Abhigya Rabul FF : Trials of fate : Part 16

However Akira gets doubls what is going on between Purab and Bulbul but Pragya remains unaware of the situation.
Pragya : you are okay? why are you so wet
Bulbul ; I am fine, nothing my leg just slipped into water but thanks to Purab, he saved me
Pragya : thanks Purab
Purab : you don’t have to thank me
Akira : lets leave immediately from here
Arora house
Pragya : go and change quickly or else you will get cold
Bulbul ; ye,,(sneezes)

Pragya : I said go in your room and change
Chameli : Sis, relax, now she is back, just calm down sis
Pragya ; this girl put me on last nerve
Mehra house
Adi ; Abhi, did Ria came back?

Abhi :No why, she told me, it will take her a week
Khanna house
Purab : hey sis, I want to talk something important to you
Akira : before that I want to tell you that. this Saturday Anjali’s dad is hosting party and invited us
Purab party for what?
Akira : well its a surprise, you will get to know

Purab : then how do you about it?
Akira : don’t chew my brains
Purab ; that means, bro will come there too?
Akira : of course
Purab shares his feeling for Bulbul to Dev who get elated to hear it as he too wanted girl like Bulbul for his brother.
Dev : thats great but did you tell this to dad and Akira

Purab : not yet but first I will have to meet Pragya sis because Bulbul want me to meet her first
Dev : be careful about that because that girl is too dangerous, she will not spare you if anything goes wrong,
Purab : you don’t worry bro, I will win Pragya sis’s heart this time
Arora house
Naina comes to Pragya’ house to invite her for the party
Naina : I am sure my uncle would have gave information to you all in office, but being my friend you have to attend it not as my uncle’s employee
Bulbul : even if you did not invite us we would still go because your dad told us, you did not had to waste you energy
Pragya : shut up Bulbul, go inside
Naina : Pragya, what did you feed her in childhood that her tongue is so sharp
Pragya : I am sorry about that, even though she is younger, she is over possessive for me

Naina : then I am sure she will not let your boyfriend stick around you in future
Pragya laughs at Naina’s statement
Naina : okay, I have to leave because I have to run around with this card, so see you on Sunday take care (leaves)
Pragya : Bulbul, why do you always argue with Naina, what is your problem
Bulbul : Sis, you are a police officer but you trust people easily sometime, trust me this girl will be a big problem for you in future

New York

With the amount of time spent together Ria and Saurav are attracted to each other.
Bulbul asks Purab to meet Pragya for their relationship to which he agrees.
Bulbul : chameli, i will cook tomorrow so you and sister take day off from kitchen
Pragya ; then surely we would have to eat burnt food (teases)
Bulbul :sis, how can you make fun of me like this
Pragya (holds Bulbul’s ears) : You are vein smart with your sister, I know you batter me only when you have some work from me, tell me I am right na
Bulbul : you are (pouts like a kid) right, but first promise me you will not be angry
Pragya : what is so big
Bulbul : I want you meet somebody special (blushes)
Pragya gets startled to hear what just Bulbul said.

Bulbul : sis (pats her shoulder)
Pragya : yeah, who is he?
Bulbul : you know him, but I will not tell you right now, you have to meet him tomorrow please
Pragya gets worried seeing Bulbul’s behavior but agrees to meet the boy.
Pragya : call him, I would like to see my sister’s choice
Bulbul informs Purab to meet Pragya tomorrow to which he agrees.
Mehra house
Abhi is hitting the dart trying to make plan for his date with Pragya.

Adi : Abhi, are you still angry at me that you are not even picking up my calls
Abhi ; oh sorry, it was on silent
Adi : you are changing after Pragya came into your life and forgetting your friends
Abhi : why are you using that emotional blackmailing dialogue
Adi : because you do not even talk to me properly
Abhi : what do you want from me?

Adi : nothing I will tell you later, how are you doing
Next day Bulbul takes day off from her work and starts the preparation for Purab’s coming. Pragya seems little bit worried.
Chameli : didi, what are you thinking? are you not happy
Pragya : Its not that, but I am worried for Bulbul, don’t know who is that guy, she is naive when it comes to love
Chameli : don’t worry, whatever you decide Bulbul will agree to it
Later in evening both Bulbul and Purab are excited to meet each other

Maine soch liya
Maine soch liya
Kutch bhi ho yaar

Main toh karunga tumse he pyar
Maine soch liya ha
Maine soch liya
kutch bhi ho yaar
Main toh karungi tumse he pyar
Maine soch liya ha(Repeat 2 times)
Bas kutch din ki yeh judaai hain
Bas kutch din ki yeh duri hain
Phir mausam milne ka hain
Phir har lamha sinduri hain
Main tumse kutch na keh paau
Itna bechain kiya tumne
Ek pal bhi dur na reh paau

Maine soch liya ha
Maine soch liya ha
Kutch bhi ho yaar
Main toh karungi tumse hi pyar
Maine soch liya ha
Maine soch liya
Hotho se maine kutch na kaha
Bin bole sab kutch bol diya
Teri chahat ka najrana de
Tune mujhko bemol kiya
Na toh aaisi rang raliya thi
Na toh aaisi rut aayi thi
Tumse milne se pehle toh
Mere jeevan mein tanhai thi

Maine soch liya ha
Maine soch liya
Kutch bhi ho yaar
Main toh karunga tumse he pyar
Maine soch liya ha
Maine soch liya
Kutch bhi ho yaar
Main toh karungi tumse he pyar

Bulbul cleans the whole house and cooks Purab’s favorite food.
Pragya : I can smell something good, very good you never cooked something for me
Bulbul : don’t worry, from tomorrow you are banned from coming into kitchen, promise
Khanna house
Akira : hey Purab, where are you going
Purab : I am going out for some work

Akira : Oho, work will done later, after so many days I got chance to spend time with you, lets go out for dinner
Purab : but sis..
Akira : Please Purab, won’t you listen to me?
Purab after very hesitantly agrees to Akira’s offer and apologizing to Bulbul in his mind.
Bulbul eagerly waits for Purab and keep calling him.
Pragya : don’t worry, he will be stuck in traffic relax
After waiting for long time Bulbul loses her patience and rages at Purab for not showing up.

Precap : Romantic date of Abhi and Pragya. Akira finding out about Bulbul and Purab.

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