Abhigya Rabul FF : Trials of fate : Part 6

Purab decides to go meet his brother in the weekend
Akira : where are you going?
Purab : its none of your business, you can go handle your work
Akira : Do I not have right to ask you that
Purab : you lost that right years ago, but for your information I am telling you that I am going to meet Dev bro (leaves)
Anjali : i am so sorry Purab I cannot go with you, i have a client waiting
Purab : should i go alone

Anjali : Bulbul is going to that town
Purab : Am i crazy to go with her
Anjali : Oh come on she is not that bad
Bulbul : Sis I have to go to out for some work near bandra
Pragya : I cannot let you go alone
Purab asks permission from Pragya to go with Bulbul
Pragya : You?
Purab : I will bring her back safely, I am going there

Pragya : Fine, take care and drive slowly (teases him)
Bulbul : don’t worry I will not let him drive rashly
Pragya : look who is talking, at least you don’t talk about safety, I know how you drive, Purab don’t let her drive alright
Purab : I promise I wont’ let her drive at any cost
Purab and Bulbul heads towards software office to complete the task Bulbul is given by her boss.
Bulbul : I will be right back (leaves out of car)
She goes to meet the head of the company Rosy.
Rosy :Yes, how can I help you?
Bulbul : I am Bulbul, my boss Tanya talked to you about it
Rosy ; Oh yeah, have a seat please

Bulbul: Thank you, this is the design of our new project and i have the video to crack the code of this design
Rosy check the cd and is impressed by the design Bulbul made.
Rosy : this is fantastic
Bulbul : this design is very rare, only very companies make it and the other one tells you the code, let me know if you have any questions, this is my number
Rosy : it was nice meeting you (shakes her hand)
Bulbul : Thank you ma’am
Purab starts to drive for his brother’s farm house and notices Bulbul watching the scenery smilingly.
Purab ; what are you watching?

Bulbul: this place is so beautiful, Purab, don’t you ever feel like settle life in here
Purab : if we start thinking to think like that then nobody would feel they are living in real life
Bulbul : why do you have to be so serious, if I am not wrong then you are always happy with your friends
Purab : You will not understand Bulbul, people like us do not have time for fun in our family
Bulbul: Really? then you should have lived my sister’s life then you would know what life is
Purab : we are here (parks his car)
Bulbul : Wow (looks at the mountain near the house)

Purab : This is my brother’s farm house, I meet him every weekend here, lets go
Both of them goes inside the house and meets Dev who is overjoyed to see his brother after 5 years.
Dev : I am so happy to see you, (sees Bulbul standing behind smiling)
Purab : Bro, she is Bulbul, Ria’s best friend
Dev: why are you standing there, come here
Bulbul : Nice meeting you br.. can I call you bro
Dev : Of course you can, come inside
Later the trio spend some time together while Dev is impressed by Bulbul’s nature.
Bulbul : Your house is really beautiful

Dev : thank you so much,
Purab : Bulbul (whispers something) and leaves them alone for a while to see outside view
Dev ; so Purab how is everything?
Purab : Everything is fine bro, just I am missing you ever since you left
Dev : You know Purab there is no place for me in that house, I will not return
Purab ; I never told you anything but you don’t even realize what I am going through right now
Dev : You have Akira, with you
Purab : how many times I told you not to mention her name in front of me, only because of you I am staying with them
Dev : Purab, she is our sister, you cannot behave like this with her, I know I could not fulfill brother’s role in her life and I will be guilty for that for whole life
Purab ; You will be guilty but she does not even care about anybody, she is enjoying her life
Dev ; Please Purab, you cannot be harsh on her like this, the truth is in this mess the only person who is suffering is Akira

Purab : I don’t have any sympathy left for her, she never tried to talk to you or convince dad to bring you back
Dev : do you want her to suffer in out fight
Purab ; Bro, I don’t care about her, I came here to talk to you and you are concerned about her, nobody loves me (leaves)
Bulbul overhears their conversation and asks Dev the reason of Purab’s anger towards life.
Bulbul : I don’t know much about him but since I met I never saw him happy, you can share with me if it is okay
Dev : Year ago during my college I decided to go in police training but my dad was against it so I had an argument with him, that time Akira was around 15 and Purab was 10 years old
Bulbul stands up slowly from sofa

Dev : Leaving behind everything, I started new life, and my young sister had to take my place in the house because dad was not well either, but my Purab is blaming her for not doing anything.
Bulbul : you did not think of anything ?
Dev : I realized how miserable is staying alone, I don’t know how to make Purab understand, thats why I pray for the day when he gets such a girl who can understand him
Bulbul :I am sorry, I did not know there was such a big reason
Dev : I want Purab to understand that life is about to move on not to look on past
Bulbul : don’t worry time heals everything and who knows maybe one day your family will reunite
Later at night Purab tells his brother about their leave
Dev : It was nice talking to you Bulbul
Bulbul : Pleasure is all mine bro
Purab : Bro, I will see you soon

Dev : drive carefully and take care
Both of them drives back to their perspective. Bulbul remembers Dev’s words to make Purab understand.
Bulbul ; I know the reason of fight in your family, I think you should talk your sister
Purab stops the car in anger which scares Bulbul.
Bulbul : What are you doing?
Purab goes out of car immediately while Bulbul follows him.
Bulbul : are you okay?
Purab : Don’t you dare interfere in our matter, stay out of it you will not understand what happens when your loved one leaves you

Bulbul gets emotional knowing how they grew up without parents support
Bulbul : Its not only you who have problems in life, there are many people in this world who don’t have shelter, family or resources and you are stressed just because your rbother is away from you
Purab looks at her confusingly on what she just said
Bulbul ; The truth is you are not brave enough to face problem, you are blaming your sister who worked hard only for you, I don’t know how she is but one thing I can say, love cannot be shown it is feeling
Purab : You don’t know my sister yet

Bulbul : You are right, i might not know her but you are her brother, even you does not understand your brother, if she never really cared then she would have also left you
Purab stands quietly as he does not have any words to say
Bulbul : Purab Khanna, life is not about past it is about moving on, you never tried to look at the love she must be having for you, some people does not show love but they are the only one who loves their family the most
Purab : what do you mean?
Bulbul : You have sympathy for your brother who left you but not the sister who worked hare to give you the lavish lifestyle, you are not appreciating her effort that she stood with you but the brother who left you in altar

Their conversation is interrupted when Pragya calls Bulbul at home as it is quite late.
Purab : get in the car, its quite late
Later Purab drops off Bulbul at her home, She tells him to remember her words and work on it once.
Bulbul : Good night Purab
Purab : good night (leaves)
Pragya : what took you so long Bulbul
Bulbul : Nothing sis, we went to see Purab’s brother Dev
Pragya : Dev Khanna?
Bulbul : You know him
Pragya : He works with me in headquarters
While driving car Purab goes into flashback when Akira used to first feed him before her and taught him to walk.
Purab goes to his house and finds Akira resting her head on dining table. He remembers Bulbul’s words on taking care of his sister.
Purab : Sie (puts hand on her shoulder)
Akira ; You came? I will get dinner for you

Purab ; Today I will feed you with my hands
Akira for a second does not realize what happened to Purab.
Purab ; You must be tired from whole day, sit
Akira is overwhelmed with Purab’s changed behavior and also feeds him with her hands.
Purab : I have hurted you a lot (holds her hand and cries)

Akira : No, you have not but you are right now by crying
Purab ; From today I promise I will never let this tear flow from your eyes (wipes her tears)
Akira: you know I always taught how to stand on your feet i feel you have grown up now
Purab : Every year you tie this rakhi, from now I will fulfill every responsibility I could not fill
Both them share light moments while Purab rest his head on her lap.

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