Abhigya Rabul FF : Trials of fate : Part 9

Abhi reveals everything to Aditya about the stalker.
Adtiya : what are you saying? Bulbul got in big mess and you were hiding from us
Abhi ; I cannot take that call as a prank
Suddenly Abhi gets a message in his phone about his conversation with Bulbul on stealing the keys of store room. Abhi : look at this (shows the video)
Aditya : oh my god, who is this person?

Abhi : Whoever it is, the person is trying to take enmity on me through Bulbul
Aditya : do whatever you want, because if anything happened with Bulbul this time Pragya will not spare you
Abhi : this is a private number, that person is keeping eye on every moment of bulbul
Bulbul is sitting in her room with tensed mood when Pragya comes inside.
Bulbul : Sis (wipes her tears)

Pragya : you are crying?
Bulbul ; No its just
Pragya ; don’t lie, you are worried right about me
Bulbul : You earned this respect with so much hard work and if anybody doubts on your integrity and respect I will not be able to tolerate that
Pragya : I promise you I will bring you out this mess and very soon
Bulbul : You are the best

Pragya : nothing will happen to my respect till you are here with me, I trust my Bulbul, and why did you skip dinner today
Bulbul ; Umm sis
Pragya twist her hears for being naughty

Bulbul ; di, it hurts (rubs her hears)
Pragya : you are being smart with your sister, it will not work with me, okay (feeds her)
Bulbul : Wow, your food has magic in it, I wish I could learn it
Pragya : How many time i told you that when time comes I will make you do everything but right now look at your career
Bulbul ; okay my dear sis
Pragya : Now you go to bed, its quite late and stops worrying, good night
Bulbul : good night (goes to bed)

Next day Akira and Naina goes near a mall when Akira accidentally clashes on Bulbul who has coffee in her hands. Akira gets furious on Bulbul when the coffee spills at her clothes and her showpiece breaks.
Bulbul : I am so sorry, (tries to clean )
Akira : shut up! are you blind, can’t you see ? do you know they are such expensive clothes
Naina : don’t get angry, lets go in washroom quickly before it gets stained, we don’t want to argue with any ill mannered people

Bulbul : Excuse me, I said sorry, there is no need to get personal to it
Both of them have argument but Akira stops them and they go in opposite direction. Bulbul gets a call from her company telling to report at the office. She reaches the office and finds all the board of directors standing quietly.

Bulbul : what happened ma’am (tells to Tanya)
Raghav ; I must say you are very clever but feeling sorry that you will not be able to show it anymore
Bulbul : what do you mean Sir?
Raghav shows her the footage of Bulbul stealing the keys from store room and telling that to Abhi about stealing it.
Abhi tries to interrupt but is stopped by Raghav.

Bulbul ; Sir at least listen to me
Raghav : I will have to take strict action against you now
Abhi : but Sir you cannot just file case for taking the keys
Raghav : your game is up Bulbul, we have found the witness who saw her giving a CD to employer of our rival

Bulbul and Abhi are shocked to hear
Tanya ; what are you saying Sir
Raghav : Police found a witness who said saw Bulbul the other night
Police brings the goon to the office who points at Bulbul that she gave him the design.
Bulbul : Sir, he is lying I am innocent
Raghav : Enough, officer take her away
Abhi tries to stop them but in vain
The police take her to the headquarters when Pragya sees her crying. Raghav and Abhi goes with them
Pragya : Bulbul, what are you doing here
Bulbul; Di, i am being framed, i am innocent
Pragya : what has she done

Raghav : your sister has done a filthy act for money
Pragya : what rubbish it this
Raghav : She sold the design to our rival for money
Bulbul ; Di, trust me I did nothing
Raghav ; Never in my whole life of 25 years, nobody did this deed in my company till now
Abhi gets the same call from other day.
Voice ; Did you like my gift?
Abhi : who are you? what do you want

Voice : Revenge, this is just beginning
Abhi : if you have problem with me then talk meet me
Voice : Come behind old mill factory in evening
Abhi cuts the call in anger unaware of Pragya overhearing his conversation. Later in the evening Abhi reaches the place when he sees a guy coming from a big car. He gets shocked to see the face.

Abhi : you (grabs the collar of the guy) Kabir
Kabir : why are you so angry? won’t you hug your old friend
Abhi : why did you drag Bulbul in our enmity, what was her fault
Kabir : her fault is only that she is your girlfriend’s sister, I could not trap Pragya but I got her sister
Abhi : what do you want from me?
Kabir : Years ago, you hacked my system and exposed my fraud in front of media,what can be good revenge other than your lover, I will not spare both of them either
Abhi : I am warning you to stay away from them
Kabir : do whatever you want but I will not spare your so called lover, just wait and watch
After Abhi leaves he sees Pragya standing behind raging at him in anger.
Abhi : Pragya, listen to me (goes behind her)

Pragya : Go away from here, because of you my sister is suffering, I don’t want to see your face, today my hatred for you is increased (leaves in her car)
Pragya finds the goon who gave testify against Bulbul and asks him to tell the truth. Initially he does not tell the truth and tries to shot her but Abhi takes the bullet instead in his arms. Pragya freaks out and shows her concern to Abhi. She warns the goon to tell the truth.
Pragya : I am asking you last time, after this even if you want to tell you will not be able to say

The guy gives her the CD of Bulbul’s innocence. The footage has the video of the person (who was dead) stole the design from warehouse.
Pragya : I told you that my sister is innocent, now without wasting my time take back your complaint and give my sister her position back with all respect.
Raghav ; Tanya, tell Bulbul her suspension is cancelled and she can rejoin her work
Bulbul : I am sorry Sir but I will not come back in your company
Tanya : what do you mean

Bulbul : Ma’am I finished the task I was given from my previous company and the place where boss trust a stranger rather than their own employer, it will be against my self respect sorry Sir
Pragya feels proud of her sister

Tanya : do you know what you are saying, your Singapore company has partnership with us
Bulbul : My integrity and self respect is more important than my career, thank you so much
Abhi gets sad sitting on his car late at night. Adi goes to Pragya and asks her to forgive Abhi.
Pragya : Adi, leave from here I don’t want to talk anything about Abhi
Adi : this much hatred and arrogance is not good, I know Abhi did wrong but does a person does not deserve a second chance
Pragya : I would have forgive him if it was only me, but my sister got trapped in his enmity with others

Adi : You have no idea what Abhi is going through right now, first he never got love from his parents due to their workaholic nature and then his sister also went far from him
Pragya : what do you want from me
Adi : I will only say that you still love Abhi, if that was not the case you would have told Bulbul everything because you know she will not let you stay here around Abhi, one thing I can assure you that Abhi in his life has loved only one girl that is you (leaves)
Pragya starts to feel restless remembering Abhi getting shot in his arm for her. She recalls her moments with him.

She goes to meet Abhi at his apartment when he is about to do dressing for his wound.
Abhi : Pragya? what are you doing here at this time
Pragya looks at his arm and dresses his wound.
Abhi : what are you doing?
Pragya : you consider yourself a superhero, your arm is bleeding badly (in tears and is about to leaves)

Abhi : no matter how much you try to hide but my love is so strong it brought you till here
Pragya hugs him tightly emotionally and sobs loudly

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