Abhigya &Rabul FF : Journey of Hatred to Love Part 6


Mehra house
Abhi wakes up with the alarm ringing at 7 and finds Pragya sleeping peacefully. He notices her shivering and puts duvet on her after which he goes inside to get ready. Arpita waits for Pragya in the prayer room but she does not show up.
Alia : do you think she has habit to wake up early this morning
Arpita : its okay, she is new, slowly she will start following routine
Alia : I hope you are right mom, do you want me go check her, so at least she can come on breakfast at time
Arpita : yea go check her, I don’t have hope on your brother
Abhi comes out and still finds Pragya sleeping on sofa. Alia comes in and shocked to see Pragya sleeping.
Alia : I knew she might not wake up, bro why didn’t you wake her
Abhi : I tried but look at her as if she didn’t sleep from long time
Alia : bhabhi wake up, its 8 (puts alarm on her ear but Pragya does not wake up)
Abhi : Alia, I got good idea (take glass of water to throw on Pragya)
Alia : bhai, what are you doing, think of something else, I wonder how her mom might waked her up
Abhi hits Pragya with pillow but in vain. With no choice he shouts loud on her ears scaring her. Hearing her voice everybody rushes upstairs.
Pragya : is this new way to wake up anybody
Abhi : yes for lazybones like you never wake up with other way. actually I should have thrown water on instead
Pragya : shut up, its only 8 right now I wake at 9 everyday, and people like you don’t know to behave with girls
Rakesh is furious seeing Pragya’s attitude and goes out.
Arpita : Pragya, get ready quickly and come downstairs for breakfast
Pragya : yes aunty (goes inside the bathroom taking her towel)
Alia, Abhi and Purab comes downstairs and wait for Pragya to join them.
Rakesh : Arpita, you finish the remaining ritual and explain Pragya everything
Arpita : don’t worry I will take care
Pragya gets late in getting ready and clashes on Rakesh when is about to get up from chair. He leaves for office and tells Abhi to come quickly.
Arpita : come have some breakfast
Pragya : thank you
Abhi : Purab, lets go till she finishes her food we will read our office
Pragya stares at him with red eyes

Arpita : Abhi, are you both not getting late for your work
Abhi : I will see you mom, take care
After breakfast Arpita tells Pragya she have to cook food for everybody as part of ritual
Pragya : you mean I have to make it by myself
Arpita: you know how to cook right? at least a desert should be fine
Pragya gets in thinking even after she gives assurance to Arpita that she knows how to cook.
Arpita : Alia, get that gift for ritual
Alia : yes mom, here it is
Arpita : Pragya, this is our tradition (gives her the jewelry and saree)
Pragya bends down to take the blessing which Arpita hesitantly gives.
Arora house
Bulbul feels lonely in the house without her sister who was always around her. She looks around the room with the pictures.
Bulbul comes yelling at home excitedly about her competition.
Sarla : why are you shouting?
Bulbul : look I got first prize for dancing. you see I will become very famous one day
Sarla : you stop thinking about all that and focus on your studies
Bulbul : no way, dancing is my passion and I will not compromise with that
Pragya : mom, take chill pill, our Bulbul can give tough competition to the professional dancers am I right champ
Bulbul : you are my lovely sister, did you see mom she understands me so well
Sarla : really, let Pragya get married then I will see you who can save you
Flashback ends

Bulbul : mom, I am missing sis should I call her
Sarla : not right now, today is her first day there, don’t bother her and she might be busy
Bulbul : do you think she might have woke up early
Sarla gets worried thinking about Pragya’s adjustment in the new family
Prakash : why are you worried now, you wanted to send your daughter right to that house, now be happy, celebrate
Sarla : I did wanted to send her because I cannot tolerate anybody insulting my daughter’s character
Prakash : really if you had cared so much then you would have never did this deed
Sarla : I am worried today she might have to cook as ritual and Pragya never even came into kitchen
Pragya have hard time preparing the desert in the kitchen. She messes up everything when Alia comes there
Alia : oh my god what happened here?
Pragya : actually I don’t know how to make anything (makes face like child)
Alia : then why did you lie to mom that you know everything
Pragya : I didn’t wanted to disappoint aunty, what she might think about me
Alia : you should told truth, don’t worry we will figure out something
Pragya is relieved after getting assurance from Alia who teaches her to make the desert.
Pragya : thank you so much, you are very nice (hugs her excitedly)
Alia is bit surprised at first but reciprocates it later.
Alia : okay, now we are done, i am getting late for college I will see you in the evening
Pragya ; you are going to college? what will I do alone in whole house
Alia : chill I will be back in few hours, take care see you
Pragya : bye, go carefully
Before leaving Alia drops something on floor noticed by Pragya. She picks it up and finds diary of Alia. She puts safely in her room to return later. Bulbul heads a famous dance troupe reaches her workplace
Bulbul ; Hi dolly, what is going on
Dolly : Bulbul, look at his (shows her the pamphlet) biggest dancing troupe, there is audition soon and the selected group will get chance to perform on big stage imagine such a great chance we have,
Bulbul who is lost in thinking of her sister does not pay attention
Dolly : Bulbul, I am talking to you, where are you lost
Bulbul : sorry I was just missing Pragya sis, I don’t know how she might be
Dolly : chill, she will be alright, come on cheer up, and the audition is next week, he is very big business man, I forgot his name
Bulbul : fine, get all the arrangements done, I will see you in afternoon (gives her the file)

Mehra office
Abhi : Purab, is everything ready, remember the clients are very important for us, from meeting to entertainment, there should be not be any problem
Purab : don’t worry bro, like every year there will no lack of anything
Abhi : what happened to that dance troupe
Purab : I called very experienced judges for audition next week, thats my department leave that to me
Abhi : alright, you send the final copy of presentations to the clients

Rajiv keeps calling Pragya who blocks his number to avoid him.
Abhi : yes what happened ?
Rajiv : actually I am trying to call Pragya from so many hours but she is not picking my call, can you please tell her to call me
Abhi : look, even she has right to be angry, she will become calm in few days and call you alright
Rajiv : okay, thanks buddy
Sarla and Arpita meets each other outside the temple but are awkward to talk with each other.
Sarla : Arpita, how are you?
Arpita : I am fine, I don’t know what to say about whatever happened
Sarla : maybe destiny wants the thread of both families to be joined
Arpita : that will not happen, not only our husbands but our children will never let that happen
Sarla : how is my Pragya, I know you all will take good care of her
Arpita : she is fine but she has to change herself if you want her to stay in this marriage, I am hoping only one thing that her past does not affect the future of everybody
Both woman goes to the priest with Abhi and Pragya’s horoscope.
Priest : this both are destined together, all number matches but
Arpita : but? is there any problem
Priest : it is not me but horoscope says that their union will bring only doom to both families
Arpita and Sarla get biggest blow hearing his words
Sarla : what are you saying?
Priest : look I cannot tell what will happen in future but one thing is clear both of this children will have to fight very tough battle in future, Abhi will have to pay very high price for his love
Arpita gets tensed and starts worrying about Abhi’s life.
Sarla : is there any way we could avoid this prediction
Priest : there is but for that your daughter will have to do very hard fasting and stay hungry for three days
Sarla (in her mind) : My Pragya will never be able to do this and will not believe this

Precap : Bulbul and Purab confront each other at the audition

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