha tumhre tete

Ram dware tum rakhvaare
Hoat na agya binu paisare
Sub sukh lahai tumhari sarna
Tum rakshak kaahu ko darna
Aapan tej samhaaro aapai
Teenhon lok haank te kanpai
Bhoot pisaach nikat nahin aavai
Mahaavir jab naam sunavai
Naase rog harai sab peera
Japat nirantar hanumant beera

Sankat se hanuman chudavai
Mann karam vachan dyan jo lavai
Sab par raam tapasvee raaja
Tinke kaaj sakal tum saaja
Aur manorath jo koi lavai
Sohi amit jeevan phal pavai
Charon yug partap tumhaara
Hai persidh jagat ujiyaara
Saadhu sant ke tum rakhwaare
Asur nikandan ram dulhaare

Ashta sidhi nav nidhi ke dhaata
Us var deen janki maata
Raam rasaayan tumhare paasa
Sada raho raghupati ke daasa
Tumhare bhajan raam ko pavai
Janam janam ke dukh bisravai
Anth kaal raghuvir pur jayee
Jahaan janam hari-bakht kahayee
Aur devta chit na dharehi
Hanumanth se hi sarve sukh karehi

Sankat kate mite sab peera
Jo sumirai hanumat balbeera
Jai jai jai hanuman gosahin
Kripa karahu gurudev ki nyahin
Jo sat baar paath kare koyi
Chutehi bandhi maha sukh hoyi
Jo yah padhe hanuman chalisa
Hoye siddhi sakhi gaureesa
Tulsidaas sada hari chera
Keejai das hrdaye mein dera

Pavantnayi sankat harana mangal murti roopa
Ram lakhan sita sahita hrdaye basahu sur bhoopa

The spirit gets liberation forever leaving Pragya’s body forever. Abhi watches the spirit vanishes forever. He hugs unconscious Pragya emotionally. Later Pragya comes in senses and finds Abhi holding her hands giving her smile.
Pragya : I troubled you a lot right?
Abhi : You are right, I never had this much trouble for wooing in any girl
Pragya hits him with pillow staring angrily
Abhi : But to get somebody special, one has to cross some hurdles (kisses her forehead)
Pragya remembers her father and starts crying but is consoled by Abhi.
Pragya : He left me alone
Abhi : If you cry like this than his spirit would haunt me that I am not keeping his daughter happy, I promised him that I will be with you forever right
Pragya nods positively and decides to start her life afresh

After few days
The room is decorated with candle and roses for the newly wedded couple and with heart shaped on bed.
Pragya is sitting on couch waiting for Abhi to come. He comes into the room and finds her waiting for him.
Abhi : So what do you want from me, everything of mine is yours now
Pragya : its time you remember your promise of singing the tune you only made for me
Abhi comes close to her and grabs his guitar. Pragya gets warmed seeing the love in his lyrics for her and looks down. Abhi witnesses her emotional face and pulls into passionate kiss.
Abhi : From today this tears are too worthy, don’t waste it
Pragya : And your life it mine (kiss on his cheeks)
Both of them consummate their relationship after getting rid of the a bad curse they have been suffering from years.
Ho ho ho o o wo…
Wo oo wo..
Karta hoon tujh mein din guzar main
Karta hoon tujh mein shab basar
Karta hoon tujh mein hi sehar main
Jeeta hoon tujh ko dekh kar
Dil tere bin thehra sa hai
Tu dhadkano ka hai safar
Kaanton bhara har raasta
Phoolon ki hai tu rehguzar
Jaavedaan hai ishq tujh se jaavedaan hai
Jaan o dil ke darmiyaan hai, darmiyaan tu haan
Jaavedaan hai ishq tujh se jaavedaan hai
Tujh mein hi dil ud raha hai aasmaan tu haan
Ho ho ho o o wo…
Saath tera jab se hai mujhko mila
Waqt ki shaakhon pe hai har pal khila
Zindagi se ab nahi koi gila
Jitna hai tu utna hoon main
Naa kuch zyada naa hoon kam
Tujhse shuru hota hoon main
Hota hoon tujhpe hi khatam
Jaavedaan hai ishq tujh se jaavedaan hai
Jaan o dil ke darmiyaan hai, darmiyaan tu haan
Jaavedaan hai ishq tujh se jaavedaan hai
Tujh mein hi dil ud raha hai aasmaan tu haan
Maine tujhko is tarah se hai jiya
Aandhiyon me jaise jalta hai diya
Ishq se har faasle ko tay kiya
Jo the juda humse khafa lamhe wo saare kat gaye
Tum mil gaye banke subah jo the andhere hat gaye
Jaavedaan hai ishq tujh se jaavedaan hai
Jaan o dil ke darmiyaan hai, darmiyaan tu haan
Jaavedaan hai ishq tujh se jaavedaan hai
Tujh mein hi dil ud raha hai aasmaan tu haan


After getting rid of the curse both Pragya and Abhi happily lived their married life. Though they still fight like small kids in front of their children but still love each other to the core. Their life are bed of rose and family is completed when Pragya gives birth to twin girls. One of them name Aashka has the traits of Pragya who is always introvert while the other one named Khushi whose name reflects her personality is opposite of her sister and has traits of Abhi protecting Aashka from bad guys.

PS : No worries guys, I will soon be back with another horror story which will be longer than this.

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