Abhigya Rabul FF : Trials of fate : Part 14

Adi and Anjali returns back to Mumbai. Bulbul and Purab are stuck on the island but are enjoying the view too.
Bulbul : where are you ? Purab, I am so hungry
Purab : Are you expecting from me to get some pizza here and or maybe some Chinese food
Bulbul : why are you getting annoyed
Purab : I am going to see if there is anybody who can help us
Akira is raged with the news and blames Anjali and Adi for being irresponsible.
Anjali : I am sorry Akira
Akira : if something happens to my brother then you will see worst of me, remember that
Naina : Akira, don’t worry we will find them, and its not Anjali’s fault, I am sure it might be that Bulbul’s fault
Akira : what do you mean?
Naina : I mean both of them are missing but it might be that girls’ deed on the major side
Bulbul hurts her feet with a thorn inside it when jumping around on the island. Purab makes fun of her making her angry.
Bulbul : stop it, you are so mean to me
Purab : now what happened
Bulbul : my feet is hurting Purab, do something
Purab holds her feet gently and slowly removes the thorn but it bleeds little bit. He ties the handkerchiefs on her leg.
Purab : Now stay here like a good girl okay and I will be right back
Bulbul nods positively and watches him going away.
Purab goes to find some woods to light fire and finds Bulbul missing again from the place.
Purab : this girl (rubs his head for her stubbornness)
Bulbul : why are you always angry
Purab : I am so tired of your stubbornness, I told you not to move
Bulbul : I was bored here alone thats why

Sonia tries to call her mom but is too hesitant to try the number.
Pragya : scared?
Sonia : actually (stammers)
Pragya : are you scared of her or yourself ?
Sonia ; its not that easy as you think, I haven’t talked to my mom from many months, my mom dad are divorced, I never heard or even saw my dad
Pragya : Sonia, it is never easy for any child to stay away from their parents
“Madam” echoed by employee for Pragya
Pragya : what is wrong with you Sarin, I am talking with Sonia
Sarin : sorry
Pragya: what happened
Sarin : ACP Sir is calling all of you in his cabin
Pragya ; Okay we are coming,
ACP : come in all of you
Sonia : sir, you called us
ACP : Sonia, Karan, Pragya and Dev I have organized a big party and I want all of you to attend it
Pragya gets furious when she learns about Bulbul missing from Abhi
Pragya ; I should have not sent her with them (breaks the glass)
Abhi : Trust me we will find them

Late at night
Purab and Bulbul lays on the sand watching the fascinating sky
Bulbul : You know, sis and I were kids, we always counted those stars
Purab : I never got chance to do that, nobody was with me
Bulbul : I always try to find our mom in those stars but never found it
Purab : because you have your mom with you right, your Pragya sis
Bulbul : well you are right, she is my everything, did you ever loved anybody ? like somebody very special
Purab : no, do you want to be my girlfriend
Bulbul : what if I say yes
Purab : if that is the joke then its fine, but don’t try to make it real
“Why, are you scared of making relationships, or afraid of yourself” says without fearing
Purab : lets not discuss that please, I am not fond of making relations and watch them breaking due to selfish people


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