Abhigya and Rabul OS : Revenge, Pain, Passion & Regrets


The OS depicts when Alia will send the pictures from holi to Purab who will be unaware who sent it. Purab will be in guilt trick and tells Bulbul and everybody the truth that happened with between him and Alia on holi. Bulbul will be heartbroken and break up with him. She joins with Purvi and Pragya to expose Alia.
Abhi and Pragya gets caught by goons. Neel points the gun on Abhi
Neel : Rockstar, you show is over, now continue your show after death
Pragya comes in between and takes the bullet. Abhi gets astonished when he sees blood on her hands
Abhi : Fuggy, open your eyes
Police come at the same time and arrests Neel. Purab and Bulbul comes too
Bulbul : Di, what happened
Abhi : Purab, lets take her to hospital
Bulbul : she is so much bleeding

Purab : don’t worry we are here
The guard tells abhi to park the car at the back
Abhi ; Please it is emergency
Purab : Abhi, you take her, I will go park the car
Abhi take Pragya inside the hospital while Bulbul follows him
Pragya is taken to operation theater
Purab : should we call dadi

Abhi : No way, nobody should know specially dadi, you know her condition
Bulbul : But they know you will come at home in evening
Abhi remembers all the moments from the marriage, their nok jhok and when Pragya took bullet for him. Doctor tells them Pragya is in critical condition. He sees a small temple nearby and goes there

Abhi : what are you punishing this innocent girl for? if you have problem with me then you should have punished with me but why do you target the girl who believes in you so much, I am asking you first time something though you did not listen to me earlier , today you have to save Pragya at every cost, you cannot snatch her from us
Pragya’s letter comes in Abhi’s hand making him wonder if it is the same letter Pragya gave him at the before. He opens the letter and reads it

I know after reading this letter you will upset but it is very important for me to tell you everything. You know i married you only for the sake of my mother. I never expected I would be marry with a person like you whom I hated the most. I know you only married me to take revenge from me but i still stayed in the marriage thinking I would make my marriage work one day. I don’t know since when I started falling in love with you knowing that I will never get your love. I still loved you from my whole heart without expecting anything from you. I know one sided love can never stay for long and can never be happy with it. You will never be happy with me so I will respect your decision after you read this. I will be grateful to you for giving me small happiness and sweet memories. I will live my whole life with it,

Abhi gets in tears after reading the letter and calls Purab
Purab : what do you think about this
Abhi : how can she even love me after what I made her go through
Purab ; Love does not have time or reason to come, it just happens
Abhi : But she know I love Tanu and still
Purab : Thats your thought but think that if Tanu was in Pragya id’s place would she take bullet for you, would she take care of Dadi and everybody just like Pragya di does, you think Tanu will give you happiness but will she ever support you in your pain,
Abhi gets in thoughts hearing Purab’s words. He remembers Tanu’s selfish nature he saw during the drunk driving and behavior with Dadi
Doctor informs that Pragya is under observation and is out of danger and she can be taken home.
Bulbul ; Di, you are okay? do you know how much I missed you
Abhi takes Pragya to home later. Dadi and the whole family gets happy to see them home.
Tanu and Alia gets irritated to see Pragya safe at home,
Alia ; I don’t know how every time this two sisters are saved every time
Tanu : destiny never favors us

Alia : they don’t deserve to live after what they did to us
Tanu sees the camera blinking and sees something on it
Tanu : Alia, look at this
Alia gets very much happy seeing the pictures she took during holi with Purab with her in the room.
Tanu : how did you forget this? it is a jackpot for you
Alia ; Seriously this is the which can bring my love back, now just wait and watch how will break that Bulbul
Abhi tells Purab that someone from the family helped Corporator to kidnap Pragya
Purab : what are you saying

Abhi : I am telling the truth, you just think it inspite of this security they managed to kidnap her and nobody even saw them, it is only possible when somebody is familiar of this house
Purab : but how will we find it

Abhi : I will definetly find out and then that person cannot imagine what I will do, but this is between two of us nobody in the family should know it, not even Alia
Purab : Don’t worry
Alia sends her and Purab’s pictures in a compromising state to Purab’s house. Purab gets the biggest shock of his life when he sees the pictures.
Alia : I am sure till now Purab would have got the pictures
Tanu : but do you think he will accept you if you will caught
Alia : Till then we will be married and he will have no choice
Tanu : what if he does not tell anything to Bulbul
Alia : then Bulbul will break up by herself when we will send her the pictures
Tanu : Your work is done, now do something about me
Alia : Then before bhai tells everything to Pragya, you go and tell her that the clients were your parents and she fixed your marriage with bhai

Tanu ; thats a great idea
Purab gets in depression and tries to remember what happened but cannot remember anything. He is in dilemma if he should tell Bulbul or not. He calls Alia over and talks to her. Alia feigns innocence.
Purab : how did this happen Alia? i don’t know anything
Alia : Purab, you drank Bhang and took me to room thinking me Bulbul
Purab gets more and more guilty as if his world is shattered hearing it
Alia : but don’t worry this thing will remain between two of us, its nobody’s fault. I will never tell anything to anybody
Purab leaves from there.
Alia : Now nobody can separate me from you
Purab in his house injures his hand with a glass f
or betraying Bulbul and his best friend. He shouts out loud
Purab : I am sorry Bulbul, I don’t deserve you nor your love, I will have to bear this punishment by separating from you

Tanu goes to meet Pragya and shows fake concern
Pragya ; you?
Tanu : So how are you know?
Pragya : why are you showing so much concern to me
Tanu : because of you I am finally getting married to my Abhi
Pragya gets a big blow hearing it

Tanu : the clients you met the other day were my parents and they wanted to meet you, they came to fix our marriage and you made it so easy for us
Pragya does not say anything
Tanu : what happened, did Abhi not tell you anything? I understand but you should know by this that he does not even consider you his wife. he only saved you for Dadi, not because he cares for you
Pragya : Are you done with your nonsense, now go from here, I don’t have time to listen to your rubbish talks
Tanu leaves in disgust

Pragya remembers Abhi calls her a cute fool and gets hurts thinking Abhi lied to her. Abhi comes to room and finds Pragya sitting on floor with no reaction
Abhi : why are you sitting like this? are you okay
Pragya does not answer him which worries him Abhi : I am talking to you, are you listening

Pragya still does not respond him making him worried now. Abhi holds her shoulder and make her get up.

Abhi : what is wrong with you ?

Pragya pushes Abhi in anger, Abhi gets shocked to see Pragya with the behavior

Pragya : Enough, stop sympathizing me, I thought you at least consider me your friend but no you consider me a fool

Abhi wonders if Pragya have to got to know the truth

Pragya : Yes I got to know truth, finally you made me a biggest fool, I look a joker to you to who you can make a fool of (in tears)

Abhi : I tried a lot to tell you but never got a chance

Pragya : Chance? or you wanted to hide it for me so you can prove that I am nothing but just an idiot, you could have said it once, I would have left so far from your life you could never hear my voice

Abhi : what are you saying

Pragya : Enough! grabs his collar, Abhishek Mehra

Abhi felt as if he broke her into pieces

Pragya : Now listen to me carefully, I am leaving this house right now

Abhi is stunned to hear the harsh words from her

Abhi : do you know what are you saying

Pragya : I came into senses now, I signed the divorce paper and it is on the desk, sign it and submit it to lawyer. I will explain everybody after the marriage but till then I will put this charade

Abhi holds her back and stops from leaving but Pragya jerks him off.

Pragya : Now what do you want from me, I am freeing you from this relation, consider this as a return gift for what you did to my family (says angrily)

Abhi gets a big blow of his life, he tries to run after her but Dadi comes in between when she is about to leave.

Dadi : where are you going

Pragya : Dadi, I was coming to you, I am going to Ma’s house till marriage if you give me permission

Dadi : You don’t have to take permission, go ahead

While leaving Pragya does not look behind while Abhi controls his tears and goes to his room. He starts breaks everything and finds the picture of Pragya

Abhi : Why you could not understand my feeling Fuggy? you left me just due to a misunderstanding, how should I tell you I loved you the most, I realized when you took bullet for me, nobody can ever love me like that

Pragya reaches Arora house

Sarla : Pragya?

Pragya : I thought I could help you here till Bulbul’s marriage since we will have the marriage in our hall

Bulbul : Hi, di , I am so happy you are now

Pragya controls hardly her tears and makes herself busy in work. Next day everybody gathers at Arora house for Mehndi ceremony. Purab decides to finally confess everything during the function.

Pragya : Listen, make sure you write Purab’s name properly, he loves my sister a lot (says teasingly)

Bulbul gets shy and looks at Purab

Purvi : Lets see how dark the color will come, we will know how much he loves our sister

Abhi is not able to face the Pragya but still musters the courage to come at Arora house

Purab : Bulbul, I need to talk something important to you

Purvi : Jiju, you can talk after marriage

Later after the guest leaves Purab tries to talk to Bulbul but does not get a chance. Finally he gathers everybody and tells that he cannot marry Bulbul

Bulbul : Purab, whats wrong? are you okay?

Purab breaks down in tears

Purab : I am sorry Bulbul, I broke your trust and betrayed our love

Bulbul gets more nervous hearing it, Alia gets happy in her mind.

Bulbul : what are you talking about?

Purab reveals everything making everybody stunned. Abhi hits him in anger while Bulbul slaps him. He shows the pictures to Bulbul.

Bulbul : how dare you did this to me? why, just because I chose my family over you

Purab : No, I can never imagine to do this with anybody but I don’t know how did this happen

Bulbul : how could you do this Purab (cries soberly)

Sarla tells Purab to leave the house in anger

Purab : I know, aunty you all will not trust me but I did not do this intentionally, I had bhang that day and I don’t remember what happened, I saw Bulbul everywhere

Bulbul : Just shut up and get out from here, I break all relations from you, don’t show this face to in whole life

Dadi : weren’t you ashamed of doing this? did not humiliate my Alia that you ruined both girl’s life again, you don’t deserve any girl, you should be punished severely

Purab felt as somebody snatched his life and his world was shattered badly which he can never make it normal, He lost his best friend’s trust and love due to a mistake he did, He goes to talk to Abhi but he ignores him in rage.

Bulbul sobberly cries and tears her dress and tries harder to remove the Mehndi from her hand.

Sarla : Biji, I still cannot accept that Purab can do this deed

Dadi : I know, even I can’t believe that he will hurt, I have always seen immense love in his eyes for our Bulbul
Pragya goes to see Bulbul in the room. Her eyes are red with full of tears and sitting on the floor lifelessly.
Bulbul : Di,
Pragya : do you really think that Purab would do this?
Bulbul : who said I believed that nonsense and doubt my Purab, i know he cannot do this
Purvi ; then why did you behave like this
Bulbul : Purvi, you should always trick enemy that they are one step ahead of us
Pragya : what are you saying, tell us clearly
Bulbul tells her suspicion to Aliya and Tanu
Pragya : are you sure about this ?
Pragya shows something to Bulbu and Purvi
Purvi : where did you get this from

Pragya : I will explain to you later but now we have to expose that evil
Somebody calls Mitali at a deserted place where she reaches. Pragya, Bulbul and Purvi reaches there to meet her.
Mitali : You? why did you call me here
Bulbul : Mitali bhabhi, I heard that you were involved with corporator for our hall
Mitali gets scared hearing it
Pragya : Seems like that slap did not make any difference to you
Mitali : what do you want from me
Purvi : don’t you think you made a mistake for supporting Alia?
Mitali : I know but I have nothing to do with this kidnapping
Pragya : We know how much you were involved in this kidnapping but I am giving you a chance to rectify your mistake
Mitali : what will I get in return
Bulbul : we promise you, your husband will be free after this
Mitali : but how?
Pragya : that you leave to us, first tell us if you will help us
Mitali : Okay I will help you, but do I have to do
Abhi meets Pragya near Arora house

Pragya : what do you want now
Abhi : I just wanted to see before this marriage finishes
Pragya gets emotional hearing it
Abhi : It is said before starting a new life it is better to look back at all misdeeds, I know I don’t deserve your forgiveness
Pragya : I know you never intended to hurt me, but I cannot forgive you easily because I had to lie with you
Abhi : Can I hug you one last time
Pragya emotionally hugs Abhi
Abhi : I promise you I will bring the culprit of Bulbul in front of you and at least do something to rectify my mistake
Mehra house
Abhi is silently playing his guitar when Tanu comes there
Tanu : Abhi, my parents are now preparing for our marriage, when will you tell Dadi the truth
Abhi : Please leave me alone Tanu
Tanu : Thats enough now, I am noticing that ever since that behenji went you distanced from me
Abhi : Her name is Pragya, you cannot call her by other name
Tanu : Tell me, do you love her
Abhi does not reply at Tanu’s question but after lot of her tantrums he finally shouts.
Abhi : YES!! I love her, you wanted to hear the truth na, now listen

Tanu gets furious very much hearing that she lost over a middle class girl
Abhi : I might have realized it very late but I don’t care if she wanted to go away from me after what i did to her, I love her more than anything in my life ,
Tanu : you are leaving me for that middle class girl who is not even good looking
Abhi : You know what I don’t need to explain
anything to you, remember I told you I look inner beauty more than outer beauty and Pragya is a beauty in both, I thought you never believe in marriage but at least you would care for my dadi
Tanu : Abhi,,,
Abhi : I know you were the one because of who I could have lost my dadi not before I throw you out from here, get out and don’t show me this ugly face
Tanu : Did you just called me ugly? I am super model Tanu
Abhi : You are forgetting that you lost all your contract now, so just focus on your career by your own now

Tanu : I will never leave you easily and let win that girl,
Abhi : Till I am alive I will not let you harm her again even if I have to face death for it
Tanu leaves in anger. Later police come at Mehra house with the guy who was the acid attacker of Bulbul. Abhi calls Pragya and whole Arora family.
Police : This is the man who came to attack Ms Bulbul on her engagement
Abhi : but how did you know he is the one attacked
Police : That day a young girl came to police station after witnessing the scene
Pragya : Girl? who was she
Police : I am sorry I cannot reveal her identity, she told us she is your relative
Abhi ; Bulbul..
Bulbul ; Yes jiju, that day I saw him with acid, but that corporator came at the same time , I don’t know if he saved me or not
Police: The attacker said that he was given money by a lady
Bulbul : he is the one jiju
Abhi goes to beat up the guy and finally reveals the name
The attacker points at Purvi making everybody shocked
Pragya : what nonsense is he speaking
Alia ; why would he lie though
Police : Mr Abhi, what do you think
Abhi ; Officer, I know she cannot do this
Police : he has a proof the he was given money by a girl
Abhi : Proof?
The police shows a silver bracelet that they found in the goon’s house as a installment fees of the attack. Pragya remembers that she gave the same bracelet to Purvi on her birthday.
Bulbul : Purvi, if i am not wrong di, gave you same type of bracelet right
Purvi : Yes but I am sure I still have it
Alia : if that is the case then show us that bracelet
Everybody reaches Arora house but everybody is stunned to see that Purvi does not find the bracelet.
Purvi : Di, trust me I did not do anything (in tears)
Pragya : I know you cannot do anything but I don’t know what to trust
Janki starts beating Purvi and tells her to get out.
Purvi : Mom, listen to me, I am innocent
Mom ; Shut up!(says angrily) you embarrassed me a lot today by betraying them, you stoop so low
for money, this is what I taught you
Purvi : Badi ma, at least you believe me that I cannot insult your teaching
Sarla does not look at Purvi and slaps her

Sarla : why did you do this, what enmity you had with my daughter
Pragya : what are you saying ma?
Bulbul : Di, we cannot ignore this proof, Purvi I considered you more than my sister and you were that jealous of me
Purvi ; Bulbul, you are saying this,
Janki throws Purvi mercilessly out of house before she complete her talk.
Purvi looks outside the house with anger and pain.
Arora house
Pragya : I still cannot believe that Purvi can do this deed
Bulbul : But di, then how did that goon got Purvi’s bracelet
Pragya : Whatever it is, we have to expose Alia soon and prove Purvi innocence
Bulbul : will she come back again in this house
Alia and Tanu meet somewhere outside.
Alia : Tanu, I am only one step away from Purab now

Tanu : But what about me, your brother insulted me
Alia : don’t worry, let me get married first and then we will handle this situation too
Tanu : You are so selfish, you only think about yourself
Alia : why are you overreacting? trust me I will help this time
Tanu : If you don’t help me then, I will reveal the truth of the kidnapping to everyone
Alia : dont’ forget you are the one who suggested this idea and the acid was also your idea
Tanu : Fine
Somebody captures the pictures as both of them are unaware of it
Mehra house
Dadi : I don’t know whose has evil eye on our family
Dassi : its just a bad phase which will pass through
Mehra house
Purab comes there to announce something expected

Abhi : what are you doing here
Purab ; I know you don’t want to see my face but I came to rectify my unintentional mistake I did
Dadi : did you not harm us enough that you still came here, you ruined my Alia’s life again
Purab : dadi, I am ready to marry Alia if you think I am the culprit
Everybody is shocked to hear Purab’s decision except Alia who in her mind is very happy
Abhi : is this some kind of joke Purab?
Purab : I am not joking, I know I will never get my love now but I don’t have right to ruin somebody’s life
Dadi : you don’t have to worry about Alia, we will take care about it
Arora house
Bulbul : Di, do you think the plan we made will work

Bulbul : you are the only one there who can keep eye on Alia
Mitali : but how will you prove her culprit
Bulbul : you will have to inform us each and every detail of her plan
Pragya : Wait, the walls of that house has ears too , Mitali bhabhi, don’t call us from there or try to contact us so anybody can doubt you
Bulbul : then how will we know the information

Pragya brings a mini camera
Mitali : what should I do with this
Pragya : you gonna fit this into Alia’s watch and keep this microphone with you all the time, so we can keep watch on your each step, and remember if you try to act smart than be ready for consequence
Bulbul : But what if Alia finds it out that a camera is fit in her bracelet
Pragya : Bulbul, we will alert Mitali bhabhi when Alia gets doubt and then remove that camera
Mitali : will this not harm me
Pragya : Don’t worry this will not harm you
Flashback ends

Pragya : I am sure this plan will definetly work
Later at night Purvi is walking lifelessly on road remembering how nobody trusted her. She starts crying soberly. Suddenly she starts getting dizzy when a car comes in front of her making her unconscious.
Mehra house
Mitali goes to Alia’s room when Pragya and Bulbul turns on the camera
Tanu : wow, what a superb plan but why did you involve Purvi in all this
Alia : Tanu, last time I tried to create rift between those sisters but I did not had any choice except framing Purvi
Tanu : what will we get from her getting insult
Alia : we will take advantage of her state and turn her against those foolish sisters
Mitali : how did you take her bracelet and gave it to that goon
Alia : when i found out that Bulbul was doubting me and bhai will try to find out about the kidnappers, I wanted to divert their attention and framed Purvi now they will also doubt Purvi for the kidnapping too
Tanu : will she even listen to us
Alia : it is very easy to manipulate a helpless person, just like poor Purab who I trapped into my web in such a way he can never come out of it
Mitali : Oh now i got it those pictures are fake

Alia : Mitali bhabhi, those pictures might be real but nobody will know that nothing happened actually
Pragya and Bulbul gets furious hearing it
Tanu : We just have to make sure that nobody suspects us now for the kidnapping, we got rid of the acid attack part but we should not be caught
Alia : don’t worry Tanu, nobody can doubt us now, even that corporator will not open his mouth, even my naive will never be able to find the culprit is me
Pragya felt like giving a head slap to Alia for playing with Abhi’s trust and emotions
Pragya : I told you na Purvi can never imagine doing this
Bulbul : I will not spare, I will go and teach her lesson right now
Pragya : stop, don’t take such a hasty decision, we will have to be very careful before doing anything

Mehra house
Abhi ; Enough Purab, don’t say a word now, do you consider this all a joke, you played with my emotions again and broke my trust
Purab heart breaks in small pieces for betraying his friend and marrying somebody else. His dreams of living a peaceful life with love of his life is totally shattered.
Dadi : Fine but this marriage will take place in temple, I don’t want it to be in grand way
Alia gets irritated hearing her marriage in a small temple instead of grand way
Tanu : Finally you got you wanted
Alia : I am so happy but dadi ruined my plans of marriage, I wanted everybody to see Alia Mehra’s marriage will be so grand that they remember it
Tanu : Its okay, at least you will be with your Purab now, I will try to manipulate Abhi again now, I know how to win him again
Arora house
Bulbul gets angry on Purab for agreeing marriage with Alia.
Pragya : Bulbul, please calm down
Bulbul : how can he do this Di, he is going to marry Alia
Pragya : we have to stop this marriage and bring her truth out
Bulbul ; we have recorded her confession anyway with the help of that camera
Pragya : Bulbul, put this tape carefully in the cupboard
Bulbul : okay di
Pragya gets confused when she hears Tanu saying Abhi rejected her
Later Abhi goes out somewhere near mall when he spots Pragya. There is an awkward moment between both of them

Abhi : what are you doing here?
Pragya : I came here for some work
Abhi tries to stop her but she leaves in anger. While going a goon teases her and tries to harass her. Pragya slaps the goon and shouts at him. He shows her the dagger.
Pragya : what are you thinking? you can scare me with this knife
The goon puts the knife near her neck when suddenly a strong hand stops him none other than Abhi. His hands start bleeding badly. Pragya calls the security and throws the goon out. Pragya gets in tears seeing his blood. He starts to leave but is stopped by Pragya. She tears piece of her duppate and ties on his hand.
Pragya : what was need to become a hero. you are rockstar not a hero

Abhi : you were going na, why did you came back
Pragya gets irritated hearing his words
Pragya : is this time to joke?
Abhi : there is never specific time to joke, it is not paining
Pragya : fine (tights piece tightly) have fun with this pain (leaves)
Abhi looks at the piece of her duppata she tied in his hand and smiles
Abhi : let me see till how long you will stay angry, I will woo you back in my rockstar style now Fuggy
Khanna house
Bulbul angrily barges into the house. Purab gets happy from inside to see Bulbul one last time.
Purab : you?
Bulbul : why? should I not come to my boss’s house
Purab felt like he died thousand death hearing her harsh words
Bulbul :I heard you are getting married, you did not inform your employ, thats not fair
Purab : Actually, it happened suddenly
Bulbul : won’t you invite me (goes close to him)
Purab : will you come?
Bulbul : I will come and witness each and every moment of this marriage (says intensely)
Purab : You are most welcome to come Arora house
Pragya : Are you crazy? you want to watch the whole wedding
Bulbul : Let me see how much guts Purab have to marry somebody else in front of me
Mehra house

Alia and Tanu does the shopping excitedly not knowing about the upcoming storm
Dadi : did you make every arrangements
Abhi : don’t worry everything is ready, day after tomorrow marriage will take place in noon
Next day a huge storm strikes which blows reputation of Mehra family
The front headlines of newspapers is published of Alia and Tanu’s involvement in kidnapping of Rockstar Abhi and his wife. It even mentions Tanu’s reputation on stake that she lost her modeling contract because of her not becoming Abhi’s wife anymore. All news channel shows the video of Alia and Tanu confessing and bribing Neil to not mention their name.
Alia gets in rage seeing the news.
Tanu : what is all this happening Alia?

Alia : Why are you asking me? if I knew would I be standing here
Tanu : I swear whoever did this I will not spare that person
The fans comes across Alia and questions her. One of them tells her she is disgrace of brother-sister relationship making her furious. She slaps that fan while Abhi comes to stops her and takes her home. People starts asking questions to Tanu about her relation with Abhi to which she cannot answer anything.
Arora house
Bulbul : Di, what is going?
Pragya ; we did not do anything then who made created this drama
The whole Arora family goes to Mehra house
Abhi shouts at Alia for being rude to his fans.
Alia : You are shouting at me because of this rumors?
Abhi : I would have not believed it at first but those videos cannot be lie, tell me the truth before I do something to you
Alia : Bhai, trust me I did nothing, why would I cheat you
Abhi : why should I trust you (says angrily) you ruined my reputation which I earned with so much hard work, I am ashamed to call you my sister
Bulbul : Jiju, ask her what did she do on the holi day with Purab,
Abhi : what do you mean?
Bulbul : will you tell them or do you want me do this honor for you
Alia : Shut up Bulbul, do you think my family will believe your nonsense, you and your sister did this na, blowed our reputation in front of people
Pragya : We are not cheap like who can backstab our own people, so don’t you dare bring love word from your mouth, it looks abusive
Tanu : Abhi won’t believe you, he know us from many years, so just keep quiet
Abhi : Enough! just stop this nonsense and tell me who leaked this news to media
Alia : Bhai, who do you think will do this? this two sisters planned this all
Pragya : we did not do this, why would we take such a drastic step
Bulbul plays a video when Alia says that she wore the same dress as Bulbul and made Purab drink Bhaang. She tried to go close Purab but her plan was foiled when everybody came to the room at the time.
Dadi slaps Alia hardly for breaking their trust
Dadi : I am ashamed to call you my granddaughter, did you not think about your brother who sacrificed his childhood for you
Alia : Purab, at least you believe me, you know me from childhood
Purab does not say anything
Alia : why don’t you say something
Purab : what should I tell you? remember that day I told you that I will sacrifice my love if you want to stay in loveless marriage but you chose to rectify your mistake, I did not know I would have to pay such a big price for one mistake, thank you Alia (says cryingly) for making me realize that friendship bonding are so weak
Bulbul goes to Purab emotionally

Bulbul : I am sorry for everything, I had to do that charade other day so I can show you her true colors, forgive me if possible
Purab : you don’t have to
Bulbul : I don’t deserve your love, I am sorry (looks down in tears)
Purab : I have nothing left to say anymore
Alia goes and strangle Pragya but Abhi pushes her back on floor. She falls on somebody’s feet and looks at a stunning beauty standing in the house none other than Purvi.
Sarla :You?
Purvi : why what happened? shocked to see me here.

Abhi : I am giving you last chance Alia, tell me the truth
Alia who is out of control blurts out the truth in anger
Alia : Yes I did everything, I pushed her in pool, made that acid attack, and tried to kidnap her, I don’t repent on my action
Everybody is stunned to hear Alia
Alia : I know I did nothing wrong, and the one who forced to do is my own brother
Abhi is shocked to hear it
Alia : Yes, bhai you are the one responsible for all this mess, you chosed this girl’s happiness over your sister, you proved you never love me and never cared for my happiness, if you did then you have never gave my Purab to this middle class girl
Dadi : Shut up Alia, at least have some fear from god, what do you think, for whom your brother build this mansion, this luxurious life, for himself?
Alia : Dadi, he snatched my biggest happiness and he is the one forced me to do all this, I would have never done this and today I lost my own reputation too
Abhi stands quietly listening Alia’s harsh words
Purvi claps after hearing Alia’s speech

Purvi : what a speech, actually who needs enemy when there is sister like you
Bulbul : what did you get doing all this? are you satisfied with it (says angrily)
Alia : I will not spare you both sisters for this deed and ruining my image in front of people
Purvi : Wow, you already found out that who leaked the news, don’t you wanna know the name?
Everybody gives a confused look on her
Purvi : Yes I did leaked it,
Late at night Purvi spots Neil with Alia and Tanu talking about kidnapping and snaps the pictures. Purvi with the help of her friend who works on TV channel sends the video and pictures in all channels.
Purvi ; Alia Mehra, just wait and watch how will I bring you on my feet
Flashback ends

Tanu and Alia fumes in rage
Purvi : So, how did you find my surprise?
Alia : how dare you ?
Purvi : I hope now you got to know what does insult mean
Abhi stands lifelessly giving no reaction and response making Pragya worried
Dadi : get out of this house, and don’t show me this face in whole life
Alia : i have equal right on this house

Dadi : you are forgetting this is my Abhi’s house
Bulbul : Wait Dadi, they should get a good farewell na
Pragya : Bulbul is right, after all they worked so hard
Purvi calls the cops. The police arrests both Alia and Tanu
Alia : Leave me I said, bhai
Purvi goes to Abhi to apolozise

Purvi : I am sorry jiju, i never wanted to do all this, I know i don’t deserve your forgiveness
Abhi leaves taking his car
Dadi : my Abhi is totally shattered , I don’t know how will be he feeling
Purab : He needs some time alone, I am sure he will be fine
Bulbul : Purab?

Purab : what happened?
Bulbul : thats what I am asking you
Purab : I feel so bad for Abhi, I don’t know for what mistake he is punished
Bulbul cries on his shoulder
Pragya gets more worried when Abhi does not pick up her calls
Bulbul : what happened di?
Pragya : Your jiju is not picking my phone, I don’t know how will he be, I should have not let him leave alone

Purab : Don’t panic di, I will go look for him, lets go Akash
Abhi in car remembers Alia’s words when she accused him of stealing her happiness. His moments with Pragya while speeding the car. He remembers how he used to carry Alia when she got hurt in her leg in childhood.
Purab and Akash comes at home with a very tensed face
Pragya : Purab, what happened, why are you not answering me
Purab takes Pragya to Abhi’s room who is sitting on floor folding his legs and eyes full of tears.
She gently puts her hands on his shoulder but still does not get response. She shouts at him this time.
Pragya : Say something, don’t sit like this
Abhi : what do you want me to say? go away from me else you will
feel I will take your happiness
Pragya : Please don’t say that, i know you cannot do that
Abhi : you still believe me, maybe you did not hear what Alia said
Pragya : I don’t care (puts her hand on his face) whatever people say, I know you more than anybody
Abhi gets up seeing her care
Abhi : But I don’t deserve anybody’s love, I am destined to be alone anyways, just go
Pragya grabs his collar and shouts at him
Pragya : If you wanted me to go away then why did you came to save me, should have let me die, why you did everything for me
Abhi is speechless
Pragya : why are you quiet? answer me
Abhi : I don’t find it necessary to tell you the reason
Pragya : Fine, then I am leaving

Abhi holds her hand and pulls her close to him and confess his love for her.
Khanna house
Bulbul ; I know I hurt you a lot by my charade
Purab : I will forgive you on only one condition
Bulbul : what?

Purab : You have to promise me you will never ever leave me alone
Bulbul : I promise
Purab : I only have you after Abhi, i don’t want to leave alone again
Both couple shares their moment cherisly later

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