Abhigya Rabul FF : Trials of fate : Part 10


Pragya sobs for a while in Abhi’s arms and looks up at Abhi who is also in tears.
Pragya : you have no idea what you did, you revoked my emotions for you,why did you came back in my life
Abhi : Not me but destiny wants us to be together or else your sister will not come here and meet us (wipes her tears)

Pragya : promise me you will not leave me again
Abhi remembers his commitment to get engagement with Naina but does not tell Pragya about it.
Pragya : what happened ?
Abhi : I promise after today it will never happen, I will always with you no matter what (caresses her hair)
Both of them goes out for walk on road.

Abhi : I did not know your sister is so danger
Pragya : I told you she is completely like you
Abhi : but she has values from you, and you won’t believe that she proved it
Pragya : what do you mean
Abhi tells her everything about how Bulbul convinced Purab to reconcile with his sister.
Pragya : Really? thats great

Abhi : Nothing changed in this all years, you are still the same I know
Pragya : time is running away, I am still at the place I was earlier
Abhi : Nobody could reach where you are, from small age you raised your sister, educated her and look she made you proud in front of world

Pragya : I think we should go, its quite late
Later when after dropping Pragya, Abhi goes at him home when Aditya asks him about his engagement.
Aditya : you know very well that soon you are going to be somebody’s else
Abhi : No aditya, this time I will not let Pragya go away from me that easily, I will deal with Naina later

Aditya : I am telling you that tell Pragya everything or else if she gets to know from anybody else she will not forgive you
Abhi : If I told her than she would have left me today, I will tell her when time comes
Pragya comes back home and feels blushed looking herself in the mirror. Bulbul who is passing from her room sees her sister glowing first time.
Bulbul : sis, are you okay? you are so glowing today

Pragya : Nothing, stop it (leaves)
Next day is Rakhee day where everybody celebrates with their brother.
Ria looks at the rakhee and tears fall from her eyes. Akira ties rakhee on Purab’s wrist.
Purab : so what do you want, I know i have nothing to give you right now
Akira ; I will ask when time okay, till then this day you owe me
Purab : Done, I will not deny it, but will you not send this to bro , he deserves it
Akira : Purab (hesitates)
Purab : I will not force you, its your choice (about to leave but is stopped by Akira)
Akira : if that makes you happy then fine I will go

Purab gets happy to finally see change in his sister. He takes Akira to their brother’s house.
Dev : Purab, you here? is everything okay?
Purab ; bro, look who is here? (sees Akira behind)
Dev : Akira?

Akira looks down and hesitantly shows him the rakhee.
Dev : Will you stand there and not come inside
Akira : bro, please come back at home
Dev : You know there is no place for me in that house but I i give you one promise that this bro will always protect you (puts hand on her head)
Purab, Dev and Akira’s father Veer gets furious at both of them for meeting Dev.
Akira ; Dad, at least listen to me

Veer : Enough Akira, I did not expected that from you, Purab is naive but I thought you would be more mature
Akira : I am sorry dad, but at least today I have right to do this
Veer : ENOUGH! if you again see him then you will lose me (is about to fall but Purab holds him)
Purab : Dad, please control yourself
Veer : he is dead for me (says tearfully)

Akira: dad please don’t stress yourself, I will do as you say but if something happens to you I will not forgive myself
Bulbul sees Ria without any emotions and asks about her sending rakhi too Karan.
Ria : I forgot that I have a brother too, and it will be good if you do not mention about him on this day

Bulbul : what madness is this Ria? there is limit to everything
Ria breaks glass angrily and tells Bulbul on how she saw her mother suffered everyday.
Ria : I beg of you, don’t force me into doing something which my heart does not agree, leave me alone
Bulbul goes out sadly but Ria apologizes to her and tells her about trip to New York.
Ria : I am going to US for big assignment day after tomorrow
Bulbul : All the best, I know it will go successful

The group meets again after long time Anjali, Abhi, Aditya and Ria at their regular place
Abhi ; thats great, but when will you return Ria
Ria : i don’t know at least one week, it depends on how much time it takes
Bulbul : hey what happened, you look upset again
Purab : Nothing I am fine, i don’t know who has evil cast on our family, if mom was alive then our family would have not broken today

Bulbul also gets in teary hearing his words reminding about her mom.
Purab ; you are crying?
Bulbul : you called me your friend at least I can share my feelings with you
Purab : your mom?

Bulbul : you are right, our parents left us when we were 5 and my sister struggled day and night to raise me, I owe each day of my life everyday, remember other day I told everybody has something lacking in their life
Purab ; And you keep spreading happiness in people’s life, why are you so strong
Bulbul : we are humans not god, if everything goes smooth then life will be boring right
Purab : right

Bulbul : then from today no more tears
Purab sees Bulbul in a different first time
Later at night Abhi sneaks in Pragya’s room by stairs. He reaches the balcony quietly
Pragya : who is there? (grabs a stick)

Abhi hides behind the couch. Pragya comes out in balcony and see shadow of somebody but Abhi comes out quickly and puts hand on her hand.
Pragya ; what are you doing here at this time? what if somebody sees you
Abhi ; I thought only and your sister live in this big house, why are you so scared of her
Pragya : shut up! go from here (tries to push him)

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