Abhigya Rabul FF : Trials of fate : Part 7


Next day Purab thanks Bulbul for making him understand the importance of his sister.
Bulbul : you don’t have to thank me Mr Khanna
Purab : So what can I do for you in return
Bulbul : Return gift is given to strangers not to friends Purab right (shakes her hand)
Purab : Oh you want my friendship ? (goes behind her)
Bulbul feels restless when he comes close to her
Purab : Ms Hacker, what if you hack my heart by getting my friendship
Bulbul : don’t worry I don’t steal hearts of good people (says teasingly)
Purab : Fine, I will fulfill your wish (shakes hands with her)
Ria does not inform Sakshi about her encounter with Karan.
Sakshi : How was your day my love ?
Ria : It was fantastic mom, but you seem tired what happened
Sakshi : Nothing you know how stressful my work is
Ria : Mom how many times I told you not to stress yourself this much (makes her sit down)
Sakshi : its okay dear, you know how strong your mom
Ria ; I know but you have worked enough now till I am with you, no more working (massages Sakshi’s foot with oil)
Sakshi : for how many more years, you will also leave very soon, you will get married
Ria : Mom, I told you I will not get married and even if I will then I will take you with me (hugs her warmly)
Sakshi : shut up, you say anything, thats not possible, by the way I never asked you what type of boy you want
Ria : Not very typical, but he should be educated, handsome, and most important he should have values to respect every relation and hold his life for his family not like some people who does not care the honor of the family
Sakshi understands who is Ria is talking about changes the topic immediately. Purab rides his car fast on the road when he is stopped by Pragya as she on the same road,
Pragya : get out of car (knocks the window)
Purab : Pragya sis you? I was in hurry (says like a small child)
Pragya : I said come out of car quickly I don’t have time
Purab : Please sis
Pragya : You are driving car so fast, anybody could get hurt by your rash driving
Purab : I promise next time I will not do this mistake
Pragya : Fine go but next time if I caught you then just watch out
Purab : thank you (gets overjoyed but controls his happiness)
Sonia : hey Pragya, we got a new case here
Pragya ; really? now what is it?
Sonia : There is a murder in borivali, we have to reach there immediately, we both have to handle the case
Pragya ; fine, lets go there quickly
Abhi looks at his sister’s picture from their childhood when Bulbul spots him.
Abhi : what are you doing here?
Bulbul : I should be asking you the same thing, your friends went back to their work waiting for you,
Abhi : Nothing, I was just..
Bulbul : you could hide something I don’t believe it
Abhi : yeah you are an astrologer like your sister
Bulbul : very funny, tell me what were you looking at, someone special? tell me please
Abhi shows the picture of his sister.
Bulbul : wow she looks so beautiful but where is she
Abhi : I don’t know, I didn’t see her from past 10 years, she was at boarding then abroad and i came to india after she came from boarding
Bulbul : I must say your sister was so gorgeous in childhood I am sure she might be beautiful today too, don’t you miss her?
Abhi : I miss her a lot but I am sure I will meet her one day when destiny wants
Sonia and Pragya reaches the murder spot with the police force. One of the constable tells them about live wire due to which the murder cause.
Pragya : send the body to forensic and get the reports
Sonia : is there any witness to this murder?
Rohan : Yadav’s (victim) girlfriend is the only witness to this incident
Sonia : where is she?
Rohan : She is scared and does not meet anybody, by the way ma’am, I found this design from the cupboard
Sonia : this design seems looks like it is made from some kind of software company
Pragya ; Software company?
Sonia : why would this middle class guy have this type of design and how
In Bulbul and Abhi’s company Tanya informs everybody about the stolen design for their international project.
Tanya : Bulbul, If I am not wrong you were only the one who had the key to the warehouse and the thief broke the lock
Abhi : Tanya, she is new here what are you saying?
Tanya : thats my point Abhi, till now it never happened in this company, I am not accusing her but nobody had the keys other than her of the warehouse
Bulbul : Please trust me, I am innocent
Tanya : Abhi, I know she is innocent but the board of directors called a meeting for it, till then I have to suspend her from company
Bulbul is shocked to hear it and leaves sadly
Abhi : Tanya, you know she has not done anything wrong
Tanya : Abhi I know but we have the orders to suspend her I cannot do anything right now and you explain her to find the proof or else the board will file case against her
Abhi : you cannot do this, thats unfair (gets worried)

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