Abhigya Rabul FF : Trials of fate : Part 5


Pragya goes to the guest room and puts her luggage in the closet. Abhi goes to meet his friend Sammy who is coincidentally the would be husband of Priti.
Abhi : by the way when will I see your fiancee (asks teasingly)
Sammy : in the evening but you control your flintiness for god sake okay
Abhi : thats what I cannot do (tells him with attitude)
Sammy : this guy will never understand, oh god please send somebody in his life
Abhi : for your kind information, I am already hooked with somebody
Sammy : what? who is it, you never told me

Abhi : Actually it was my dad’s friend last wish, that his daughter would become my wife, it is political alliance
Sammy : Abhi, are you sure that you want to marry a girl whom you don’t even love
Abhi : I always believe, one don’t need love for marriage, and I know her from childhood she is my best friend, what else do I need
Sammy : well its your choice but think it over again, you are going to bind in compromise relationship

Abhi : I know what am I doing, lets forget all this and focus on your marriage, come (leaves)
Later in the evening Abhi goes with his friend to the nearby village to meet the bride’s family and event. Priti tells Pragya to wear punjabi attire for the event. She wears green salwar with red border on it.
Priti : oh my god, you are looking so beautiful. come on we are getting late
Both girls reaches the place. Pragya feels relaxed with cool breeze in the open area.
Pragya : wow, this weather is so beautiful here, I wish it was the same in the city
Priti : thats why we chose our weeding here
Abhi reaches the place with his friend but does not see Pragya for a while.
Priti : come i will introduce you to your brother in law (takes her to Sam)
Priti : hey sam this is my friend I was talking about and you were desperate to meet
“Oh my god, so you are that dangerous cop, damn never saw such a beautiful cop, amazing” says Sammy to make Priti jealous

Pragya gets bit uncomfortable hearing his compliment
Priti ; for your kind information you will not be able to woo her with your sweet talk, she is not crazy like me to get trapped
Sammy : my god, calm down we are getting married, at least learn to respect me
Priti : Pragya lets go from here (drags Pragya away to another side)
Sammy : where did you get lost
Abhi : nothing I was not getting network here and dad kept calling me, you tell where is your fiancee, how much time she is taking
Sammy : you are late, she is right there (points towards the side where Pragya and Priti are standing)

Abhi misunderstands the girl to be Pragya and kind of feels bad. He goes to meet her
Pragya : Abhi, hi (says surprisingly) I didn’t know you were here
Abhi : Even i was surprised (whispers), but I didn’t knew you were getting married
Pragya : me? (says confusingly)
Priti takes advantage and tells Pragya is the bride even though Pragyar resists
Abhi : congratulation (leaves sadly)
Pragya : what was the need to lie, poor guy he thought it was my marriage
Preeti : poor guy, how do you know him by the way (asks teasingly)
Pragya : I met in the train, he left his train because I could not reach and hurt my leg
Pragya : hey, i think they are starting the program. lets go
The event starts with the dance of villagers for their festival. They insists Sammy to talk about his love life before marriage

Sammy : hello everybody, so as you all know that my wedding is within few days and I am sure it is wonderful experience before marriage (teases seeing at Priti)
Abhi wonders how Pragya didn’t tell him about her wedding in their meeting.
Sammy : so guys, let me introduce you all to my dear fiancee
Preeti comes forward which confuses Abhi who asks his friend
Abhi : what is this Sammy? at least don’t make such jokes in name of your marriage
“What are you trying to say” says confusingly to Abhi
Abhi : aren’t you engaged to Pragya?
Sammy : what are you saying? Pragya? No I am getting married to Preeit
Both girls share a laugh for fooling Abhi
“ What dude, you got fooled by today’s girls “ says Sammy by tapping on his head
Abhi : you girls, I will take revenge on you both I promise (teases them)
Pragya : I am so sorry, it is because of this girl (refers to Priti)
Priti : sorry Abhi (holds her ears)
Abhi fakes to be happy and decides to play prank of Pragya.
Priti : guys I want to tell something very important today
Sammy : what are you talking about

Priti : Have some patience, so everybody on my sangeet our both best friend will enact play for us, I mean Pragya and Abhi will show how Sammy and I met, everything
Pragya and Abhi get quite amazed with Priti’s demand. Sammy takes her aside
Sammy : Priti, what the hell are talking about? how can you even demand it
Priti : Sammy, whats wrong with you, I am doing all this to make them realize their feeling and you did not see jealous Abhi got when I said Pragya is your bride
Sammy : No way, i feel maybe they might not be comfortable doing this, drop this idea
Abhi finds it a great opportunity to get close with Pragya but she finds it awkward
Priti ; Abhi, your friend is shouting at me, you don’t mind do you?
Abhi looks at Pragya’s nervous face and agrees happily

Abhi : of course, why not why don’t you ask your best friend once
Priti ; I know her, she is alright with this right Pragya (goes to her)
Priti : then done, you both start rehearsing because sangeet ceremony is after two days
Sammy : thats so much less time, how will they prepare in such less time
Priti ; I am sure they will make it up, all the best guys (gives them thumbs up)
Pragya is pacing around the room when Priti comes to her room
Priti : you haven’t slept yet

Pragya : no, I mean I was just getting ready, you here at this time?
Priti ; I came to tell you that tomorrow is the mehndi in the morning and I was thinking I will stay with you tonight, we met after so many months
Both girls sleep outside in the balcony chatting together after long time.
Priti : by the way Pragya, I must say Bulbul has done what lot of people could not do in their youth, so much achievement
Pragya : that girl will drive me crazy one day, her hacking habit is not good sometimes
Priti : oh come on, she is from this generation and it is very common don’t worry
The girls dozes off while chatting. Next day Abhi and Pragya enact the act on how the couple met and after that. The play starts with Abhi and Pragya clashing in the bookstore and helping each other pick up the books. Both have very intense eye lock.
Abhi : I am so sorry, are you okay
Pragya ; I am fine, thank you
Abhi ; this is our third coincidental meeting, what should we call it, destiny
Pragya : I would still call it coincidence, anyway I am Pragya (shakes her hand)
Abhi : Abhi Mehra
Priti and Sammy are delighted to see the realistic act of Pragya and Abhi. The scene reaches to the confession part
Abhi : it is said you can run away from everything not from destiny It is said life is incomplete without a companion
Pragya : Love and trust is needed in every companionship
Abhi : The day I saw you I felt you will fulfill the loneliness in my life,
Pragya : I always wanted someone who will love me as I am, will you be able to fulfill that promise
Abhi :Do you want to be my life partner forever, I love you
Everybody claps to see the passion in the act. Pragya feels restless about the act and runs away
Abhi : I am sorry if I did any mistake

Pragya ; its not your fault, just life is not fair with everybody
Abhi wipes her tears gently telling her not waste her precious tears
Priti : wow guys you both were amazing, I must say for one second I thought you both were saying it really to each other
Next day Priti and Sammy get married with all rituals. Priti tells Pragya to reveal her feelings to Abhi before it gets too late

Sammy : look Abhi, I know you are committed, but try to listen to your heart
Pragya and Abhi heads to the bus station and feels tense about departing from each other. Abhi tries to stop her but is unable to confess his feeling
Pragya : I have to leave, my bus is about to leave (slowly removes his hand)
Abhi feels tense seeing her leave.Pragya goes inside her bus and starts feeling restless to leave the person with whom she spent her happy moments.
Pragya : what is happening to me? why am I feeling so restless to leave him

Abhi sits on the bench looking at his phone. Though he does not wanted to let Pragya go but let her leave instead.

Abhi : I wish I stopped you,

When he is about to leave with his bag he notices a girl standing behind him with tears in her eyes.

Abhi : Pragya? you missed your bus again

Pragya ; If I have to meet you then I am ready to miss it every time (comes close and touches his nose)

Abhi : Really?

Pragya : For first time somebody touched my heart and soul and that guy like you

Abhi confesses his feeling to Pragya which she reciprocates by giving him tight hug. Later both of them lights campfire on beach and lay on the sand.

Pragya : what are you looking (asks Abhi who is watching stars)

Abhi :I was always looking for a beautiful face in those star who could bright up my life

Pragya : and what did you find?

Abhi : My mom always says that whenever somebody dies they can see from those stars

Pragya : My parents are also with god, that means they can see me

Abhi : Of course they can

Pragya : Give me a promise that you will always keep our love brightened in our heart forever

Abhi : Promise

Pragya shows Bulbul’s picture to Abhi.

Abhi : she is beautiful

Pragya : You won’t believe she is female version of you

Abhi : Then I should meet her, where is she

Pragya : she is in Singapore

Next day Abhi promises Pragya he will come to meet her in Pune after he seeks permission from his family. Pragya reaches Pune with happiness to see Abhi again. He calls Pragya and she senses his tensed voice. Abhi tells her will not be able to come back and marry her

Pragya : its okay, I will understand that I met a stranger who helped me, good bye (hangs up phone to hide her pain)

Flashback ends

Pragya : I have waited seven years for you but you chose to betray me Abhi

Mehra house

Adi : why did you not go back?

Abhi : Dad did not let me go back to India until I agree with his condition to marry Naina and I did not wanted to stay there so I agreed to marry her

Adi : just for your freedom you left that girl in altar

Abhi : I went to see her but could not find her so I gave my hope and moved on to marry Naina but truth is I could not take her out of my heart Adi

Adi : If you really love her then try to win her back and she will forgive you one day (consoles his friend)

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