Abhigya Rabul FF : Trials of fate : Part 25

Bulbul comes home when Pragya informs her about Gauri’s visit and fixing the alliance.
Bulbul ; Sis I really need time to think, I cannot say yes like this
Pragya : when did I say you agree to this marriage, take your own time
Bulbul (in her mind) : I hope Purab comes soon and talk with sis before Saurav’s family get to any conclusion

Purab shares his talk with Dev who advises him to meet Pragya soon
Dev : Before anything wrong happens you should go talk to Pragya and then talk with dad I am sure he will agree
Purab tells Bulbul he will finally come next day to meet Pragya and talk to her. Bulbul gets overjoyed hearing the news and thanks her luck. She shares everything with Ria and also tells about Saurav’s family coming for the marriage alliance.
Ria : Saurav Singhania?

Bulbul : you know him?
Ria : No I just heard the name but I hope Purab comes tomorrow
Bulbul : once everything gets clear then I will convene Gauri aunty, I am sure she will understand me
Ria does not pick up the calls from Saurav as she get upset after knowing his marriage is getting fixed with Bulbul. Naina overhears Ria and Bulbul’s talk and plans something.
Akira : what are you saying
Naina : I heard it by myself that Bulbul’s marriage was going to be fixed with Saurav but your dear brother will go meet Pragya and tell everything
Akira : I will not let that happen at any cost, I will stop Purab

Later at night Abhi calls Pragya and flirts with her.
Pragya : did you call me at this time to flirt, let me tell you that I am not interested in talking to you
Abhi : you are still angry, come on
Pragya : Abhi, I have work to do, I don’t have time to argue with you
Abhi : okay listen I have something important to tell you
Pragya : what is it
Abhi : I heard my sister in law received a marriage alliance today
Pragya : Bulbul did not agree yet but I hope she will, I know she will always be happy in that family
Next day Bulbul waits eagerly for Purab to come who is leaving from his home. He is about to pick up Bulbul’s call when his car crashes onto the bridge. She keeps trying to call him but finds it unreachable. Purab is admitted to hospital when incidentally by Karan who reached there and helped him. He finds Akira’s number in the contact list and calls her.
Akira :Purab?

Karan :I am Karan actually I got this number from the contact, Purab is in City Hospital
“What” says Akira in shock
Karan : I brought him to hospital, please come here quickly
Akira : I am coming (start to leave in her car and calls Naina too )
Within a while Akira and Naina reaches the hospital and asks doctor about the condition.
Doctor : he is under observation, but you should be thankful to this guy (points to Karan)
Akira : thank you so much, I don’t know what would have happened

Karan : you don’t have to thank about me, I will get the medicine
Akira sees Bulbul calling to Purab’s phone and cuts the call. Naina tells her to block the number
Akira : what are you saying

Naina : if anybody gets to know then you will not get this chance to be with your brother, you know his whole life is with his friends and now this Bulbul.
Akira : you are right, i will take the advantage of the situation and then Bulbul will be out of his life
Naina : you stay here, I will take care of that, you stay with Purab, and Karan is with you I am leaving because visiting hours are done, give me Purab’s phone
Karan consoles Akira who finds solace for a while
Akira : thanks Karan, I don’t know how would my Purab be in

Karan : I told you its my duty, and don’t worry Purab will be absolutely fine (holds her hands)
Akira forgets her all problems while being with Karan and resting on his shoulder. It turns out Kabir who framed Bulbul is the distant cousin of Naina
Naina : Hi Kabir, why did you call me
Kabir ; Remember I told you that Abhi is not your worthy but you did not listen to me
Naina : don’t rub salt on my wound what is the matter
Kabir : Our enemy is same and now its time for payback for each of your insult
Naina smirks and shakes hands with Kabir. She makes him mimic Purab’s voice and call Bulbul.
Bulbul : Purab, from how long I am calling you
Kabir : I am sorry Bulbul but I cannot marry you, I cannot go against my family and marry you, I am going out of town for few days

Bulbul is completely broken by his last word and asks him for the reason
Kabir : just consider how you love your sister, my dad is more important to me, please forgive me
Bulbul throws the phone in anger and curses herself for loving Purab. Naina gives the good news to Akira about Bulbul being out of Purab’s life forever. Abhi keeps calling Purab but could not reach his phone.
Adi : what happened
Abhi : did you had talk with Purab early today, I can’t reach his phone
Adi : No I did not, he might be busy somewhere
Abhi : I talked to Anjali but she does not know either, where would he have gone
After two day Doctor tells Akira she can take Purab at home.
Akira : Purab, are you okay (touches his head)
Purab ; I am fine sis, don’t cry (smilingly wipes)

Akira : you know how worried I got when I saw you in that condition
Purab : you are very delicate sis, your brother is a fighter na
Akira : stop buttering me now, we are getting late, lets go home
Karan is overwhelmed seeing their bonding and remembers his moments with Ria in childhood. Akira notices his sadness and goes to him
Karan : I am fine

Akira : you cops don’t even know how to lie, (touches his tear), this are too worthy Mr Gujral don’t waste it,
Karan : I am missing Ria today after seeing both of you like this
Akira : You won’t believe me and Purab also had that problem but see at last everything is fine now, there is certain time for everything
Karan is extremely impressed with Akira’s words
Akira : I have to go to Purab, I will see you later
Karan : bye
Bulbul goes to Purab’s house but watchman tells her nobody is at home. When she is about to leave she watches Purab and Akira together in the car. She gets biggest blow of her life and makes biggest decision of her life by marrying Saurav and moving on in her life.
Bulbul : Sis
Pragya : yes (organizing her room)

Ria : why are you so quiet,
Bulbul : Sis I am ready to marry Saurav
Last word echoed Ria’s ears which broke her heart into million pieces. Pragya gets overjoyed but still asks Bulbul if it is her final decision
Bulbul : Sis, Its my final decision it won’t change
Ria controls her tears hardly when Pragya informs Saurav’s mom happily. She asks Bulbul the reason behind her decision.
Bulbul : now thats enough, I will not forgive Purab at any cost, at least he could have not lied to me

While on way to home Saurav corners.
Ria : what do you want, now stay away from me (sobs angrily)
Saurav : at least listen to me, trust me I will explain my mom she will understand
Ria : no way, Pragya id’s happiness is related with this marriage, you know I always believed that you are from those people who can do anything for your family not people like who leave their loved ones in altar, promise me you will not do anything wrong.
Khanna house

Purab : sis, did you see my phone
Akira :till you don’t get well no phone calls nothing
Purab : But sis
Akira : No ifs no buts, do as I say okay
Purab : how will I call Bulbul, she might be so worried about me
Gauri is delighted by Bulbul’s decision and gifts her the bangles.
Pragya : go takes her blessings
Gauri : I am so lucky that you are going to be my daughter in law, my long lived dream (makes her wear the bangle)
Pragya : Aunty, did you talk to priest
Gauri : looks like god is with us right now, priest said that good auspicious day is tomorrow
Pragya : tomorrow but aunty
Gauri : you don’t have to worry about that Pragya, we will do the arrangements and priest said that all numbers match in their horoscope

Anjali goes to Purab’s house after she finds out about Bulbul’s engagement with Saurav. The servants tell her that both Akira and Purab went out to meet Dev when there is a call on landline.
Anjali : hello,
Nurse : I am calling from City hospital, may I speak to Akira
Anjali : she is not at home, any message

Nurse : I am calling about patient’s pending bill, she gave the secondary number
Anjali : Patient? who
Nurse : Mr Purab Khanna
Anjali gets shocked to hear that Purab was in hospital and understands somebody is trying to create rift between Purab and Bulbul.

Precap : Anjali suggest Bulbul to run away from the engagement

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