Abhigya Rabul FF : Trials of fate : Part 17

New York airport
Saurav : Ria, I am not feeling like going away from you
Ria : don’t worry I will see you in Mumbai very soon
Pragya calms Bulbul down when Purab does not show up.
Bulbul : Sorry sis
Pragya : don’t worry, I will meet him some other day, now you go to sleep its too late (goes upstairs)
Bulbul : Purab, you did not do this right, I will not forgive you for this
Purab after dinner tries to call Bulbul but she does not pick up his calls. Akira who is passing from his room sees him worried. Purab goes to washroom when Akira sneakingly checks Purab’s phone. She looks at recent call of Bulbul.
Naina : what?
Akira : I told you that something is wrong, but one thing is clear I will not let that girl marry my Purab, never, and you are befriending her sister
Naina ; oh come on, I don’t even care about Bulbul, i sometime don’t believe that she is Bulbul’s sister, but what should I do, she is very good
Akira ; you trust people easily, but girls like her are the one to backstab first
Naina : Leave Pragya, but If this is true that then i have an idea for this (tells her plan)
Akira : you are right I will talk to dad soon

Next day Bulbul who is angry at Purab does not listen to him.
Purab : please listen to me at least
Bulbul : No, I will not listen to your any excuses, go from here
Purab : that day you gave me big lecture of uniting with Akira and
Bulbul stops at midway hearing it
Purab : After many years I got time with my sister, I could not say no to her
Bulbul fakes her annoyance to tease Purab.
Purab : okay, what can I do to please you?
Bulbul : you decide, I love surprises (typical look)
Purab sings song for Bulbul and surprises her with balloons. Akira sees all this and realizes the truth. She stays firm on her decision to not let Bulbul be with Purab.
Akira : dad, I want to talk something with you
Veer : what is it Akira?

Karan looks at Ria’s picture and sheds tears. Ria who is passing by is on phone while walking crossing the road when Karan saves her after she is about crash with the car.
Karan : what the hell are you doing? what if you came under the car
Ria : so? I would have died, why do you even care (sees blood on his hand) and your hand is bleeding (puts handkerchief on his hand)
Karan : I know you still care about me, and you have same blood as mins
Ria : One thing today I want to make very clear that even we have same blood but I hate you from the bottom of my heart and I still have humanity left okay (leaves angrily)
Karan looks at the handkerchief which Ria tied in his hand and realizes that she still care for him. He assures himself to win Ria’s heart again one day.
Naina informs Abhi about the party for the Sunday. Abhi takes Pragya out for date on the beach. He is mesmerized by her attire.
Abhi : somebody is looking awesome, by the way when you are not that arrogant tough cop, you look very simple
Pragya : fantastic, compliment and insult together
Abhi : I was just joking, now come with me (blindfolds her)
Pragya : what are you doing
Abhi : wait for a minute, we are here
Pragya gets delighted to see the view, the tent on the beach.
Abhi : did you like it
Pragya : tell me I am not dreaming
Abhi : no you are not, I know you are not a day dreamer
Pragya : girls like us never dream for our prince, we don’t have time to think of ourself
Abhi : I know your responsibility held you and never got chance to think about for yourself but somebody is waiting for you eagerly
Pragya breaksdown in tears after hearing his words and tells him not to break her trust or that will shatter her forever. Bulbul sees them together at the beach which shocks both of them.
Bulbul : what is this going on sis?
Pragya : Bulbul.. I wanted to tell you
Bulbul : Tell me what? that you found brother in law for me (smiles) and your future husband and what should I call you after today
Abhi : you scared us
Bulbul : not so soon, but how did this happen
Abhi : my very innocent future sister in law its a long story and there should be no reason for it
Pragya : enough both of your useless talks, can we go now
Abhi : that is not fair, you ruined our date
Bulbul : excuse me, she is first my sister okay. now can I take her with me, and don’t you even think of breaking my sister’s heart or this hacker will hack you up

Finally the day comes which change everybody’s dreams, desires. Everybody gets ready for the party organized by ACP Rathore. Naina happily welcomes the guests. The group comes to the party, Akira, Purab, Abhi, Dev, and Ria.
Ria : why are you so lost today?
Abhi : nothing what would happen to me, I am fine
With the wind blowing he sees a stunning beauty coming in the party none other than Pragya wearing a white sleeveless dress.
Abhi : what is she doing here?
He stares at her few minutes when Bulbul interrupts them.
Abhi : what are you both doing here by the way
Suddenly Naina makes the announcement to which both ACP and his wife the wedding anniversary.
Naina : I want to wish them very happy life ahead, I might be not their real daughter but raised me more than like their daughter, thank you uncle
ACP : Thank you dear, you are best daughter anybody can have, ladies and gentleman I want to make special announcement as the return gift to my daughters
Everybody claps
ACP : Today my daughters are grown that they are stepping into new phase, I want to announce the engagement of Naina
Abhi gets scared hearing about it
Adi : today you are gone
Abhi : he is announcing the engagement, Pragya is here help me out
Adi : today even god cannot save you best of luck
ACP : That guy is between you right now, Abhi Mehra
Pragya is take aback from what she just and looks at Abhi who is standing near her and gets biggest blow of her life. He does not move till Anjali comes to grab him.
Anjali : come on my brother in law, you have made my sister wait long time, come (takes him on stage and make him stand near Naina)
Pragya stands behind trying to control her tears and stops Bulbul when she is about to say something.
ACP : This is our future son in law whose father is my best friend, they will here few days before the ceremony and , today I am feeling lucky that both of my daughters are getting engaged soon, yes I want to announce my Anjali’s engagement with my another friend Mr Khanna’s son Purab. Anjali, Adi, Purab and most of all Bulbul are too astonished to hear it. Akira gives thumbs up to Naina
Anjali ; mom what is this? my engagement
Renuka : it is your dad’s decision
Akira : come on Purab (takes him to the stage)
ACP : I want all of you attend and give blessing to my daughters, please enjoy the party
Naina takes Abhi to introduce with Pragya
Naina : Abhi, this is my friend I was talking about (puts hand on Pragya’s shoulder) she might not be my sister but no less than my own sister
Both of them gets lost in each others’s eyes
Naina : hello, both of you, and Abhi why are you staring, you were so impatient to meet her, you know Pragya he kept asking me who is that girl
Abhi : Nice to meet you (shakes hand and leaves)
Naina : don’t mind he is type of reserved, but never mind I love him a lot
Pragya : from how long you know him
Naina : childhood, you know I have waited him from so many years and now finally he will be with me
Pragya : I have some work I am leaving
Naina : no way, I cannot let you go like this and your boss is here so now work come with me

In a while the couple dance starts when Naina dances with Abhi. She sees Purab and Anjali standing and forces them to dance together.
Naina ; you both are standing like you are strangers come on you are getting engaged soon
Abhi tries to talk with Pragya but she leaves jerking him off. Aditya and Bulbul too leaves the venue.
Abhi : Pragya, listen to me (in parking lot)
Bulbul bashes him and tells him not to talk with her sister and stay away from them.
Abhi : Bulbul, please I want to talk to her, at least you listen to me
Bulbul ; why do you want us to stay here, to see you celebrating your engagement, no thanks, you and your best friend did whatever you wanted to, leave us alone now
Purab overhears but before he comes to Bulbul she leaves in the car angrily
Naina : congratulations
Akira : I should say same to you finally that girl will be out of my brother’s life
Anjali : Purab trust me i don’t know anything about this, I mean dad talked to me but I never knew he would do this
Purab : Bulbul is not picking up my calls, she left the venue with so much anger
Anjali : Aditya is also picking up my phone
Aditya breaks everything is his house when his mom (Shalini) consoles him.
Shalini : what happened dear
Aditya : mom, Anjali cheated me she made promises to me and getting hooked up with Purab
Shalini : I will talk to her dad, you don’t worry how can he do this to you
Aditya ; No mom you will not go in that house to beg for me, you have been insulted before I don’t want that again
Pragya burns the gifts given by Abhi and tears the pictures of him.

Rathore house
Anjali : how can you do this dad? you didn’t even informed me you know I love Aditya
ACP : stop it Anjali, you know I don’t like that boy, that guy is not worthy of you,
Anjali : I don’t even care about the status but I will not marry Purab at any cost
Renuka : enough Anjali don’t you care about your dad’s reputation, whatever he is doing, its for your good
Anjali : Really mom? it don’t look like he cares about it

Precap ; Bulbul blasts Abhi for breaking heart of her sister. Abhi reveals his past to Pragya later. Marriage proposal for Bulbul

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