Abhigya Rabul FF : Trials of fate : Part 12


Arora house
Pragya : cruse to Bahamas? no way I can’t send you this far
Bulbul : As I am going far away first time, please It is my long dream to visit bahamas island in the mid sea
Pragya : Bulbul, why are you so stubborn
Bulbul : Sis, please give me permission, you let me go to Singapore which was new country for me
Pragya : I sent you to study there but Bahamas I don’t think it is good idea
Abhi :, let her go, within few years she will get married and won’t get the chance right Hacker
Bulbul : very funny (shows her tongue)

Pragya : okay fine go but remember my words Bulbul, I am trusting you,
Bulbul : Sis I promise I won’t do anything wrong, now can I go to pack my luggage, we are leaving tomorrow noon, (leaves)
Abhi too leaves while Chameli tells Pragya to get Bulbul get married as soon as possible.
Chameli : Sis, I am not doubting your values but Bulbul is from new generation you should start finding good alliances for her
Pragya : I told you she is still young for marriage and she will not be able to fulfill
Chameli : I know till she will not settle down you will also not marry thats why I am telling you
Pragya is taken aback with her words and decides to start finding proposal with Bulbul’s comeback. Bulbul is taken aback by the fact that Pragya agreed to let her go when Abhi insisted her.
Bulbul : Sis, come here quickly
Pragya : what is it? why are you shouting
Bulbul : please help me with choosing this clothes, I am so confused
Pragya : you are going to trip not for whole life that you are so confused
Bulbul ; so what sis, you know I am so bad selecting clothes
Pragya ; yea I know, thats why you are wearing this torn jeans and short skirts, I am tired of telling you that this is Mumbai
Bulbul : India, correction sis and nobody can touch me without my permission
Pragya : seriously how will your husband tolerate your silliness
Bulbul : you don’t worry i will handle him, unfortunately I cannot make him stay in his in laws
Pragya : shut up Bulbul and be serious, if you don’t mend your way I will marry you off get that straight
Bulbul : I got scared sis (fakes being scared)

Pragya : I am serious, there cannot joke on every thing, I am worried for you, today’s world is running fast and I don’t my Bulbul to lose anywhere
Bulbul : sis I promise you that one day Bulbul will grow up, I will not do anything against your wish (swears on Pragya’s head)
Akira refuses to go with Purab because of her workload in office.
Purab ; Sis, I will not force you because I understand your workload, but I will miss you a lot
Akira : But you go and enjoy you haven’t take holiday from long time I want you take some break, okay, take care and keep calling me everyday
Purab : thanks sis, don’t worry I will take care of myself but you look after yourself and dad too
Akira : Now Purab and Anjali will have chance to spend time with each other, hope both of them agrees to the marriage soon
Next day the group Purab, Adi, Bulbul and Anjali are all set to leave for the cruise.
Pragya : Bulbul, take care and call me when you reach there okay
Bulbul : Okay my dear sis you take care and I will come back to you soon bye
Everybody waves them when leaving and wishes them safe journey.Bulbul, Anjali and Adi waits for Purab but the ship starts to leave.
Bulbul : Captain please wait for few minutes
Captain : We can’t wait anymore, we have to leaves
Bulbul goes into the room to put her bags and gets angry on Purab for spoiling her plans.
Bulbul : idiot, spoiled all my plans, let me go back and I will not spare him
Suddenly a voice she hears bringing her smile back.She runs towards the deck and tries to find Purab.
Anjali : what happened

Bulbul ; did you hear the voice of Purab
Purab surprises them with singing the song joined by everybody on the cruise.
Aai ree shee chu ru ru hai yahoo hai yahoo hai yahoo
Pyar kee kashtee me, leharo kee mastee me
Pawan ke shor shor me, chale ham jor jor me
Gagan se dur… (2)
Wahan kya pyar milega, chaman kaa phul khilega
Jise dil dhoondh raha hai, kya woh dildar milega
La la la la la la la la…
Wahan sach honge sapne, banenge gair bhee apne
Dil kee barat sajegee, milenge sajan apne
La la la la la…
Maine suna, kya suna
Jo kaha, kya kaha, jana hai bahut dur
Pyar kee kashtee me, leharo kee mastee me,
Pawan ke shor shor me, chalen ham jor jor me,
Gagan se dur…
Pyar ko pyar mile toh, najar kahee lag naa jaye,
Mile jivan me ham tum, kahee phir bichad naa jaye
La la la la la la la la…
Najar kya lage waha par, hai pyar hee pyar jaha par
Naa bichde milne wale, jaha ho sab dil wale
La la la la la la la la…
Toh chalo chale, ha chalen
Yu milke, ha milke, hoke khushee me chur
Pyar kee kashtee me, leharo kee mastee me,
Pawan ke shor shor me, chalen ham jor jor me
Gagan se dur…
Ho rama ho, ho rama ho… Haihahoo, haihahoo, haihahoo…
Purab : what are you looking ?
Bulbul : Purab I always dreamt of visiting to cruise and travel in mid sea and by the way where were you?
Purab : I am sorry (holds his ears)
Bulbul : thats okay, what is the plan for today
Purab ; there is a party today do you want to go
Bulbul : sure why not I will be ready
Akira’s car gets stuck in the rain but is not able to contact anybody. Due to lack of oxygen she starts to lose consciousness. Karan who is passing from the other way sees the car and finds Akira lying inside the car unconsciously. He tries to open the door but the lock gets jammed. He breaks the glass of the window and takes Akira to his house.
Karan : doctor, how is she
Doctor : there is nothing to worry, she just got unconsciousness due to lack of oxygen, she will be fine
Karan : thank you doctor
Abhi comes at Pragya’s room again to meet her again.
Pragya : now what is it? can’t you come from front door
Abhi : I am very hungry, I want to eat food from your hands, I heard you make food like nobody
Pragya : really? come from front door
Both of them starts the dinner while Abhi appreciates Pragya’s food.
Abhi ; I am telling you, after marriage you will prepare food for me like this
Pragya : marriage? did you ever told me about your parents and directly to marriage
Abhi goes into thinking on how to make Pragya meet his parents
Pragya : hello I asked you something

Abhi ; they are not in india, they are in London
Pragya : oh, when you talk to them and after they agree only then we will get married
Bulbul comes down for dinner. The four of them enjoy their dinner. Purab and Bulbul do salsa dance together. He is surrounded by millions of girls much to the jealousy of Bulbul who leaves to her cabin.
Akira comes to senses and finds herself somewhere in the room.
Karan : are you okay?
Akira : Where am I and who are you?
Karan : I saw you were stuck in the car and brought you here
Akira : thank you so much, I should leave its getting late
Karan : Its raining heavily outside, wait till it stops raining and I will drop you home
Akira : But my clothes
Karan : you can wear my shirt till your clothes will be dry by the way I am Karan
Akira : I am Akira Khanna
After few moments Karan praises Akira’s beauty after wearing his shirt
Akira ; you leave here alone?
Karan : Sometimes even having family we are forced to leave alone
Akira : what do you mean?
Karan shares his plight to Akira reminding her of Dev leaving house the same way. Ria gets all set to leave for airport.
Abhi : this is not fair, today those four left and today you are leaving too
Pragya : why so upset for it? let them enjoy for few days from you
Abhi : thats so rude
Ria : stop fighting, I am getting late flight is announced
Sakshi : have a safe journey dear, wish you all the best
After the checking Ria finds her window seat when a young guy comes to her saying its his seat.
Ria : excuse me this is my seat
The air hostess come there to end the argument.
Guy : she is seating on my seat 36B
Ria : I have the same seat
It turns out the guy is Saurav and both have the errors on their boarding pass. In order to end the fight Ria tells the air hostess to give her the other seat.

Precap : Bulbul gets drunk and both she and Purab land in big problem

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