Abhigya Rabul FF : Trials of fate : Part 15


New York
Ria’s fashion shows are successful but gets bit annoyed on finding out that chief guest of her show is none other than Saurav Singhania
Saurav : I must say, you are extremely talented
Ria : thank you (fakes smile)
Later at night Saurav asks Ria to accompany him for dinner to which she agrees.
Both of them reaches the hotel
Ria : I must say, the food is very delicious, good choice Mr Singhania
Saurav : thanks, by the way where are you from
Ria : From Mumbai
Saurav : nice, i am from Pune, my family lives there
Ria : what a coincidence my friend is from Pune too

After dinner both of them goes for the walk
Saurav : from your talk it looks like you never express your pain easily, kind of egoistic
Ria : Nice, you judge people easily, I find that improper sometimes
Saurav : I have the same thought like you but I often recognize people from their talks
Ria : that makes me think how does your business run
Saurav : You don’t have to worry, I take care of it very carefully, come I will drop you to hotel, where is your hotel
Ria : paradise
Saurav ; looks like our meeting is also coincidence, I stay in the same hotel
Ria : I believe in coincidence
Abhi sends the ships near the islands to find about Bulbul and Purab. Both of them goes at the ships too of find. Purab wakes up first and finds Bulbul sleeping peacefully. He tugs the hair behind her ears. He tries to get the signal in his phone but in vain. Bulbul who wakes up climbs on the hill and shouts to Purab.
Purab : hey what are you doing come done down
Bulbul ; look at this view, it is so beautiful

She does not realize and goes forward causes her leg to slip down in water.
“Purab” voice comes from water, initially he rejects it thinking Bulbul is playing prank on him but he realizes she is drowning.
Purab : Bulbul (jumps into water)
He brings Bulbul outside from water.
Purab : Bulbul, wake up (gives CPR to her)
Bulbul wakes up slowly and coughs. Purab shouts at Bulbul this time very angrily for being childish.
Purab : what is wrong with you? what if something happened to you what would I tell your sister?
Bulbul : if you are so concerned then why did jump to save me
Purab ; you won’t understand (is about leave)
Bulbul : learn to accept truth Purab, you also have same feelings for me
Purab : Bulbul, I told you this earlier that don’t even think of that, it will only give you pain
Bulbul : I am ready to bear that
Purab : I always end up losing the one who are close to my heart goes away from me
Bulbul breaks in tears and assures she will always stay by his side. Both of them are about to hug when they spot two ships coming towards them.
Bulbul : Sis (runs
Akira too goes to hug Purab and gets relieved seeing him safe. Everybody is relieved with Purab and Bulbul’s comeback

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