Abhigya &Rabul FF : Journey of Hatred to Love Part 5


Pragya reaches her home in a while. She finds the silence in her house after the big storm passed from her house.
Sarla : how are you my daughter? I missed you so much
Pragya : Mom I want to talk something important to all of you
Prakash : what have you decided dear, whatever your decision is I am ready to Pragya : I am ready to go with Abhi as his wife
Everybody is hell shocked hearing it.
Bulbul : sis, do you know what you are saying, you want to go with him
Pragya : Bulbul, I thought very carefully and I don’t want to make more humiliation to this family

Prakash : you know Pragya, we have not cared about society, and just for them I will not let you go there just for the sake of society
Pragya : dad, you told me you will respect my decision and anyway court will not give us divorce till 6 months
Sid : you are not going anywhere, I will not let you rot there
Pragya : Bro, why don’t you all understand whatever happened was my fate, we tried but everything went wrong
Prakash : fine but do you think you will get the rights in that house
Pragya : I am not going there to claim my right but my heart tells me that I should go there and show those people who think I would be broken
Prakash ; my blessings are with you dear, call Abhi he will take you home
While getting ready Pragya looks at the vermillion and chain Abhi tied around her neck holding it tightly. Later Abhi comes to Arora house to pick her up. There is awkward moment when he enters the house. Sarla welcomes him happily while others does not talk to him.

Sarla : dear, you very well know how your parents will react to this, take care of my Pragya
Abhi : don’t worry she is my responsibility now
Arora family does the farewell ritual emotionally while neighbors too look on.
Pragya asks Abhi if he told anything to his parents about their marriage.
Abhi : no I did not tell them, I have to make so many people understand
Both of them enters Mehra house when Arpita and Rakesh are completely astonished on the scene when the couple are entering as newly wedded.
Arpita : Abhi, what is all this?
Abhi : Mom this is my truth, you told me you will not deny my wish

Rakesh is about to slap him but is stopped by his wife
Arpita : what are you doing? calm down
Rakesh : I don’t believe that our son could do such deed, why Abhi
Abhi : dad actually I cannot tell you the reason, I can just tell you that circumstances forced us to do this
Rakesh : I thought you were my shadow but I was wrong why Abhi
Alia : dad please lets go inside, we have to deal with situation
Rakesh : Alia, you are saying this, do you an idea what will people say
Arpita : please go inside, I will handle them (sends Rakesh inside) Alia, bring the tray of prayer
Alia : yes mom
Arpita does the aarti and makes Pragya do the ritual.
Arpita : hit this pot with your leg and come inside

Pragya enters the house while Alia takes her to the room.
Pragya : so you are Alia? Abhi told me about you
Alia : you take rest for a while, mom said we will do other rituals in the evening (leaves the room)
Pragya looks around the room with Abhi’s pictures with his family.
Pragya : Abhishek Mehra, just wait and watch how I shake foundation of this house
Abhi goes into his dad’s room who is sitting on the chair.
Abhi : dad (sit on his knees)
Rakesh turns around to the other side not wanting to look at Abhi.
Abhi : okay, don’t look at me, I know you are hurt by my decision but trust me I never intended to do this

Rakesh : you know Abhi, I was so proud of you I thought nobody in this world could understand me like my son but you made me ashamed today
Abhi : you only taught me to not leave anybody in problem and I did that, Pragya was left alone humiliated, though I hate her most but somethings are not in our hand
Rakesh : fine but have you ever thought what will you tell Tanu, we promised her that she will become bride of this house
Abhi : Rajiv said that he will talk to Tanu and make her understand
Rakesh : No Abhi, I will not accept that girl as daughter in law of this house, for me she is only my enemy’s daughter (leaves the room angrily)
Abhi reminisces flashback when Pragya leaves to Goa right next of marriage. Rajiv talks with Abhi on phone
Rajiv : Abhi, you don’t know what you did for me, I would be grateful to you and don’t worry I talked with lawyer, he said you both have to stay together only for six months and then you both will get divorce
Abhi : do you have any idea how much situation is complicated here, I still have not told my family about this marriage, don’t know how they will react to it and what about Tanu
Rajiv : I talked with Tanu, she knows the situation and will talk to you once she comes back from conference, listen I have to go I will talk later to you
Abhi throws phone in anger

Flashback ends
Purab returns back from conference trip and gets to know everything from Alia
Alia : I don’t know what is going on brother
Purab : but how did bro even think of doing this, I mean Pragya seriously
Abhi : you can curse me as much as you want Purab (comes from back)
Purab : bro, I am not criticizing your decision but how did this all happen
Abhi reveals everything to Purab and Alia regarding the contract marriage of their.
Abhi : Purab, Alia don’t tell anybody about this contract marriage, none of the elders in the both families know this

Alia : are you serious brother, do you even know what will all this lead to
Abhi : I know this will hurt everybody but its only matter of six months, come Purab lets go dinner
Purab : what about that new member
Abhi : I will go call her, you go downstair
Alia : it is not that easy bro, who knows what will change in this six months
Abhi goes to his room and sees Pragya putting her clothes inside. He gets angry seeing the condition of the room
Abhi : excuse me this is my room, not any junk room, don’t you know how to organize room
Pragya : if you don’t remember I want to remind you that till I am in this house this is my room too

Abhi : don’t argue with me
Both of them keeps constantly fighting when Alia calls them for dinner
Alia : mom is calling you downstairs for dinner come on
Abhi and Pragya comes for dinner. Everybody sees Pragya wearing half pants and noticing the style of her eating.
Alia : Purab bro, do you think this girl will be able to stay here at least for a week
Purab : shut up Alia, and eat your food
Pragya sees everybody’s reaction and is surprised but does not tell anybody. Rakesh tells Arpita and Abhi to make Pragya aware of family rules.
Abhi : don’t worry dad I will tell her
Arpita : Abhi, I know whatever do you did was your helplessness but you have to make Pragya understand
Abhi : mom you don’t know her, she is raised in very liberal environment
Arpita : I know, I am glad you took this step to save a girl’s reputation but remember your prestige is very important don’t let it down in front of people
Abhi : I will take care mom, you take some rest good night
Arpita : good night dear

Rakesh : Arpita, did you see that girl, Abhi took such a big step without thinking that if this girl would ever fit into our house
Arpita : listen I know she is very different from us, she is raised with too much freedom and is like carefree kid we should give her some time, she will adjust here
Rakesh : I hope you are right because if that day never comes then I have to do unthinkable
Abhi gets angry on Pragya for wearing short clothes in front of family
Pragya : Excuse me, I always wear this in nighttime, you cannot stop me for that
Abhi pins her to wall and holds her hand tightly

Pragya : leave my hand, its paining (tries to get rid of but is unable to)
Abhi : I am telling you last time, till you are in this house you have to follow our tradition and rules, alright I will not tolerate people mocking on my family
Pragya : really? if you are so worried why didn’t you let me suffer alone
Abhi : I could have but that is against my principles and because of you and Rajiv my life is in mess
Pragya closes her eyes in pain when Abhi leaves her hand. He take pillow and puts on sofa
Pragya : what are you doing ? you can sleep on bed
Abhi : that is for you, I cannot sleep on sofa so you will sleep here
Pragya : you don’t have any manners, how can you tell me that
Abhi : don’t teach me manners, and go to sleep I have to wake early tomorrow
Pragya throws extra pillow on him and sleeps on sofa irritatedly. In midnight Rajiv calls her but she does not pick it up intentionally and cuts the call.

Precap : Pragya wakes up late for morning prayer. Arpita and Sarla comes face to face during an event. Tanu decides to make her identity till Abhi divorce Pragya.

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