Abhigya Rabul FF : Trials of fate : Part 24

Naina continues to blame on Pragya for snatching Abhi from her. Abhi and Bulbul are on their way when Bulbul gets call from her boss to report to office urgently.
Abhi : what?
Bulbul : How will I go to sis, don’t know what that Naina might be telling off of to my sister
Abhi : you don’t worry I will drop you at office, trust me I will take care of everything
Bulbul : No way

Abhi : bulbul, please don’t be stubborn, I will drop you and I will handle that Naina
Later Abhi drops Bulbul at her office and reaches Naina’s house when she is about to slap Pragya.
Abhi : stop it Naina, (puts her hand down )

Naina ; oh, finally you are here to save your so called love
Renuka : Naina, dear calm down, we will sit and talk
“No mom, I want to make this clear today” says angrily breaking the vase
Abhi : Tell me whatever you want but do not say anything to this girl who does not have to do anything with this (grabbing Pragya’s shoulder)
Naina (holding his collar with rage) : Now I am damn sure she is the one whom you met in india and humiliated me twice right
Everybody is shocked what just Naina said as nobody knew the truth.
Naina : why are you silent, am I not right Pragya

Pragya nods positively with tears in eyes when Ria goes to console her.
Abhi : Yes it is truth, but Pragya is at no fault, she did not even knew that I was engaged to you
Naina : Pragya, why are you quiet, say something, you knew after coming here that i love Abhi so much then why you kept relation with Abhi
Pragya : Naina, trust me I never intended to hurt you but.
Naina : But you did, what did i lack in my friendship Pragya, I considered you more than my sister but you turned you a deceit

“Enough” voice echoed by none other than Abhi who tolerated enough humiliation of Pragya
Abhi : Not anymore word against her or else I will forget you were my friend at any time
ACP gets furious on Abhi for hurting his daughter twice.
ACP : I am so ashamed of you Abhi, do you even realize what your dad might think, this is not any ordinary alliance

Abhi : Uncle I only know that loveless marriage are never successful, whatever I did was for Naina’s better life
Renuka : I think you all should go home right now, its quite late
Everybody leaves to their respective house. Pragys tells Abhi to leave her alone. He tells Purab and Ria to not tell Bulbul anything about their past.
Ria : you might be kidding, how can you both hide such a big thing from us and Bulbul
Purab : you know that once she comes to know the truth, she will not forgive you
Akira listens to their talks behind the tree and smirks.
Pragya goes to her home when Bulbul reach worrying for her sister.
Bulbul : how dare that Naina slap you and why

Pragya : its not her fault
Bulbul ; what are you made up of sis, that girl is not worthy of your friendship and you are still praising her
Pragya : she is hurt because of ms, she trusted me so much
Bulbul ; I am still telling you that the day this girl gives you big time you will remember my words (leaves to her room)
Renuka goes to Naina’s room to console her who is crying immensely.
Renuka : dear I know what you are going through but its life, it has to move on
Naina : aunty, only I know how am I feeling right now, the one whom i loved so much humiliated me and for that ordinary girl

Renuka : if you ask me then its not Pragya’s fault, even she has been cheated by Abhi, you know I considered you more than my daughter, I don’t want my daughters to live in a compromise relationship
Naina : but mom, what do I lack that Abhi did not accept me
Renuka : there is a saying whatever happens, it is for good, maybe you might have better future than you expected
Naina : now I know why mom and dad left me with you

Renuka : you might be not our blood but you have our upbringing and we trust you a lot dear
Naina feels calmed after Renuka’s words and rest in her lap. Later she gets a call from somebody to meet her. Next day Naina calls Pragya and everybody to Abhi’s house.
Naina ; yesterday I thought a lot, I realized both of you did not do any mistake and saved from doing big mistake
Everybody gets confused and shocked at the same time hearing Naina’a words.
Pragya : what are you saying Naina

Naina : I feel I wronged you, I am sorry for yesterday, my aunty told me when a relation does not have a base it cannot have any future, I will free both of you from today, come here Pragya
Initially she hesitates but Naina brings her forward and puts her hand on Abhi’s.
Naina : Mr engineer if this time yo9u hurt my friend then I swear I will hack you
Abhi : Thank you for understanding Naina (hugs her) I did not expected that
Naina : I know you all might be thinking i am being strange but I am saying this from my heart, I want both of you to be happy, I think both of you should go out alone
Bulbul : do you see what I am seeing

Ria : of course
Bulbul : I am sure she is upto something, girls like her who never give up is getting saint, I can’t digest it
Ria : you are right Bulbul something is wrong here
Bulbul ; we have to keep an eye on her, I know she will strike back on sis again
Later Akira scolds Naina for uniting Abhi and Pragya,
Akira : I thought you are competitor but no you lost the battle without even fighting
Naina ; Akira, drink this water and take deep long breath
Akira : I am not joking, how can you give your love like this to that low class girl who is not even worthy of it
Naina : she is my friend and she is rich enough
Akira : you can fool everybody not me Naina, I am sure something is brewing in your mind
Naina smiles evilly and shows her true color

Akira : what
Naina : do you really think I would like to defeat and that too to that Pragya, you know I always got I wanted but this time I do not want Abhi’s love anymore
Akira (widens her eyes) : what
Naina : I know you sent those pictures yesterday, but I do not want Abhi now, I want revenge from this two
Akira : but
Naina : Because of this two my dad and uncle has been humiliated in front of people, Abhi insulted my dad’s honor and I will not tolerate that at any cost, you just wait and watch how I separate this two love birds that they will forget each other’s name (burning Abhi and Pragya’s picture from holi)

Akira : you scared hell out of me
Naina : I am not that fool to give up in front of that ordinary cop, I will make Pragya suffer to hell that she will be living lifelessly
Akira : fine, I have found out something interesting yesterday that Bulbul does not know about Abhi and Pragya’s past and she does not Abhi was the one who ditched Pragya when he went back to London
Naina : we will see that later but I have something important to tell you
Purab and Bulbul goes out for walk as well as Pragya and Abhi who are walking silently.
Abhi : what are you thinking

Pragya : nothing, I find it very strange till yesterday Naina was against us then in one night what made her mind changed
Abhi : I know her very well, her temper is hot but she understands situation quickly she is not spoiled brat like other girls, and she has upbringing of ACP uncle
Bulbul : Purab i am so happy that finally everything settled on place, hey ice cream (goes to vendor)
Purab feels guilty on hiding truth from Bulbul
Bulbul : hey which flavor you want
Purab (in his mind) : I am sorry Bulbul but I have to hide this from you or else you will get hurt badly which I don’t want

Bulbul ; where are you lost
Purab : I will have vanilla
Bulbul : it is so tasty, by the way Purab I hope you remember your promise
Purab : Of course I know
Abhi in order to cheer up Pragya’s mood pretends to flirt with other girls which makes her jealous.

Hey hey ey ey ey ey hey hey hey hey…
Tumhe pata toh hoga, tumhee pe mai fida hu
Tumhe hai jabse chaaha, hawaao me udaata hu
Tumhee mere har pal me, tum aaj me, tum kal me
Hey shona, hey shona, hey shona, hey shona…
Tumhe pata toh hoga ke mere dil me kya hai
Chalo kahe detee hu, kabhee nahee jo kaha hai
Tumhee mere har pal me, tum aaj me, tum kal me
Hey shona, hey shona, hey shona, hey shona…

Tum jo ghussa bhee karo toh mujhe pyaar lagata hai jaane kyun
Mai toh jo bhee kahu tumhe ikraar lagata hai jaane kyun
Chhodo bhee yeh ada, paas aake jara, baat dil kee koyee keh do na
Hey shona, hey shona, hey shona, hey shona…

Saaree duneeya ko chhodake maine chaaha hai ik tumhe
Maine jindagee se maanga hai toh sirf maanga hai ik tumhe
Abb isee chaah me, abb isee raah me, jindagibhar mere tum ho na
Hey shona, hey shona, hey shona, hey shona…
Tumhe pata toh hoga, tumhee pe mai fida hu
Tumhe hai jabse chaaha, hawaao me udaata hu
Tumhee mere har pal me, tum aaj me, tum kal me
Hey shona, hey shona, hey shona, hey shona…
Shona, hey shona, hey shona, hey shona…
Hey hey ey ey ey ey hey hey hey hey…

Both couples cherishes their moment not knowing the upcoming storm in their life. Saurav’s mom visits Pragya’s house.
Pragya : Gauri Aunty oh my god after so many years
Gauri : I just met Bulbul couple days ago
Pragya : really she never told me
Gauri Actually I got hit by her car the other day so she took to the hospital
Pragya : what? how many times I told her to slow your speed but she never listen to me
Gauri : its okay dear, I am fine, I came to talk something important today
Pragya : yes aunty

Gauri : You know Pragya we always considered both of you like our daughters and I wished keep Bulbul with me forever
Pragya : Aunty I didn’t get what you are saying
Gauri : Bulbul and Saurav are childhood friends and they know each other very well, so I was thinking to make Bulbul my daughter in law

Pragya gets overjoyed hearing it but decides to ask Bulbul first
Gauri : I know what you are saying but trust me my Saurav will not get better girl like Bulbul
Pragya : I respect your feelings a lot but before saying yes I want to hear Bulbul’s decision
Gauri : sure why not, then I will take leave
Pragya : how can you go like this, at least have something
Gauri : I am getting late dear, thanks take care

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