Abhigya Rabul FF : Trials of fate : Part 23

After holi everybody reaches their house. Bulbul tells Pragya she has to run to her office
Bulbul : sis, we have delegates coming today, I have to pick them up at airport and have meeting
Pragya : okay go carefully and drive safely okay
Bulbul : bye sis
Pragya sees Bulbul’s bag on the sofa and mentally slaps at Bulbul’s carelessness. She realizes Bulbul left her phone in the bag and finds the letter inside.
Pragya : letter, I would keep this in her room it might be important
She sees roses inside it and is confused about the letter.
Pragya (reads the letter) : I am sorry I could not come to meet you at holi but this roses are symbol of my love , I will wait for you tomorrow at Bistar cafe at 11
Abhi calls Pragya at night
Pragya : yes,
Abhi : how is our madam cop? I hope you enjoyed your first holi in Mumbai
Pragya : it was good, thanks, can I know the reason for calling this late
Abhi : my future wife is very unromantic, you should learn something from your sister
Pragya : Excuse me you are in love with me not my sister okay, you called me to say this
Abhi : somebody got jealous, and by the way she would be my half wife
Pragya : jealous my foot, and I don’t like such jokes okay
Abhi : okay don’t get angry what happened
Pragya : Bulbul went to office at this time and didn’t took her phone
Abhi : you are worried for this thing, she is not a small child relax
Bulbul while coming back hit accidentally a lady by her car and immediately rushes to her
Bulbul : I am so sorry are you okay
Lady : I am fine thank you
Bulbul : I will take you to hospital please come
The lady turns out to be Saurav’s mom Gauri.
Bulbul : I am really sorry aunty
Gauri : its okay dear don’t worry
Bulbul ; But I am very angry at you that you did not recognize me yet
Gauri : what?

Bulbul : I am Bulbul, your Saurav’s childhood friend
Gauri : oh my god, Bulbul you have grown so beautiful, I could not recognize you how are you
Bulbul :I am fine, where is your son, I haven’t talk to him from 3 years
Gauri : he is in Mumbai, come home sometimes, and now you should go home or Pragya will get worried
Bulbul : Oh my god I forgot my phone at home, she will getting red in anger, but i will drop you
Gauri : don’t worry I called Saurav he will be here soon, you go
Bulbul : bye aunty

Next day Saurav waits for Ria to show up at the cafe.Bulbul lands up in the same cafe at her lunch time when she spots Saurav
Saurav : oh my god, look who is in front of me
Bulbul : so finally you remembered your old friend good
Saurav : I have to lose my memory to forget you, but what am I seeing that spoilt brat turned into mature girl
Bulbul : Shut up or else you know what I can do and what are you doing here
Saurav : I am waiting for somebody you can give me company till she comes here
Bulbul : how have you been
Saurav ; I heard you were doing a care race yesterday at deserted road
Bulbul : stop lecturing me, I know I did a mistake
Pragya overhears Bulbul telling Saurav to come and meet Pragya at their home. She misunderstands them to be the lovers.
Bulbul : I have to leave I am getting late, see you around
Ria tells Saurav she did not receive any letter from him.
Saurav : what are you saying I put that in your bag
Ria : I don’t have any letter, maybe it might be in Bulbul’s purse
Akira convinces Naina to have get together to celebrate their pre engagement day. She bribes the courier to bring the pictures which she clicked during holi of Abhi and Pragya at Naina’s house. Later in evening Naina invites everybody at her house. Pragya reaches early than everybody.
Pragya : what are you doing, look how much sweat you are getting
Naina : I have to make everything perfect, Abhi is coming too
Pragya’s smile vanishes hearing Abhi’s name from Naina and gets scared seeing Naina happy. Purab, Akira and Ria reaches there too.
Anjali : Ria, please help me Aditya is not talking to me, you talk to him he listens to you always
Ria : calm down I will talk to him when his anger is cooled now cheer up and be happy for your sister, Pragya sis where is Bulbul
Pragya : I called her, she will be here soon, her car broke down so Abhi will go and pick her up
Naina : hey guys dinner is ready
Ria : let Abhi and Bulbul come then we will start
Akira sends message to the courier boy to bring the picture home. Gauri is smitten by Bulbul’s nature and decide to fix the alliance with Saurav.
Door bell rings
Naina : it must be Abhi I will check
Akira smirks seeing her plan getting executed.
Naina : yes
Boy : there is parcel for you
Naina : thank you, who would send parcel for me

She opens the packet and is horrified to see Abhi and Pragya’s closeness pictures from holi. She shows it to Akira who feigns innocence in front of her
Akira : I told you that don’t trust this girl but you did not listen you me
ACP : who is there Naina
Both ACP and Renuka gets shocked seeing the pictures and asks Pragya about it. Naina throws picture on her face in anger
Naina : what is this
Pragya ; Naina listen to me
Naina : how dare you? I considered you my sister and you are on verge of snatching my love
Pragya looks down in tears. Ria is about to speak but Pragya stops her.
Naina : uncle now I am damn sure she is the one who met Abhi in india, for whom Abhi ditched me earlier am I not right
ACP : Say Pragya what is the truth
Pragya nods sadly
ACP : I did not expected this from you Pragya, girl like you would do this, I thought you are mature enough but then why all this
Pragya : I did not know about Abhi’s engagement till that party, trust me Naina
Naina ; Akira was right you are not worthy of anybody,
Akira too starts blaming Pragya inspite of Purab stopping her. Ria calls Bulbul who is in car with Abhi and tells them everything
Abhi : what the hell
Ria : Abhi please come soon, everybody is blaming sis when she is at no fault
Abhi : don’t worry I am coming
Bulbul : I knew it that this would happen but who would have send those pictures

Precap : Naina accpets Abhi and Pragya’s relationship while Saurav’s mom bring proposal for Bulbul

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