Abhigya Rabul FF : Trials of fate : Part 2

Pragya watches the news in which she hears about Abhi’s success and shuts off the TV in anger. She opens her laptop to do her work but realizes Bulbul hacked the password. At the same time Bulbul calls her
Pragya : Bulbul, you again hacked my password (hits on computer)
Bulbul :Sorry sis, I can’t find another chance to talk to you (drives car)
Pragya : You are not even concerned about my reputation, what will say that a polics officer’s is tricked by her own sister
Bulbul : Till I am alive nobody would dare to say it, if somebody did then you know what can I do
Pragya : I feel I did big mistake in sending you to computer field, you are using your tricks on me, mark my words you will land in big trouble one day because of this habit of yours
Bulbul : Calm down, and chill out, till you are there I will not be in any problem, who know this habit might be benefit to us
Pragya : Ms hacker, at least now fix my computer, I need to do work
Bulbul ; Okay
While she is going to headquarters she sees a thief running away with a bag and follows the thief. A girl comes shouting from behind for her purse. Pragya catches the thief after some chasing and punches him.
Pragya : Next time, you will think 100 times before robbing any girl

The thief runs away before Pragya beats him to pulp. The girls thanks Pragya for her help.
Girl : Thank you so much, I must say you are good runner
Pragya : You know police has to be good runner
Girl : Oh god, you are police?
Pragya : I am a police officer
Girl : Anyway, I am Naina, my dad is also in police,
Pragya : I am Pragya, where are you from?
Naina : I live in Mumbai, I came from some work, let me tell you that people whom Naina befriends are not able to escape from her clutches
Pragya : Your attitude shows you are really a police officer’s daughter
Naina : Actually he is my uncle but after my mom dad, he raised me like his daughter
Pragya ; So? you are still his blood
Naina ; Anyway, now that you are my friend, I will chew your brains till I am in Pune
Pragya : Okay, you can do that later, but right now I am running late for work, I have to leave
Naina : I won’t hold you but promise me you will meet me again
Pragya : Promise

Bulbul is sitting at airport listening to music and waiting for the announcement of her flight. She calls to one of her friend who turns out to Ria whom she knows from school.
Ria : You are coming to India?
Bulbul : Yeah but first I will go to Pune to meet sis and then I will be in Mumbai soon
Ria : But you are seeing sis after so many years and you will not get time to sit with her
Bulbul : I know, but you are familiar with Mini ma’am she told me she can call me back anytime
Ria ; Okay but take care and let me know when you are coming so I can come to pick you up
Bulbul : Sure, see you soon
Purab asks his sister Akira to meet him during lunch time but she denies saying she has important work in office.
Akira : I am so sorry Purab, you know how upset dad will be if I go late, please try to understand
Purab : Fine, sis you go
Sufia : Thanks, I will see you soon
Purab shares his plight with Anjali who consoles him
Anjali : Purab, don’t be upset, you know we are like a family
Purab : Maybe this is the reason even Dev bro also left me because I was also burden to him, he left us for his dream (leaves sadly)
Anjali ; Oh god, please send someone who can fill the void in my friend’s life so he learns to live his life with happiness
Bulbul clashes on a guy at airport who mistakenly spills coffee on her shirt making her angry.
Guy : I am so sorry
Bulbul : Sorry? what do you mean sorry, I have to catch flight in few minutes, are you blind
Guy ; I am saying sorry na
Bulbul leaves angrily for washroom to clean her dress
Abhi looks at somebody’s picture sharing how that person’s coming in his life changed him completely. Naina and Pragya meets near a cafe where both starts their new friendship.
Naina : I can’t believe you don’t have anybody in your life
Pragya : why? do you have anybody
Naina : actually dad arranged me engagement with his friend’s son but initiall he rejected saying he loves somebody else, I swear once I find that girl who is the reason of my dad’s insult
Pragya : why are you blaming that girl, maybe she might not know about your engagement
Naina ; But you know last month his parents said that they are coming here soon and make him agree
Pragya : by the way what is his name?
Naina is about to say the name but at the same time Pragya’s is called to headquarters by her boss.
Pragya : I am so sorry I have to leave
Naina : this is not fair, our chatting is not over yet
Pragya : you know our profession we don’t have time to breathe for single moment
Naina : okay take care,, bye

All the friends meet during their lunch time in a cafe
Abhi ; Ria, why do you look so happy?
Ria : Guess what? my best friend is coming back from Singapore
Adi : Singapore?
Abhi : Strange you never told us about your friend (says drinking coffee)
Ria : Her name is Bulbul Arora, and guess she also works him software company and master in hacking
Adi looks at Abhi who gets into thinking after hearing the name.
Abhi : did you say hacking?
Ria : yeah, nobody can beat her in hacking
Anjali : we should be scared from her
Abhi : where is Purab? he again vanished
Anjali : his boss is making him busy for some work, I am worried for him
Ria : now what happened?
Anjali : he is not even talking properly to me, I hope his tensed ming does not make him do something stupid
Abhi : don’t worry I am sure he will be fine
Adi : Abhi, what happened?
Abhi : Adi, this name sounds very familiar, why do I feel my past will come haunting me again
Naina informs Pragya she is leaving for Mumbai soon and tells her to meet her in Bombay whenever she comes there.
Pragya : If you have waited for some days then I would have joined you there
Naina : Don’t worry i will see you whenever destiny wants
Pragya is informed by her boss the other day to take a charge of case in Mumbai which is very important for that city. While Bulbul reaches Pune airport and hires taxi to go at her home.

Adi : Abhi, why are you so tensed
Abhi : Nothing dude, Maya told me that a new girl is coming soon in our company and she is that Ria’s friend
Adi : Don’t worry everything will be fine
Bulbul reaches outside her house and hides when Pragya is in the garden sowing the seeds.
Pragya : My Bulbul loved this flower so much, when she will come back, she will be so happy that growed this flower
” Then give it right now ” a voice sounds from back and puts her hands on Pragya’s eyes
Pragya : who is it? ( realizes by touching hands) Bulbul ?
She immediately turns around and sees her younger princess standing in front of her giving cute smile, Bulbul jumps on and hugs Pragya feeling relieved to see her elder sister after so many years.
Bulbul : di, how are you?
Pragya : You were gonna come after few months
Bulbul : My boss told me that I need to go to Bombay but how can I not to meet my darling sister
Pragya : Then you are going to Mumbai?
Bulbul : after three days but this two days will be with my sister who gave me her precious time from childhood
Pragya : stop it, will you make me cry now? lets go inside

Gujral house
Sakahi (Ria’s mom)
Ria : Mom, i want to talk something important with you
Sakshi : Before that i have great news for you
Ria : what is it?
Sakshi : Your brother is coming soon, he said he will come for dinner tomorrow
Ria fumes at Sakshi for mentioning her brother’s name in front of her and still care for him despite of his stubbornness.
Sakshi : Dear forget the past
Ria : I will not forget the past, he is your son but not my brother anymore, you keep relation with him but don’t expect that from me
Sakshi tries to convince Ria but she leaves angrily instead
Abhi meets Purab who is sitting on a beach with a tensed mood
Purab : oh hi Abhi
Abhi : whats’ wrong Purab, I am seeing you like this from so many years,
Purab : what is there to enjoy in our life ? our families never gave time in childhood and now they want to dominate our life too
Abhi : Purab, we might have not got any attention from our parents but there are some poor kids who do not have parents or families, today whatever we are because of them
Purab : I don’t believe you are saying this
Abhi : I used to think like you but I realized that living with parents’ rules is better than living alone (says with a painful tone)
Purab : Well, I hope you does not regret to your words
” What is this Bulbul, look at you, it looks like you are going into modeling career, how much dieting you did” says Pragya in annoyance to Bulbul
” Sis, you know i don’t get your cooked food, and india food is after all indian” Bulbul said with pout
“Now that you are here, I will feed you with my hands” said Pragya feeding Bulbul food
Bulbul : Wow, di I must say nobody can defeat you in cooking
Pragya : Now eat quietly, I will be right back
Mumbai Headquarters
The story introduces Naina’s father who is the Commissioner of the Bombay city named ACP Jaisingh Rathore
ACP : Dev, in the next few days two new officers will join us in headquarters
Dev : who is it Sir?
ACP : this file has their information if you want details, one of them will handle that illegal supplying of arms and ammunition
Sonia : Don’t worry Sir we will handle it
Naina informs her dad about meeting one of the police officer she met in Pune.
ACP : what is her name?
Naina : Pragya Arora, you should have seen her fighting, I never saw such braveness
ACP : well then now whole Mumbai will see it
Naina : what do you mean
ACP : She is the one who will join headquarters soon
Naina : thats fantastic

Pragya : Bulbul, how will you stay alone in Mumbai
” Just like I used to stay in Singapore” said Bulbul while sitting in front of mirror brushing her hair
” But you are not familiar with Mumbai city” Pragya says with concern for her sister
Bulbul : don’t worry sis, I will be fine
Pragya decides not to tell Bulbul about her coming to Mumbai thinking to surprise her later
Aditya ; congratulations Abhi
Abhi : for what?
” This letter came in morning, your parents are coming soon from London for your engagement” says Adi
Abhi gets worried thinking about his engagement and thinks to back off from the engagement

Malhotra house
Akira : Hey Purab, I was waiting for you to come
Purab : that would be surprising for me
Akira : Why?
“Anyway, what is the matter” said Purab ignoring Akira’s question
Akira : I have good news for you, dad fixed your alliance
Purab shocked to the core tells Akira he will not get engaged to anyone at any cost,
Akira : But why? you know Anjali from many years, what is the problem
Purab : Because I will only marry the girl of my choice and this time nobody will force me
” Enough” shouted Akira at Purab for disrespecting to their fathers’ decision
Purab : If his decision was right then he would have never let bro go out of this home, anyway I will not argue anymore, thats my final decision and I will not change it at any cost
Akira starts worrying about their dad’s condition hearing Purab’s decision
Purab ; Sis, after mom left us he isolated us too from himself
Akira : I did not expected this from you Purab
Adi shares his plight with his mother Nandini how all his friends are traumatized with their past
Nandini : there is always time for everything

Bulbul : Sis, don’t worry I will not do love marriage, I will only marry where you say
Pragya : Bulbul, I never forced you for anything nor I will in future, and you are still young for marriage and I will not mind your choice if you choose one
” Really?” said Bulbul happily
Pragya : don’t be so happy, because this is not the time to discuss your marriage
Bulbul finds their childhood album which has their parents picture
Pragya : why did you got sad?
Bulbul : Sis, sometimes I feel that what if mom dad were with us today, our life would have been so different, you wouldn’t have to struggle today
Pragya consoles her sister saying how they were destined to struggle but at the end God helped them throughout the whole phase and made them more stronger with each challenging.
After days Bulbul leaves for Mumbai where Ria comes to pick her up
Ria : Welcome to Mumbai (hugs Bulbul)
Bulbul : Ria, looks like doing fashion designer job you became like a model
Ria : don’t ask me , I have so much work, I don’t get time to breathe
Bulbul : By the way how is Karan bro, I remember last time I talked to him was 7 years ago
Ria : Bulbul, it would be better if you don’t talk to me about him

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