Abhigya Rabul FF : Trials of fate : Part 8


Bulbul gets worried about Tanya’s words on suspending her. Abhi goes to console her.
Bulbul : All my years of hard work will go in vain and if I am not proved innocent my sister will have to face this humiliation whole life.
Abhi ; We will not let that happen Bulbul, and will not let your sister’s honor get humiliation.
Bulbul : I know what I have to do, we will get the proof from that warehouse
Abhi : But how will we get in there, the keys are with Tanya
Bulbul : there is a spare key inside the store room at the office, we will take that out
Abhi : do you know what you are saying, it is risky, you can get in more trouble
Bulbul : But without doing it we cannot prove me innocent and if you are scared thats fine I will go alone

Abhi : No you will not go alone, I will come with you got it
Bulbul : Fine, then we will go there tonight
Dev : hey girls I heard you got big case
Sonia : yeah right I am sure Pragya will solve it in a few days
Pragya : Sonia, this case is more complicated than we thought because the design victim stole is not an ordinary design
Karan : what do you mean
Pragya : The police records show he was a small time thief and stole that print very easily
Karan : but how do you know that design is stolen, we haven’t got any robbery details about it from any company
Pragya : Use your brain little bit and think why would a small time thief would hide a software design behind wall in his house
Sonia : But karan has a valid point we haven’t got any complaint from
Rohan : Ma’am I found out the design from which company, there are only two companies who make such design, one of the my engineer friend told me the name
Sonia : then for which auspicious time you are waiting, tell us the name
Rohan : Miles Technology
Pragya drops the coffee cup on the floor in shock knowing it is the same company her sister works. She runs immediately at her house.

Pragya : Bulbul, (shouts out loud)
Her maid Dulari tells her about Bulbul’s absence since evening.
Pragya : what? she did not came back yet
She tries to call Bulbul but finds it switch off.
Pragya : this girl is so careless, why her phone is switched off, damn it
Gujral house
Karan calls at his home to talk with his mom but Ria picks up the call instead.
Ria : Yes, who is this?
Karan : how are you Ria?
Ria : how dare you call here? (angrily) I guess you dialed wrong number
Karan : don’t cut the phone, I want to talk with mom, please give phone to her
Ria : Fine, (Calls Sakshi)
Sakshi talks with Karan after long time. Bulbul and Abhi decides to go together but at the end moment he gets a call from Tanya for some important work.
Abhi : Listen I have to go out but you go home, we figure out something, don’t do anything wrong
Bulbul : Okay you go

After Abhi leaves Bulbul is afraid to tell everything to Pragya and goes alone at her office. Tanya, Abhi and the panel team heads out for the conference in their office They head to office while Bulbul finally finds the spare key but does not know about the guard coming inside . In a while when she is about to leave Tanya and Abhi reaches there and are shocked to see her.
Tanya : what are you both doing here ?
Abhi (in his mind) : Oh god today this girl will be in big trouble
Raghav (director of the company) : she is the same one who was suspended right, what is in her hands
Tanya sees the envelope in her hands and grabs it from her hands. She finds the key inside of the warehouse.
Raghav : what is that?

Tanya : Sir (stammers)
Raghav : Tanya I asked what is it
Tanya : these are the keys of warehouse, I told her to put it in my office I gave her earlier
Abhi and Bulbul are relieved to hear her
Raghav : But I hope you remember that you are suspended from this company, and till the panels does not decide you will not put your foot in this office, clear
Bulbul ; yes Sir (leaves)
Arora house
Bulbul reaches home where Pragya is waiting for her.
Pragya : where were you (comes close to her )
Bulbul : Sis ..
Pragya : I asked you something, answer me
Bulbul : I was at office, I had some work thats why I got late
Pragya : Really now lying to also has become part of your job Bulbul
Bulbul : I don’t know what you are talking about
Pragya : Okay, then you explain what this letter is (shows her the letter)
Bulbul sees the letter and gets to know it is her suspension letter which her sister found.
Pragya : You are suspended from company and you did not inform me
Bulbul : I was going to tell you

Pragya : Is it the one you were looking for (shows the print of design)
Bulbul : from where did you find this
Pragya reveals everything to her relieveing Bulbul as her sister is handling the case
Bulbul : Sis, I don’t know what will happen now
Pragya : Listen to me carefully, from now onwards don’t do anything silly, and stay calm
Bulbul : If I am not proved innocent then our reputation
Pragya : Don’t worry Bulbul, I will not let you go to jail at any cost, thats my promise (wipes her tears) just be strong like everytime
Tanya fumes at Abhi for Bulbul’s carelessness.

Abhi : thanks Tanya
Tanya : Abhi, I told you to explain her not to do anything wrong, if today Raghav Sir found out then you know what could have happened
Abhi :I told her to go back at home but don’t know why was she so desperate
Tanya : She has no idea in what big mess she is trapped in
Abhi gets a call from unknown number.
Voiceover : How did you like my gift? Mr Abhi
Abhi : who is this
Voiceover : You should never forget your old enemies and friends Abhi
Abhi : You?
Voiceover : Wow, you have great memory, don’t worry your next gift is on the way, your girlfriend’s sister is only the way to reach you and now she will pay for your mistakes in past my friend

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