Abhigya Rabul FF : Trials of fate : Part 4


Karan shares his plea with Pragya for Ria’s behavior towards him but she blames him instead.
Pragya : you chose your dream instead of your family now pay for it
Karan : Pragya, ever since I left house I could not live in peace and every moment is killing me
Pragya : Ria’s anger is justified but you don’t worry everything will sort out, with time being every relation mends (puts hand on his)
Karan gets emotional and hugs her which she reciprocates. Sonia informs Pragya about a local goon who deals on drugs which is harming college students.
Pragya : Now he will have to taste his own medicine (loads her gun) and puts at her back, what college is it
Sonia : Xaviers college

Both girls goes to Xavier’s college and finds girls are under influence of drugs and boys are taking advantage of situation. Pragya gets hold of goon and kicks him with her leg. Sonia and police force manhandles other goons.
Goon : We were just giving them the medicine to prevent viruses
Sonia : Thats so great but there is always one rule, the person who invents drug have to test on him so people are not affected
Pragya : you are right, why don’t we start experiment from him
(puts leg on her goon’s chest and shows him the gun)
Sonia : Thats so great, you want

Pragya : You are very fond of giving medication, now let me try this on you so you will get to know
Sonia puts the medicine in his mouth but he becomes influence due to drug. Police nabs all of them and throws into prison.
Dev : Wow girls, you are awesome but I hope you remember that was not a local goon but member of underworld don
Pragya : I don’t care Mr Advisor
Bulbul meets Ria who has injured leg and ask her about it
Ria : I am fine
Bulbul : how did this happen (touches her leg)
Ria does not reveal her to meeting with Karan and lies to her friend about hitting by car of stranger.
Bulbul : how could you be so careless Ria, you should have seen
Ria : stop lecturing now please

ACP informs Naina about her engagement with Abhi.
Naina : Really Dad?
ACP : Abhi’s parents will soon be here and we will announce your both engagement soon
Naina : I will surprise him at that time and not inform him right now
Anjali : Wow, sis that means we will have to do so much shopping for you
Renuka (ACP’s wife) : Not only her but get ready for your engagement
The smile vanishes from Anjali’s face when she hears about her engagement
Anjali : what (says softly)

Renuka : We have decided to get you marry with Purab and both of you sisters at same day
Anjali : But I don’t love Purab, why do you want me to get married with him
ACP : You have to know the situation between both families, it is not necessary to have love before marriage, it forms with trust and respect
Anjali : Dad please don’t bind me in a loveless marriage
Naina : Anjali, dad might have thought something good before fixing it, whats wrong with you
Anjali runs back to her room angrily. Naina gets happy hearing about her engagement with Abhi soon
Naina : Very soon, we will become one (looks at Abhi’s picture) I know you will get shocked when you hear this but later you will understand it.
Purab talks with her brother Dev at phone and plans to meet him soon.
Purab : how are you bro?

Dev : I am fine, how are you and Akira?
Purab : how do you think she might be, she is happy in her life
Dev : I told you million times don’t talk to her like that
Purab : can we please not talk about her, tell me when can I come to meet you
Dev : I am going to farm house this weekend, if you want you can come there to meet me
Purab : I will see you there bro
Arora house
Bulbul : Sis, I heard you hit another target today, great
Pragya : and how is your new job here, you never told me about that
Bulbul : Fantastic, I got new project and it is very important for our company
Pragya : Thats great, I know you will rock it as always
Bulbul : Of course
Later at night Pragya looks at a red hat and Abhi remembers their first meeting narrating to Aditya.


Abhi is boarding at Rajasthan train when Pragya comes running behind the train. He forwards his hand for her but she is unable to hold his hand. Pragya hurts her leg causing Abhi to get down from train with his bag.
Abhi : Are you okay?
Pragya : I am fine, (says painly) why did you miss your train
Abhi : I cannot leave you like this here at this hour
Pragya : but then what will we do
Abhi makes Pragya on bench and holds her leg carefully assuring her to be fine. He twists her leg quickly which cures her injury in a moment.
Pragya : Thank you
Abhi : Most welcome
Pragya : But we missed our train what will be do now
Abhi : don’t worry I will ask somebody here
Pragya : okay
Abhi asks vendor who tells him about another train next morning
Pragya : what will we do till tomorrow , by the way I am Pragya Arora (Shakes her hand)
Abhi : I am Abhi
Pragya : Pleasure you should have not missed your train for me
Abhi : I might be raised on foreign but my values are indian, I cannot leave an indian girl in trouble
Pragya : for your kind information I am a police officer
Abhi : You don’t look like a police

Pragya : Excuse me? (pardons him)
Abhi : Nothing sorry
Pragya : Where are you from?
Abhi : London but truly indian at heart
Pragya : You proved that you are truly indian but I don’t trust men that easily remember that
Next day both of them reaches their destination in train. Both shares their feelings with each other and spend quality time together. Abhi and Pragya are all set to depart for their destination in Rajasthan.
Pragya : So?
Abhi : Its time for us to separate
Pragya : it was really pleasure to meet you, hope to see you soon (shakes her hand)
Abhi feels strange while shaking hands with her as if he does not want to leave her. Both of them start walking in opposite direction and to their own buses. Pragya remembers Abhi’s talk and childish nature. She reaches the house of her friend named Preeti who is getting married.
Preeti : Hi, my love (hugs Pragya) finally you made it
Pragya : how could i miss my friend’s marriage, it is such important occasion for you
Preeti : So sweet of you but where is your little princess, why didn’t she come
Pragya : don’t ask me, being her sister I don’t have time to talk with her, I have not seen her from last 3 years
Preeti : thats not fair, she cannot miss my wedding
Pragya : don’t worry, I will show her the CD alright, you send me the copy of the wedding and she will see it
Preeti : okay you go and freshen up, you might be tired from journey and there is event in the nearby village we are going there
Pragya : okay (takes her luggage and goes upstairs)

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