Abhigya Rabul FF : Trials of fate : Part 13

Bulbul in her anger heads towards her cabin. Purab follows her when he realizes her absence from the party.
Purab ; Bulbul, open the door
Bulbul does not open the door and tells him to leave her alone.
Anjali : what happened Bulbul
Bulbul ; that Purab, what does he think of himself? I was waiting for him and he did not had time for me
Anjali : jealous to see him with other girls

Bulbul : No way, I am not that type of person (leaves)
Anjali : Bulbul Arora no matter what you say but your eyes says that you are becoming fond of Purab and I will make you realize that soon
Bulbul is standing on the deck when Purab comes to her.
Purab : what are you looking
Bulbul : this sea is so beautiful Purab, why do we never see this view in Mumbai
Purab : thats why we always come to this island to relax from our workload
Bulbul ; you are quite popular among girls
Purab : jealous Ms Hacker
Bulbul : I don’t even care (shows off and leaves)
Later in the evening the four of them attends the Christmas party when again Purab’s closeness with other girls perturbs Bulbul and leaves the party with a bottle of wine.
Purab : Anjali, where is Bulbul
Anjali : I don’t know I think I saw her heading outside
Purab : this girl is crazy
Adi : Anjali lets go check
Anjali ; don’t worry they will be fine

Purab : Bulbul (goes out at deck when he hears Bulbul murmuring in drunken state)
Bulbul : what does he think of himself ? is he the alone one in the whole world?
Purab : Hey what do you think you are doing ?
Bulbul ; can’t you see I am drinking
Purab ; for what occasion
Bulbul : why do you care ? you go and flirt with those girls

Purab : I am sorry but I can’t help when girls drool over me
Bulbul : drool? have you seen your face in mirror, monkey
Purab : did you just call me monkey? (snatches her bottle)
Bulbul : give me my bottle what are you doing
Purab : can’t you see I am drinking
Both of them in the argument falls on the life boat which gets separated from the cruise.
Karan and Akira meets again at the cafe.
Akira : oh hi
Karan : how are you now

Akira : I am fine, what are you doing here
Karan : I work in headquarters here
Akira : my brother works there too
Karan : Dev?
Akira : oh you know him
Karan :Of course I know him. I mean I was new here but I must say he is very good
Akira : I have to go, I am getting late (leaves sadly)
Naina tells Veer to call Abhi’s parents soon for the engagement as she cannot wait anymore
Veer : Dear, they said we should announce it soon and they will come later
Naina : I feel he is still involved with that girl, i don’t know who that is
Veer : how can you say that
Naina : when I went to his office the other day, he was hugging and talking to some girl, I was not able to see who was it
Renuka : if Naina is right then we have to hurry up or else it will be too late
Veer : I will talk to his dad today
Pragya tries to call Bulbul but is not able to reach her phone worrying more.
Abhi : don’t worry I will talk to Adi

Anjali and Adi finds Purab and Bulbul missing from the ship.
Captain : we sent our boats but we could not find them till far
Anjali : Captain please
Adi : what will we tell Pragya and Akira, that police cop will kill me in encounter
Abhi calls both of them to inquire about Purab and Bulbul’s whereabouts
Adi : Abhi… (Stammers)
Abhi : say something got dammit
Adi : both of them are missing from the whole ship, one lifeboat got missing from yesterday
Abhi : oh my god, where would this two will be

Bulbul wakes up heavy head and sees the beautiful ocean around but get shocked when she realizes they are separated from the cruise. She shouts out loud waking up Purab.
Purab : why are you shouting in the early morning? you want me go deaf
Bulbul : are you blind? look around where is the ship
Purab : could you have not said it without shouting and it all happened because of you
Bulbul : oh shut up, neither you weren’t flirting last night nor or I would have got drunk
Purab : wow, you are sister of a cop and lying, double standard

Bulbul : stop irritating me in the early morning, my head is spinning
Purab : then stop your nonsense and let me think what should we do next (rides the boat), I can’t even see the island nearby
Bulbul : its so beautiful in here (laughs chirpily) wait there is island in front
Purab : stop shouting and help me push this
Bulbul runs towards the island
Purab : hey wait for me
Bulbul : Wow Purab, can you believe this, I always dreamt to visit such island
Purab gets mesmerized with her childish nature yet carefree
New York

Ria reaches New York for her fashion show and clashes with Saurav again.
Saurav ; can’t you see
Ria : I can say the same thing to you but don’t ever cross my way again
Abhi is too hesitant and nervous to tell Pragya about Bulbul being missing from the cruise.

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