Abhigya Rabul FF : Trials of fate : Part 11


Abhi comes to Pragya’s house sneakingly scaring her
Pragya : what are you doing here
Abhi : I was missing you and you are getting unromantic here
Pragya : shut up, if Bulbul sees you will get permanent exit from this house
Abhi : great, you are elder one and scared of your onger sister, not fair
Pragya : very funny, she is too dangerous for people like you (Smirks)
Abhi : don’t try to scare me Ms James bond
Pragya : now you go from here,
Abhi : I will but give me small kiss
Pragya : No way (blushes)
Abhi : please
Pragya is about to kiss him but is interrupted by the servant which does not go well with Abhi.
Abhi : this..
Pragya : wait here, what is it kaka
Servant : somebody came to see you downstairs
Pragya : who is it
Servant : some girl, I don’t know her name but she said she is your friend
Pragya : Make her sit I will be there
Abhi : Not bad, you started to make friends as soon as you came to Mumbai, introduce me someday
Pragya : sure come right now why later (tries to grab him)
Abhi : No later, I have some work, bye
Pragya holds him back and kiss on his cheek after which he leaves giving her flying kiss. It turns out Naina came to meet Pragya at home.
Pragya : Naina? you here, but how did you find my address
Naina : Arey I am ACP sir’s niece, how would I not by the way where is your sister I am dying to meet her
Pragya : Bulbul (shouts out loud)
Naina : wow what a good name
Bulbul : Coming Sis (comes downstairs)
Naina fumes at seeing Bulbul and tells about her to Pragya.
Bulbul : you reached to my house
Naina : I thought this is your sister’s house
Bulbul : thats none of your business (snaps her finger)
Pragya : Okay both of you stop it, I am standing here and you are fighting
Naina : Pragya, why is your sister ill mannered
Bulbul : because her friends are not like you spoilt brats
Pragya : Enough both of you, now come on shake hands and lets be friends
Both of shakes hand hesitantly due to Pragya’s insistence. Pragya urges Naina to have dinner with them to which she agrees happily
Naina : wow, who made this food, its so delicious
Pragya : Chameli made some and I made some
Naina : I must say you have magic in your hands, and your servant too
Bulbul : for your kind information, in this house everybody is equally
Naina : okay, no need to get angry, Pragya will you please teach me how to cook this curry I want to cook for my fiancee, he loves this curry
Pragya : Okay fine, relax, I will teach you tomorrow
Naina ; I should leave, aunty will worrying for me, it was nice meeting you
Pragya : see you, but come here frequently
Naina : look when I was in Pune you helped me, now you are in Mumbai I will not leave you that easily
Pragya : bye (laughs)
After Naina leaves Bulbul comments on Naina’s attitude.
Pragya : you are still on that
Bulbul : Sis, I am telling you this girl in not good, did you see how rude she was about inequality
Pragya : Bulbul, she is raised in big family, everybody is like us you know rich people are
Bulbul : we are not middle class people sis, we also live in rich lifestyle
Pragya : lets end this argument here and go to bed its quite late
While arranging the room Bulbul gets Purab’s call
Purab : what happened? you forgot your friend
Bulbul : I have to lose my memory to forget you, I don’t have such good fate to forget you
Purab : you are so weird, first you help me and then showing me attitude anyway I have a surprise for you all but I will tell you tomorrow
Bulbul : then why did you call me
Purab : just to say that your trick is worked out and Akira is giving me so much time now
Bulbul : well thats great, congratulation
Next day Purab meets their friends and informs about the trip to cruise
Purab : here are the tickets to cruise we are going
Bulbul : what is this about?
Purab : our company gave me five free tickets to luxury cruise to Bahamas, who is going with me like every year
Abhi : I am not going
Purab : why so
Abhi : because I have very important meeting to attend
Purab : then who will
Anjali , Ria, Aditya ; me
Bulbul : Ria, I thought you are supposed to New York for assignment, remember
Ria : shit thank god you reminded me, damn I cannot go for holiday
Purab ; There are two extra tickets, for one I will take Akira with me but still one more
Bulbul : I will go but only if Sis agree to me
Purab : great please, I don’t want to waste this ticket
Naina goes to Pragya’s house to learn cooking Abhi’s favorite curry.
Pragya : Okay now add this indrigrents (shows her everything)
Naina : Pragya, look at this shape (shows her chapati)
Pragya : oh, it needs practice you will be fine, now taste this curry and tell me how is it
Naina ; wow (tastes) I can’t believe I made this, thank you so much, now I will take this to his office today
Pragya : I am sure today your fiancee will not stop eating this food, take this
Naina : Okay I will see you later
Anjali : by the way Purab any reason for taking Bulbul with us
Purab : Anjali, I am inviting her because Abhi is not coming and I want to spend time with her thats it
Naina takes food to Abhi’s office who is surprised to see her in office.
Abhi : you? oh my god somebody is looking amazing today
Naina : look what I got for you
Abhi (smells) : wow paneer curry, its so delicious I can’t believe you made it
Naina ; I tell you my friend make such good food

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