Abhigya Rabul FF : Trials of fate : Part 27

Next day Bulbul gets worried about Pragya being back to the normal without reacting anything.
Pragya : Chameli, get the breakfast ready I am getting late for the work
Bulbul : I am not hungry
Pragya : you started again, Bulbul I am getting late, eat this quietly I am not in mood to argue with you
Bulbul : Sis, listen to me (holds Pragya back) you shout, slap, take out your anger at me but please don’t kill me from inside
Pragya : You have left no choice in front of me,, Bulbul, I have asked you more than 10 times but you did not bother to tell me anything
Bulbul : I tried so many times, I called Purab here but everything he got stuck somewhere
Pragya : from when you needed courage to tell me the truth, what lack I did in upbringing Bulbul
Bulbul (in tears) : I am sorry sis
Pragya : but you know what I am more hurt not because of you but I could not see the pain in my sister’s eyes
Bulbul : don’t say that sis, you are everything, before Purab you were in my life I cannot think of my life without you
Pragya : Bulbul, I am getting late for work, you too go or else you will be late (jerks off her hand)
Purab calls Bulbul to ask about Pragya’s behavior
Bulbul : Purab, sis is very angry at me
Purab meet Pragya outside the headquarters and ask couple minutes to talk with her.
Pragya : what is it
Purab : I know you are angry at me but Bulbul is at no fault, my sister created this misunderstanding, I know this is not justified reason
Pragya :Look, I don’t want to talk anything about yesterday Purab, and don’t waste you time in apologizing to me
Purab : No sis, my whole life I craved to get love from my family and when I got it, life snatched it again from me, I always looked a sister in you. I am sorry for everything sis, I don’t know about anybody else but you are everything for Bulbul
Pragya hears his plea but still adamant on her behavior.
Karan consoles Pragya who is upset about everything.
Karan : the one consoling everybody is upset today what happened
Pragya : I don’t know what should I do, I mean Purab is a nice guy but after what happened yesterday I don’t trust his sister
Karan ; Pragya, there is time for everything and then you made Bulbul strong enough to face everybody
Pragya : you are not getting my point Karan, if Akira does not like Bulbul then how will their dad accept my Bulbul in that house
Karan : I feel Purab will keep Bulbul very happy, I will talk to Akira, she will understand
Pragya : you know her?
Karan : yea I met her couple times, I feel she is a nice girl
Abhi and Naina meet outside the headquarters coincidentally.
Abhi : Naina, what are you doing here
Naina : I actually came to meet uncle for some work and I am sure you had come here to meet your girlfriend
Abhi : thats why you are my best friend
Both of them heads inside and gets quite shock witnessing the scene. Karan blows Pragya’s eyes closely when something goes into her eye. Abhi gets bit jealous which is noticed by Naina who smirks. Pragya notices Abhi standing in front of them from her cabin.
Pragya : Abhi? what are you doing here
Abhi: well I came to meet you but looks like you are busy
Karan leaves the cabinet
Pragya : Not at all, didn’t you have work
Abhi : I have lunch time so I thought I meet you, I tried to call you last night but you did not pick my phone
Pragya : I was upset yesterday thats why
Abhi : Anyway, I came to tell you that I held a party tomorrow night at my farm house
Pragya : Can I ask you the reason for it
Abhi : To divert your mind from everything, and no excuses for that
Pragya : Fine I will be there
Akira in a sad mood sits in the park when Karan spots her.
Karan : hey why do you look upset
Akira : Nothing (wipes her tears)
Karan : You are thinking about Purab, right
Akira : how do you know
Karan : a friend can understand their friend’s feeling much better, you are worried about yesterday
Akira reveals everything
Karan : look I don’t know why do you hate Bulbul so much but one thing I can assure you is your brother cannot find any better girl than her
Akira : Karan, you don’t know that girl is not what she looks like
Karan : even after knowing that she united you with Purab, which task your own elder brother could not do Bulbul made it possible, Akira relations are not a joke and then you will end up hurting yourself and Purab by doing this
Akira melts little bit after hearing his words
Karan : you said you want Purab’s happiness, his happiness is with Bulbul
Akira : you might be right, maybe from childhood I didn’t have anybody’s guidance so I don’t have good judgement of people
Karan : Akira, try to find happiness in others happiness then see how much peace you will feel
Akira : But you don’t know what that Pragya did to Naina, wouldn I be betraying my friend
Karan : you know it was not Pragya’s fault and then you should be thankful that Naina is saved from a loveless marriage
Akira : you said you wanted to talk something important with me
Karan : from many days I wanted to tell you something but don’t know how to say it
Akira : come on I am your friend
Karan : but my feelings changed for you more than a friend
Akira looks at him in confused manner
Karan : you are thinking right, I want to spend my life with you
Akira is taken aback for a minute
Karan : I don’t know about your feelings but I will not force you to love me
Akira : Karan, I haven’t thought about that, I need some time to think
Karan : Sure, I will wait for you
Pragya calls Purab at her home and calls Bulbul & Abhi too.
Bulbul ; sis what is the matter
Pragya : you will get to know soon my dear sister
Bulbul (whispers) : Abhi, what going on in her mind, she is so calm
Abhi : I feel this is sign of upcoming danger
Bulbul : it is futile to talk with you
Purab meanwhile comes to Pragya’s house
Bulbul : Purab?
Purab : Pragya sis called me
Pragya : come Mr Purab Khanna, actually yesterday I thought very carefully, I don’t know why my sister broke the boundary and ran away to you but I do want to send my sister to the house where she will not get the respect from her in laws
Bulbul and Purab gets sad hearing it
Pragya : Bulbul come here and Purab you too
Abhi : Pragya what are you doing
Pragya holds Bulbul’s and tells Purab to forward his hand
Pragya : Purab promise me you will never let anybody harm my sister and protect her from everything
Abhi gets happy and understands’ Pragya’s decision
Pragya : My sister’s beloved what are you staring come promise me (in tears)
Purab too get emotional and promises Pragya to marry only Bulbul
Pragya : then you will have to talk with your dad because I want both you to get engaged soon
Abhi : what about us (pouts)
Pragya : Excuse me we are talking about their engagement
Abhi : when will I get chance to be a bridegroom
Bulbul : my future brother in law don’t worry I am sure she will agree soon, as she cannot stay away from you for long (pulls Pragya’s leg who runs after them)
Pragya : I will not spare both of you today
Purab : SIs, leave it this two hackers only know how to steal people’s heart
Abhi : wow, in a moment you changed the side
Late at night Ria’s car breakdown and cannot reach to her driver’s number. While walking on road some thugs takes her to the old factory. Karan who is passing by from road find Ria’s car but does not find her instead finds her bracelet on floor. He hears the scream of Ria from the factory. He beats to the pulp the goons who is trying to molest her. Karan covers her with his jacket. She notices blood in his hand but tells her to ignore it.
Karan : you are okay (asks with concern)
Ria nods scarily. He offers her to drop at home which she agrees. Both of them have awkward silence in the car.
Karan : you should have not gone out at this time, you know this is Mumbai
Ria : I had late night meeting so
Karan : thank god I was passing by or else what would have happened
Ria : how is your hand now
Karan get started hearing her concern and tells her he is fine
Both of them reaches the house
Ria : good night, thank you (about to leave)
Karan : Ria
Ria : yes
Karan : I have request from you, don’t tell all this to mom please or else she will be worried
Ria : don’t worry I will not tell her
Karan : take care, good night (leaves)
Ria remembers Pragya’s words
Pragya : Ria, blood relation might be broken for once but relations which are connected from heart never breaks no matter how much you try , and I am sure one day you will realize this words of mine
She looks at the rakhee which she haven’t tied to her brother from years. She writes the letter to Karan and puts it with the Rakhee in the envelope.
Naina remembers Pragya and Karan’s intimate moment from office and decides to use against Abhi and Pragya.
Akira remembers Karan’s words and decides to understand Bulbul closely for Purab’s happiness.
Akira : Purab, you are back? come have dinner
Purab : I am not hungry and it would be better to take care of yourself, not mine, Ramu where is dad
Akira : he is out of town

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