Abhigya: souls in true love(os)


hi frndss….here is os of mine..hope u like it as it is os only 1 epi will be thr soo i request all of u to comment nshare ur views…

one evening on d beach side a person i s seen walking in d bank of the beach……..cool breeze,super sunset,chirping birds returning to nests,threnody of waves playing near d feet….the persn is walking slowly..his heart was heavy with pains n sarrows,life fulll of restlessness..s he is our rockstar abhi….
Abhi stood fr a second nsaw sun setting….
A:y my love y u left me like this…as like sun my life is setting though whole world hv a hope fr sunrise i hv no hope fr sunrise in my heart,,y pragya y u did this…
as he thought of her he heard a voice…

abhi was happy to hear his dearest voice hee turned n was happy to see pragya in white colour chudidar,her curl hair,with chashma,her veil flying in air..
P:ru crying?
A:no nt at all..
P:dnt lie to me..
A:s..pragya i am happy today bt ur absence is killing mr everyday..
P:oh..who said i am nt with u,c u remembered i am here..y ru happy?
A:as i got best singer award today..
P:wow..dats soo nice..
P:haa..i am here nly na with u..dnt ever cry i am always with u iss hawa ki tarah,aapki smile ki tarah,aapki aansu vo ki tarah..i am wit u always if u cry i will leave u in teaars so dnt cry..like dis breeze i will always be around u nly..

abhigya settle on a bench with abhis award in middle of them…
P:so i am very happy fr u ….

they both kept on talking……in d cool romantic nature…
A:do remember d day we met/

flashback starts….
abhi was on d road waiting fr a bus as he was still a struggling rockstar…he sawa old man struggling to cros d road on d other side as he was abt to go one girl came n helped himt o cross d road she came to dis side the old man blessed her..she smiled n came n stood next to abhi…abhi was mesmerized seeing her,her beauty,love,care n all he stood like dat gazing her bus came n d girl left….abhi wuldnt knw wt happnd b4 he culd cme into senses d girl left…thn abhi went on…fr his auditions in a company

as abhi finishe dhis auditions and was waiting outside…he heard sm1..
he turned n was shocked to see d same girl standing near hm..s d girl is pragya
P:u r abhi right wow such a nice voice i hv seen many auditions bt ur best ur voice is soo nice..
P:ha..i am pragya…assistant manager of this company..
A:oh nice to meet u..

they both talked to each other,days passed ther bcame frnds thn gud frnds,months passed they started hving feelings fr eachoyhr bt didnt confess….

one fine day pragya got a news abt abhi s selesction n he got a big offer,she caled him n asked him to meet at highway restaurant…

at restuarant…
A:ne temm me y is dis treat…
A:pragy tell na..
P:come i will tyell..

A:shall we go fr a walk?
A:ateast tell nw y u gave me a party..
P:actualy u hv got selected fr auditions n u hv got a big chance too..
A:wt?is it true..

abhi was very happy n hugged her..he was almost on cloud nine…aftra while he realised wt he did..he moved back n they share a awkard moment immediately abhi kneeled down near pragya..
P:abhi wt ru doing?
A:fuggi…oh..sry miss pragya arora will u like to bcome mrs.pragya abhishek mehra?as i love u frm the bottom of my heart…i love ur care fr me…plz accept my love…

he opens his arms as he said dis pragya was dying to hear dat,she ran to him kneeled down n hugged him..
P:ofcourse i accept u..
A:i love u..
P:love u too…..

thy both hugged each other more passionatly with full love….
aftr a while they left n wn gong back it was night pragya saw ice cream on roadside onhighway nasked fr it..abhi parked his bike on 1 side n went to bring her ice cream…
he took it n came wn crossing road he didnt notice a truck cming…pragya saw it..
b4 abhi culd regain wt happnd he was on othr side of road as we was hurt…he remembered wt happnd as he looked up he saw pragya in pool of blood,he was shocked yes pragya pushed abhi n truck ran thru her….abhi rushed to her n took her in his lap

A:pragya i ma here wake up..(crying)
A:come lets go to hospital i am here na i will save u
P:aa.abhi..i hv less time plz listen to me…
P:hmm..nt dat,,
P:hmm…listen..i am always wit u..dnt cry,if u remember i will be wit u nly…just remember dats it bt dnt cry…

abhi was full of tears praya asked him to come near as he bent towards her pragya kissed him on his forehead….n she left him forever….

flashback over nw presnt on d beach side bench…
abhi had tears in eyes…as it was cming out of his eyes
he thiught..no i wnt cry,i wont cry pragya…

as he turned to c pragya she was nt beside him…he smiled n was about to wipe his tears..bt d cool wind that blew wiped his tears as he felt that pragya s hand wiped it..
abhi says…s..pragya u r wit me always s..like dis breeze,in my tears n in my smile…i love u forever..n ever…

conclusion:true love never dies..though person dies,souls wnt die as they keep on loving d loved ones,so love the true soul nt d physical looks..dnt make love a trash n blind…come lets fall in love..true love..with our souls..

hope u liked it..plz cmnt as its os…n u guys knw me i am nt new u wa ff writer whom nw u all hate as i ended my ff with big tragedy,,,,,guess me….!!!!n comment…

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  1. Awesome.
    ..loved a lot……super ji

    1. thnkq aditi

  2. wooww…superb… 🙂

  3. Wowww it’s awesome

  4. Wow amazing story

  5. Omg awesome episode yaar. Too much emotional. Nice conclusion its definitely true.

  6. yaar its true tht true love nvr dies tht last part pragya wiping tears is tooo gud

  7. touched my heart…..i ve felt tat…..wit tears……no words to say.

  8. look ? I can’t appreciate u dear because I don’t have such words u know u have made me speechless I am in pool of thoughts that what to write in ur appreciation and now I am not getting any words I loved this story to the core its my favourite one book mark ✅ for me dear lots of love ? for u that’s all I can write ? right now

  9. very nice..really heart touchd…

  10. Its Really Heart touching……. I don’t know what to say……U made me Speechless………….

  11. Superrrr….
    Really heart touching…

  12. Awesome yaar… Sooper Dooper hit story yaar… Really awesome n mind blowing no words to say abt tz story its extra ordinary

  13. I really loved it. The most super story.
    No words to explain how nice it is that much i like…. Supebbbb

  14. I really loved it. The most super story.
    No words to explain how nice it is that much i like…. Supebbbb..
    Heart touching….

  15. I really loved it. The most super story.
    No words to explain how nice it is that much i like…. Supebbbb..

  16. Really heart touching os! The last few lines that u have mentioned is very true…. True love never dies, in my opinion true love always stays with u as long u truly love someone!!! ?? And I can also say that what u have conveyed thr tis os will now make those who hate u to love u! So keep spreading wonderful love thr ur writings!?

  17. Very heart touching story.. loved the way i wrote and love the story more.. its awesome. Loved it..
    Words seems too less to apreciate ur work..

  18. such a nice love story…ur lines r really awesome…

  19. loved it to the core……its true that TRUE LOVE NEVER DIES………….

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