Abhigya &Rabul FF : Journey of Hatred to Love Part 7

Priest : the children who have never fought for anything will have fight this battle, their love will be the weakest
Arpita : please tell us some way
Priest ; they are destined to go through this destruction, nobody can do anything about that, not even god can change it
Arpita and Sarla gets extremely worried about the prediction
Sarla : if his words are true then how will our children face this all
Arpita : we can’t do anything, all we can do is make everybody understand, its too late I should leave
Sarla : take care of yourself, Durga ma, help my children face all this

Pragya asks Arpita’s permission to resume her work
Arpita : well, I don’t have any objections
Pragya : I am not used to sit at home all day, my time goes and it is part of my life, I cannot leave it suddenly
Arpita : fine, but Pragya I want to tell you only one thing
Pragya ; yes
Arpita : I don’t know in what circumstances Abhi married you but now you are daughter in law of this family, it is your responsibility to hold the honor of both families, do I have right to ask you this (takes her in front of god)
Pragya looks on thinking what to say
Arpita : what are you thinking Pragya, promise me you will not do cross the boundary, forget about everything but for your own respect
Pragya (puts her hand on light) : I promise, from today the pride and honor of this family is in my hands, I will not let anybody spoil it,
Arpita blesses her putting hand on her hand
Pragya : aunty, I might have mistakes in my life but I never lied in front of god
Arpita : I know because you are blood of Sarla, she is always righteous
Pragya is passing from the Alia’s room who is looking at anklets
Pragya : can I come in
Alia : sure, why do you have to ask, come on in (hides the anklet)
Pragya : hiding things cannot hide talent Alia
“What are you saying” Alia turns around
Pragya takes anklet from her hand shocking Alia
Pragya : this talent my dear sister in law
Alia : please, this is not even mine, its my friend’s
Pragya : don’t fool me, I have seen world, tell me truth
Alia : you probably don’t know in this house, you are not allowed to live your dreams
Pragya : why not? did you ever try to tell your parents
Alia : No because
“Because you are afraid, they will bury your desires again, not let you do anything according to your wish” Pragya says confidently
Alia : its not like that, dad does not like all that, he is concerned about me
Pragya : look Alia, I won’t say anything wrong to you but the person who love themselves, they cannot expect other people to love them
Alia looks at the flyer of youth festival for dancing competition in college
Pragya : Alia, don’t put yourself down too much that you cannot rise again
Alia : but bhabhi, dad will not agree to this all and I don’t have time for all
Pragya : you don’t have 3 hours for yourself in whole day
Alia : dancing is my passion, I want to feel that fire in my body but I am scared in front of people
Pragya ; you have to do this for yourself not for others, rest is your choice Alia (goes to her room)
Alia keeps looking at the flyer and remembers her dad’s words of not doing anything wrong.

Rakesh : how come you gave permission to that girl for work
Arpita : Rakesh, she is trying to adjust in our family, we should also give some liberty she has been used to from her family
Rakesh : I don’t believe how did Abhi even thought to marry her
Arpita : they are not kids, we should let them decide be it wrong or right, they will learn their own lesson
Rakesh ; I hope your words does not come back on you in future because this family’s image has already been on stake due to this marriage
Arpita : more than Pragya, I trust my values and upbringing
Rekesh : alright then, bur remember one thing I don’t want Pragya’s shadow to haunt on Alia, don’t per influence affect my daughter, that day my patience will be break

Mehra company
Abhi : what are you saying Purab? I mean there should be other way
Purab : there is no way bhai, our product company is suffering from big loss, we have to sell one its part for investment
Abhi ; did you find any good dealer?
Purab’s phone rings : yes Mr Verma
Verma : Sir, as you said I found very good client to buy the part of our office building and she agreed for the quotation you said
Purab : well thats great, send her to the office for paper work and I will personally show her everything
Verma : sure sir
The client turns out to be Bulbul who has purposely purchased part of Purab’s office for hidden motive
Bulbul : thank you so much
Abhi : look Purab, i am not stopping you for anything but think again, you should not do in hurry only to regret later
Purab : don’t worry bhai, I promise I will bring our company again in market
Abhi : I trust you on everything, you should start going the client might be coming to meet you
Purab : see you bhai

Bulbul goes to Purab’s office and stares at the board of Mehra company. She enters inside with much attitude and asks about Purab.
Rosy : ma’am you wait here, sir will be here soon
Bulbul : thank you
Purab enters the office but Bulbul thinks he does not know about her identity
Purab : Hi Purab Mehra
“Bulbul” shakes her hand
Purab : nice to meet you, so what is your job exactly
Bulbul : well, I am head of a dance troupe but I have small firm of fashion industry
Purab : impressive, I must say you are very talented, anyway when do you want to shift with your team
Bulbul : whenever you are ready to move your belongings and make space
Purab : alright give me two days, and till then you can start preparing for your team to get here
Bulbul : sure, thank you once again
Purab : see you soon Ms Bulbul (smirks when she leaves cabin)
Bulbul : Purab Mehra, just wait and watch, game has jus begun
Purab : Ms Arora, you should never underestimate your enemy’s power
Scene freezes on both of their smirk faces

Alia goes to her college and goes in the rehearsal room for practice. There is nobody in the room when she wears the anklet and starts dancing. She does not realize people are watching and keeps dancing passionately. Suddenly her ankle is sprained and falls on floor. People appreciate her performance and is selected for the final competition. She is trying to walk but Sid stops her
Alia : Its okay, I am fine
“Look at your condition, you cannot even walk properly” Sid carries her while talking
Alia ; what are you doing? put me down
Sid I will, when I drop you at home
“What the hell” Alia tries to resist but Sid takes her in the car
Sid : I did not know you were such terrific dancer, nobody can beat our college now
Alia gets tensed thinking about the consequences.
“God please save me today, if this guy came to my house then I am dead” Alia closes her eyes

Mehra company
Tanu comes to meet Abhi at the office and talks about the situation
Abhi : look Tanu, I know what I did was wrong but I only did that for your brother
Tanu : Abhi, something are not in our hands now that you got responsibility, I think you should not run away from that
Abhi : what are you saying ?
Tanu : don’t get me wrong but I don’t want to make the mistake my brother is doing right now
Abhi : I would never give right to that girl of my wife
Tanu : if that was the case then why did you marry her, she never asked you, it was your and bhai’s fault, and Pragya is paying the price of your mistake and friendship
Abhi looks on knowing that his one mistake made Pragya;s life upside down
Tanu : there is no difference between you and bhai, both of you are playing with a girl’s emotion and reputation, is somebody’s honor game for you
Abhi : you are getting me wrong
Tanu : one has throw that toy and other picks it up, Abhi marriage is not kid’s game, its a lifelong commitment, love is not necessary for relationship, respect and understanding is needed
Abhi : you are saying this ?
Tanu : yes, because I am girl who follows own principles, and I don’t want to marry a person who cannot understand a woman’s image in society, think about my words (leaves the cabin)

Precap : Abhi at night is looking at Pragya sleeping peacefully and goes close to her but stops remembering about Rajiv. Purab and Bulbul’ ego clashes in the office and challenges each other

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