Abhigya Rabul FF : Trials of fate : Part 3


Ria takes Bulbul to her house and introduces to her mom
Sakshi : So you are Bulbul? I must say you are the same how Ria told me
Bulbul : Thank you for the compliment
Ria : And now till your work is not done you will stay with me
Bulbul : No I promised di that I will stay on our guest house, please Ria
Ria ; Okay fine (pouts)
Bulbul : don’t worry I will meet you everyday. and chew your brains to go around the Mumbai
Ria : I will drop you later at your guest house, now lets go to meet my best friends
Bulbul : Sure lets go
Later in afternoon the best buddies meet at their regular place near a coffee shop.
Ria : Hey guys that is Bulbul, my friend
Anjali : She is that hacker
Bulbul : I am Masters in Computer and call me world’s best hacker because there is nothing I can’t do
Adi : overconfidence hun
Bulbul : Its self confidence my friend
“Overconfidence can be harmful sometimes” said Abhi
Ria : Bulbul thats Abhi, keychain of our group
Bulbul : so you are Abhi Mehra (shakes hand)
Abhi finds her face familiar and does not shake hands for initial seconds which confuses everybody. Adi signals him by hand.
Abhi : Sorry, yes I am Abhi Mehra
Bulbul : I must say you are charming as Ria told me
Abhi : Beware of me, because no girls in Mumbai can escape from Abhi Mehra’s charm
Ria : Stop flirting with her Abhi (irritated) because nobody can woo Bulbul Arora that easily got it
Abhi : By the way where is Purab ?
Anjali : he said he is coming soon

In afternoon Bulbul is walking near the shopping mall while Purab is driving car in a tensed mood after fight with his sister yesterday. Bulbul who is crossing road is hit by Purab’s car who drives rashly in a small street. Bulbul falls on ground and flowers from a cart falls on her. Purab comes out of car immediately.
Purab : I am so sorry are you okay? (goes to Bulbul)
Bulbul : Oh my god, if you don’t know how to drive and stop driving from tomorrow
Purab : Excuse me, I said sorry na
Bulbul : Sorry? here you broke my leg, there you ruined his flower cart, rich brats like you in India don’t care about anybody
Purab : Listen, don’t go on my status, and seeing your clothes and behavior it doesn’t look like you are from here
Bulbul : So what? at least I am not spoiled brat like you
Purab ; You are crossing your limit now (tries to go close )
Bulbul : Stay away from me, or can you see this pepper spray, it will not take a second to use it on you
Purab : why do you need to keep that spray? your sweet voice is enough for person to go away
Bulbul ; Shut up! I don’t have time to argue with you, pray that you never come in front of me or else I will scratch your face
Purab : Ill mannered girl, even I don’t want to see your face again (gets in his car and leaves)
Adi : what are you thinking?
Abhi : Nothing, I called dad and tried to explain to him but he gave me only one option
Adi : what?
Abhi : He gave me ultimatum to get either married or come back in London and i don’t want to go back there

A girl comes from back and hugs him and it is none other than Naina whom he is supposed to get married.
Abhi : Naina? you ?
Naina : how did you find my surprise?
Abhi : But you went to Pune right? you came back so early
Naina : My work was done and I was missing you so I came back but you are not happy with my comeback
Abhi : No its not that, just got surprised seeing you
Naina ; okay listen dad called you for dinner tonight
Abhi : Okay I will be there
Pragya calls Bulbul and asks her about work
Bulbul : Di, I am missing you so much
Pragya : you know I am your shadow and always with you
Bulbul ; I will start my work from tomorrow
Pragya : don’t worry I know my sister is a perfection
Later in evening Sakshi informs Ria about her brother’s coming which makes her furious
Ria : I don’t care who is coming
“Ria, behave yourself” says Sakshi angrily
Bulbul ; Ria, its okay at least meet your brother for your mom
Ria: but Bulbul
Bulbul : Please, at least sometime keep your anger aside and I will also meet him today
Ria : Fine, I will be right back
Sakshi : Thanks Bulbul for making her agree
Bulbul ; its okay, you know how stubborn she is, it will take time for her to calm down, you just see how she will get melt when she sees her brother
Sakahi : I hope so
Abhi goes for dinner at Naina’s house and meets her father who is his dad’s friend too
ACP : This is not fair, we live in same city and you don’t come at our house for months, your dad will blame us for not taking care of you
Abhi ; Uncle, you know how busy my work is and I have hectic schedule everyday
Sakshi waits for her son Karan to come home but Ria loses her patience when he does not show till late.
Ria : I told you he will not come, its his old habit to cheat us
Bulbul : RIa, calm down he must have got some work
Ria : Work? was it so important that he did not care about mom’s feeling, thats why I hate him because he does not respect mom
Sakshi : Please Ria, Bulbul is right he might have some work
“Fine, you stay loyally to your son but mark my words he will never bother about you even if something happens to you” says Ria in rage
Sakshi goes to slap her but is stopped by Bulbul who tells Ria to go in her room.
Bulbul ; Aunty, please don’t get dishearten by her words, she is your daughter
Sakshi : I know dear, but I am worried for Ria’s anger sometimes, she has so much hatred in her heart
Bulbul :It is all destiny, who knows maybe your family will be reunited again but can I ask you the reason why he left you
Sakshi : their father was against Karan’s wish of joining police because he was very worried for him, but Karan took step against his father and left us forever, after that my husband got heart attack, he could not bear the separation of his son, and he also left me and Ria alone
Bulbul ; thats why Ria is always disturbed by his name
Sakshi : Ria hold her brother of the mess and created hatred for her brother
Bulbul : don’t worry aunty, Ria might forgive her brother one day

Khanna house
Akira shares her happiness with Purab about the success of group who won for best dancing
Purab : I am tired, i want some rest
Akira : What is your problem Purab? what is disturbing you
Purab : You really want to know, then listen you are my problem
Akira : what?
Purab : You are dad’s obedient daughter right but you never explained him to stop brother back, you let this family break but never tried to join it, you promised mom that you will take care of this family and you are asking me why am I behaving like this, you are solely responsible for the condition of this family
Akira : what are you saying Purab? (painfully asks)
Purab : You felt bad right hearing bad about you, and you have not right to tell me anything wrong about me and brother
Akira : and what he did was right, from 15 years of age i am managing dad’s business which was brother’s responsibilty, did he fullfill his duty? due to both of you brothers, I had to sacrifice my life, happiness everything so I can give you this lavish lifestyle
Purab : He is younger than dad, who does not make mistakes but why would you care, only think about business and your dream and are you trying to show off that you did such a big favor for making dad’s business successful and giving his rich lifestyle
Akira : I am showing off, you are forcing me to say this
Purab : you know what, you could never became a good sister nor you could ever win my heart
Akira : You are right but one truth you should know is that you both never understood your sister’s pain, I never asked anything from you and Bro but you both considered me heartless (runs away cryingly)
Akira cries in her room and talks to her mother’s picture and apologizes her for not able to take care of the family.
Akira : sorry mom, I am not able to handle the responsibility you gave me, both of my bother deserted me (closes her eyes cryingly)
Purab passes from Akira’s room and sees her lying on bed holding their mother’s picture.He puts on the duvet properly covering his sister.

Next day Bulbul while going to her work sees an old factory which is shut down from years. She sees people wandering around the place and ask one of the person about the place.
Person : there was a mosque years ago on this place but you know cruel people in this world demolished it for their illegal work
Bulbul : what kind of people would break a mosque and do this disgusting deed on this sacred land
Abhi calls Bulbul to be on time at her work after which she leaves immediately. Abhi’s boss named Tanya is impressed with Bulbul’s attitude and dedication towards work.
Tanya : I heard lot from Mini about you, she was right, you have sharp tongue but I want to see if your mind works that sharp
Bulbul : Ms Tanya, seems like my boss did not told you enough about me, don’t worry till I leave from here I will make sure you remember me like a history
Tanya : All the best because it will be not easy to work with me
Bulbul : It is nothing impossible for Bulbul Arora to do (leaves)
Abhi is given the responsibility to help Bulbul for her new work. Purab’s office is across Abhi’s company and joins his friends during lunch. He clashes on Bulbul again and is furious at her for crossing his path.
Bulbul : I can say that same thing to you
“I don’t want to argue with insolent girl like you anymore” says Purab irritatedly
Everybody is surprised to hear their conversation
Bulbul : Did you called me insolent?
Purab : I did, what will you do? wild cat
Bulbul scratches his hair and both of them starts pulling each other’s hair while everybody tries to stop them.
Abhi : Stop it. what is going on here?
Ria : how do you know each other
Bulbul : Ria, he is that same spoilt brat who hit me with his car and tried to kill me
Purab : Kill? you should be lucky you were saved that day
Anjali : Purab, leave it, why are you both fighting like a kid
Ria and Anjali take Bulbul away before both things turns bad between both of them. All three girls goes out for walk in the evening when some thugs tease Ria on the way. Anjali stops Bulbul when she goes to hit the goon but she punches hardly on one of the goon. He tries to slash Bulbul with knife but somebody’s hand stops him none other than Abhi. He starts hitting the goon badly until the security and Adi stops him.
Adi : Abhi, stop it the guards are here
Abhi : How dare he tried to harm Bulbul?
Bulbul is scared after watching the whole scene and goes away to her home. Purab also feels disturbed with Abhi’s behavior.
Ria : Why was Abhi so furious with that guy for hitting Bulbul?
Anjali : I am telling you something is fishy here
Abhi when driving his car goes into the flashback when he met a beautiful a girl whom he fell in love with 4 years ago. Pragya who is reorganizing her room finds a picture of somebody and remembers her past.

At around 11:00 pm, Pragya is waiting for her train at the station while everybody is waiting for the train to Rajasthan. Abhi is running thinking he will miss the train but luckily he sees people waiting when first time he sees Pragya who is sitting listening to her music. He is fascinated at her beauty when her are blowing in air and looking at her innocently.
Flashback ends
Abhi stops his car in the midway and looks at Pragya’s picture. Late at night it rains heavily in both cities Pune and Mumbai. Bulbul puts her hand outside in the rain and remembers her sister’s words on how weather after rain is the most beautiful.
Ria and Akira remembers how their lives changed when the last storm occurred in their house.
Flashback at Khanna house 8 years ago
Akira : Bro, please don’t go (holds Dev’s feet)
Dev : Akira, leave me you will get hurt
Akira : I will talk to dad but don’t leave us, who will take care of Purab
Dev : You are old enough to take care of yourself, you don’t need me anymore now
Akira : don’t say that i don’t have anybody who can understand me what will I do without you
Dev : I know you can take care of Purab better than me
Akira is broken down when Dev leaves from the gate and does not turn around to look at them. She cries holding Purab’s hand but he jerks off and leaves
Flashback ends

While on the other side Ria also goes into the past when her brother dejected them
“Bro you cannot do this” says Ria pleadingly to Karan who is leaving with his bags
Karan : Ria, please don’t stop me today i had enough
Ria : you know from childhood mom and dad always loved you more than me, today you cannot leave us
Karan : If they did then they would have accepted my wish, but they do not want their son to be successful
Ria : Bro, I will convince them, i know they love you a lot but don’t be stubborn
Karan gets into the car when Ria runs after his car.pleading him He tells her to go away but she does not pay heed. He speeds up the car while Ria weeps on the middle of the road when her brother does not even stay when she get injured on her feet.
Flashback ends
Ria : I will never forget what you did. (looks at Karan’s picture) because of you I lost my dad. our mom lost her happiness, you are dead for me (breaks the photos frame and throws away outside the window)
Abhi decides to take part in bike racing but faces rejection from his friends as it is risky initially.

Purab : have you gone crazy ? you know it is risky
Abhi : I know it is but one thing you are aware with the fact that nobody could defeat me in this race till now
Bulbul gets excited to see the race and wishes good luck to him. She gives Abhi token of her lucky charm so he can win.
Abhi : thanks sweety
Ria : I hope everything goes right
Bulbul tries to call Pragya but could not reach her phone.
Everybody cheers for Abhi who is started to see another racer and all gets to know about new bike racer taking part. Abhi looks at the person but could not see the face due to helmet. The race starts when all the participants start their bikes with speed. The new racer seems to get ahead of everybody.
Anjali : Look somebody is trying to defeat Abhi, that new racer
Purab : whoever that is might be, it will be amazing

The participants pass their bike from inside the fire and perform dangerous stunts. Abhi tries to overtake the new person but the racer only fastens his bike and reaches the winning mark firstly. Everybody is astonished to see somebody defeating Abhi first time. The person brings bike in front of Abhi and removes the helmet slowly after locking the bike. The person is none other that Pragya wearing black jacket with untied hair. Bulbul who is completely numb stands their watching her sister.
Pragya : What happened (says smilingly)
” Sis, you? what a stunt” says Bulbul widening her mouth
She is about to fall but is caught by Anjali. Abhi is also perturbed with Pragya’s presence.
Ria : Pragya Sis? you in Mumbai
Pragya : Yeah I heard all of you were here so I decided to surprise my baby sister right
Bulbul goes to hug Pragya and introduces her to Anjali, Purab, Adi and finally to Abhi who is still in shock of what happened.
Bulbul : Abhi, this is my one and only sister Pragya Sis and Sis he is the one I told you about
Pragya : You were right he is quite charmer
Purab : I cannot believe you defeated Abhi who is bike racer from many years
Pragya : It is like that, you can win any game with brain but real races are won by people who play from heart, right Mr Mehra (Says looking at Abhi)
Abhi : Absolutely, Ms Beauty and Brains
Bulbul : You are right, my sister always use brains and listens to her heart to solve each cases
Ria : I think we should leave its quite leave and anyway everybody will remember this race like history
Bulbul : Lets go Sis
Pragya : You go ahead I have some work to finish (still looks at Abhi while talking)
Bulbul : what work you have at this time?
Pragya : I have to settle some old scores with somebody, you leave and call me when you reach home
Bulbul : Alright, come soon
Everybody leaves except Abhi and Pragya who is about to leaves too but Abhi holds her back.
Abhi : I did not expected to see you like this
Pragya : why? you could do bigger things than this but i cannot defeat you, strange
Abhi : At least listen to me
Pragya pushes him back hardly and screams which scares Abhi and is hurt.
Pragya : what justification you want to give? I trusted you more than anything but you broke my faith
Abhi : I wanted to tell you the truth but I could not get chance
Pragya : You know if Bulbul gets to know everything then she will never forgive you for this
Abhi : That thing is killing me ever since I met her
Pragya : Listen to me carefully, it is coincidence that my sister is close to you but don’t think I will forgive you for what happened, and I hate you for that (leaves)
Abhi : I am sorry Pragya but I cannot tell you the truth
Pragya goes back to her home and spends quality time with her sister after long time.
Bulbul : Sis, seriously i never knew you are bike racer and this much great amazing
Pragya : Actually there was reason behind this
Bulbul : Really?
Pragya : One of the informer told us that there is illegal racing going every Saturday here but it is conducted by somebody I could not find him but I will soon nab him
Bulbul : How did you feel seeing Abhi? Isn’t he sweet?
Pragya : You seem to be too attached to him
Bulbul : Its not like that but he is very nice person, do you know last week somebody tried to harm but he beat that guy black and blue

Pragya goes into thought hearing too much praises for Abhi from her sister but little does Bulbul know about their relationship.
Bulbul : where did you get lost?
Pragya : Nothing, you go to sleep now even I have to start my work
Bulbul hears the rain outside and drags her sister outside for some fun. Pragya also forgets her all pain too in the process.
Both them enjoy the moments in rain and dances merrily leaving behind all their pain from childhood.
Jeb mein hamari duhi rupaiya, duniya ko rakhe thenge pe bhaiya
Sukh dukh ko khuti pe taange, aur paap punya choti se baandhe
Naache hai hum ta ta thaiya
Hum toh aise hai bhaiya are hum toh aise hai bhaiya
Yeh apna fashion hai bahiya, are hum toh aise hai bhaiya
Ek gali mein bham bham bole, duji gali mein alla miya
Ek gali mein gunje ajaane, duji gali mein bansi bajaiya
Sab ki rago mein lahu bahe hain, apani rago mein ganga maiya
Suraj aur chanda bhi dhalata (dhal ja)
Apane ishaaron pe chalta duniya ka gol gol pahiya (dhal na)
Are hum toh aise hai bhaiya – 2
Yeh apna fashion hai bahiya, are hum toh aise hai bhaiya

Aaja banaaras ka ras chakhle aa, are ganga mein jaake tu dubki laga
Rabdi ke sang sang chaba lena ungali, maathe pe bhaang ka rang chadha
Chuna lagaayile, panva khilaayide, usape tu ??? tadka lagaayide
Patna se aayi ve, paris se aayi ve, gangaji mein har koyi nanga nahaayive
Jiteji jo koyikaashi na aaye, chaar chaar kaandhe pe woh chadh ke aaye
Are hum toh aise hai bhaiya – 2
Yeh apani nagari hai bahiya, are hum toh aise hai bhaiya

Didi agar tujhko hoti jo muchh, main tujhko bhaiya bulaati tu soch
Are chhutaki agar tujhko hoti jo puchh
Toh main tujhko gaiya bulaati tu soch
Didi ne na jaane kyun chhodi padhaayi
Ghar baithe amma sang karati hai ladaayi
Amma bechaari pisane hai aayi, raat din sukh dukh ki ?? chalaayi
Aur ghar baithe baithe baabuji hamaare
Lautari mein dhundate hai kismat ke taare
321272 majhdhaar mein hamari naiya, phir bhi dekho mast hai hum bhaiya
Hum toh aise hai bhaiya, are hum toh aise hai bhaiya

Dil mein aata hai yahaan se panchhi banke udd jaayu
Shaam pade phir daana lekar lautke apane ghar aau
Hum toh aise hai bhaiya, are hum toh aise hai bhaiya
Next day Pragya joins her work at headquarters. The staff looks on at her fearless attitude and dedication towards her work.
ACP : Pragya, welcome to Mumbai (shakes hand with Pragya)
Pragya : Thank you Sir
ACP : As you know that I called you here to handle an important case but I will give you file for that after sometime, till then I will give you time to adjust here
Pragya : Sure Sir
ACP : I want you to meet my another best officers Sonia and Dev
Dev : Hello, I am Dev Khanna
Pragya : Pragya Arora
ACP : Where is Sonia
Dev : Come I will take you to Sonia
Pragya : Sure
Both of them reaches a room where another stunning beauty is hitting target with gun which is witnessed by Pragya
Pragya ; great shot Sonia but remember never underestimate enemy’s target too when time comes
Sonia : Oh hi, wow what a line
Dev : She is damn phenomenal
Pragya : Excuse me ?
Sonia : Don’t mind he always flirts with every other girl like this
Pragya : But let me warn you Mr Playboy it is very tough to win my friendship, remember that
Sonia : by the way when is our next officer is coming
Dev : Sir said he will join soon
Pragya : who is he?
Dev ; what was his name?
Sonia : Karan Gujral
Aditya tells Abhi to reveal everything to Pragya but he denies to avoid Pragya getting hurt knowing his past.
Adi : what about you?
Abhi : Me? I will live with her memories whole life
Ria is walking on road and searching something in her purse when a car comes speedily in front of her. She falls on floor and sprains her leg badly. The guy comes out of the car to help but to her shock it turns out to be her brother Karan. She tries to stand up but falls down again.
Karan : Your leg is sprained, you need doctor
Ria : I don’t need your sympathy alright, go from here
Karan : Don’t be stubborn Ria, your leg is bleeding
Ria : I told you not to touch me (removes his hand and leaves with injured leg)
Karan gets disturbed seeing his sister’s behavior toward him is still cold after what he did to them. He reaches headquarters too and meet his coworkers and it turns out he is old friend of Pragya.
Pragya : Karan Gujral, the sharp shooter
Karan : and Pragya Arora the sharp tongue who always solve case with her sharp mind
Dev : So you are Karan, I heard so many things about you
Karan : You have heard less about me

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