Abhigya &Rabul FF : Journey of Hatred to Love Part 4


Abhi decides to send Tanu for the conference out of country
Tanu : but Abhi, are you not coming? it is such a big deal and what will I do without you
Abhi : you are going with Purab, so you will not be alone (says typing on his computer)
Tanu : okay, when will i have to go
Abhi : you, Purab and some other employes are going together tonight
Tanu : tonight? okay fine I will get ready
Abhi : be ready by 8, flight is at 9:30, I will come pick you up
Tanu : alright, I will wait (is about to leave but Abhi stops her)
” I want to ask you something, tell me honestly” says Abhi holding her hands
Tanu : what is it (says nervously)

Abhi : you know ever since you joined this company, I considered you more than a employee, but today I want to ask you something
Tanu : yes tell me what happened
Abhi : you know that I always wanted a girl that would understand me and my workload time, who could live with the spare time I get, and I found that girl whom can fulfill the lack in my life
Tanu : who is she? (Says looking at other side)
Abhi takes her to the mirror which shows her reflection

Tanu : Abhi? do you know what you are saying
Abhi : why not? if you have some concern you can tell me or if there is somebody in your life
Tanu ; its not that but I can’t tell you how different are we
Abhi: I know you might be thinking that we are from different background, but that does not matter to me because if anybody who understand my feeling its you, so will you take care of me like this forever (forwards his hand)
Tanu hesitant;y puts her hand on his as she too likes Abhi which makes him happy.
Tanu : but your dad? will he accept
Abhi : don’t worry, I talked with my dad, and he agreed, now it is time for your dear brother’s permission
Tanu : oh yeah I completely forgot I didn’t even meet him yesterday properly
Later Tanu and Abhi goes to meet Rajiv at his office
Tanu : bro, I am so sorry (hugs him) I could not talk to you yesterday
Rajiv : stop battering me. you were so busy in your work that you don’t even remember your brother great
Tanu : I said sorry na and that should be my dialogue, now that you are getting married
Abhi : what? (shocked) why didn’t you tell me about this
Rajiv : if you both are done with your complaining can I say something
Abhi : what are you waiting for ?
Rajiv : Pragya’s mom called me that the auspicious day is after three days, and I have to leave too because I would get call for London soon, so Pragya can come with me
Tanu : Three days? no bro its too less and I am going out for office work for 5 days right Abhi

Abhi : yea, but Tanu you can stay back if you want thats fine
Rajiv : no way work is first, thats fine and anyway we are not doing the wedding in grand way, I don’t know how will all this happen so quickly when are you leaving
Tanu : tonight bro, thats so not fair I will miss your my only brother’s wedding
Rajiv : my dear sister, you don’t worry we will make your wedding go grand that whole city will remember
Tanu shyingly looks at Abhi noticed by Rajiv
Rajiv ; what is going on in these eyes signals
Abhi : nothing at all
Rajiv : I know what is going on, Tanu tell me what is the matter

Tanu : why don’t you ask your friend (runs outside with too my shy)
Rajiv : I don’t believe this Abhi, my sister is blushing so much
Abhi : actually today your sister has found prince of her dreams,
Rajiv : what? (gets shocked) who is it

Abhi : who do you think? you know that guy very well, he is your best friend
Rajiv gets into thinking and realizes Abhi is talking about himself
Rajiv : oh my god, Abhi but when did this happen and how
Abhi : Rajiv, you know me from years that Tanu is the type of girl I want, and even dad agrees that she will be able to adjust in my family very well too, so when can I take your sister
Rajiv : what else a brother wants when his sister is getting such a good family
Abhi : then its settle, you do dinner at my house today before Tanu and Purab leaves for conference, and you can talk with dad too
Rajiv : okay see you in evening
Pragya calls Rajiv for shopping

Rajiv : yes my would be wife, what can I do for you
Pragya : Rajiv, its only two days of our wedding and you started ignoring me
Rajiv : now what did I do
Pragya : you promised me we will do the shopping together
Rajiv : I am so sorry sweetheart but I have very important meeting today and then Tanu is leaving tonight

Pragya : fine, you enjoy your work and your friend (hangs up angrily)
Rajiv : Pragya, listen to me, this girl is crazy
Abhi : thats what I am telling that from the whole world you have found very unique girl
Rajiv : stop it yaar, i don’t know for what you both have been fighting from years
Arora house
The house is full in swing for the wedding, The girls come to put henna in Pragya’s hand.
Bulbul : hey girls put the mehndi very carefully on my sister’s hand

Sarla : kaka, take all this flowers to the hall, it is the wedding house, nobody is concerned, come on hurry up everybody
The girl is about to write the name on Pragya’s hand but a bowl of water drops on her hand due to which it gets spoiled
Pragya : mom, look what happened
Sarla : this is not a good sign
Bulbul : mom, sis you both are very superstitious about everything, chill it happens, girls put that again
Girl : but it cannot be put again because it got all spoiled and this marks will not go easily
Bulbul : thats okay, sis you go wash hands

Pragya gets tensed about the incidence
Mehra house
Rajiv and Tanu goes to Mehra house for dinner in evening
Tanu : hello aunty, uncle
Arpita : come in dear, I must say you both are very punctual, no wonder my Abhi chose you, I am proud of my son
Rajiv : thank so much aunty
Tanu ; aunty where is Alia, I didn’t meet her from so many days
Arpita : she is in her room, but you both come quickly for dinner okay
Tanu : sure aunty
Arpita : Rajiv, I am sure you would have known everything today, thank you dear
Rajiv : don’t embarras me aunty, infact I am very happy that Tanu will be getting married in this house, and I have one request from you

Arpita : yes dear
Rajiv : aunty my sister is very naive, if unintentionally she makes any mistake please forgive her
Arpita : don’t worry dear, I promise she is equally like my Ali
Rakesh : hello young man, so you are Rajiv
Rajiv : yes sir, how are you
Rakesh ; don’t be so formal, call me uncle now we are going to relatives soon
Rajiv : sorry uncle, why don’t do the engagement ceremony after Tanu comes back from conference
Rakesh : give us some time to think, lets have dinner right now
Purab : hey congratulations dude, Abhi bro just told me about it
Arpita : what are you congratulating for?

Purab : mom, he is getting married tomorrow
Arpita ; why suddenly? is everything alright
Rajiv ; actually aunty, I have got promotion to London and after that I will have very least chance to come back to India so I thought I would take her with me, and you all have to come in my wedding with Abhi
Arpita : who is that lucky girl? and why would we not come
Rajiv : Pragya Arora,
The family gets startled to hear it that Rajiv is getting married to their enemy’s daughter
Rakesh : Rajiv : dear we won’t be able to come there but very congratulations
Rajiv : okay uncle as you wish
Later after the dinner the family goes to drop Purab and Tanu at airport
Abhi : Purab, take care of her alright
Purab : bro we are going for office work, you don’t worry I will bring back your fiancee safely
Tanu : okay uncle (touches his feet)
Rakesh : god bless you dear, now when you come back you will return as your daughter in law, I will waiting for that day
Tanu : I promise you uncle, I will not give you chance for complain
Rajiv : take care, you are happy na (takes her aside)
Tanu : yes bro, and i like Abhi too, I am sure I will be very happy with him
Rajiv: okay now you leave, you are getting late
Next day Rajiv and Pragya gets ready for their wedding. Pragya gets dressed and blushes in front of mirror. She sees her sister sitting sadly
Pragya : hey what happened to my princess, why are you sad
Bulbul : you will be leaving today, and very soon you will go to another country, who will I fight, share my feelings (gets in tears)
Pragya : whats this, its my farewell and you are crying why so, and I am just going to another house, not far from you
Bulbul : i will be alone in this house
Pragya : look at me Bulbul, you know that your sister will be always with you, nothing can separate us, if there is anything you will first tell me before mom alright
Bulbul : yes sis (hugs her) I will miss you a lot
Pragya : I will miss you too my princess, and take care of everybody alright
Sid : hey my dear sister (looks at her) is looking like angel today
Pragya : thank you bro, and my brother is also looking handsome, today so many girls will hoover at you
Sid : look at her, why her mood is off today
Pragya : nothing, she just got emotional today
The trio share emotional moments together

Mehra house
Abhi asks his dad to join with him to Rajiv’s wedding
Rakesh : Abhi, I did not tell Rajiv anything because he does have anything to do with our family enmity, but you know everything about it
Abhi : but dad
Arpita : Abhi, no more arguments, you can go if you want but we will not go alright
Abhi : alright mom, I am leaving (leaves)
The baarat arrives at the venue. Abhi too joins Rajiv in the procession. Everybody is happy about the occasion. Pragya’s heartbeat start to pump faster as time is coming near. In the midst Rajiv gets call from somebody . After a while Bulbul and Sarla brings Pragya down. Prakash is overwhelmed to see his daughter
Pragya : dad (is about to touch his feet)
Prakash : no dear, you know in this family children’s place is in our heart (hugs her emotionally)
Pragya : I know till today you have given me everything I wanted, but today I need your blessings to start my new life
Prakash : I will only say one thing to you today, in future don’t do anything that will hurt your self respect, I have raised you all with one hope that you would never get chance to bow down in front of anybody
Sarla : Pragya, lets go, time is running out
Later Sarla welcomes the groom and the ceremony starts. The groom fill vermillion in Pragya’s head and takes the vows. After the ceremony everyb

ody is astonished to see Abhi as the groom not Rajiv. This comes to big blow to Pragya and Prakash. He is about to slap Abhi but Sarla calms him down. But Pragya slaps him hardly and asks about Rajiv.
Pragya : Abhi, he was with you where is he, you cannot do this, where is my Rajiv
Abhi does not respond to her questions and remembers something

Abhi does not find Rajiv anywhere and calls him who is driving to airport
Rajiv : Abhi, there is big problem yaar,
Abhi : what happened now,
Rajiv : boss called me, I have to leave immediately for London right now
Abhi : what the hell? why didn’t you tell him its your wedding he cannot do that
Rajiv : actually its my fault, I didn’t tell him anything so he wants me to leave today
Abhi : how can you be so careless? now you cannot go like this
Rajiv : Abhi, please understand this job is very important me and I am doing this for me and Pragya, I got this job after so much difficult and I cannot afford to lose
Abhi : how convenient, you can leave your bride in altar but cannot lose your job, no way I will help you but you are not going anywhere
Rajiv : Abhi, please, and as far as concerned she is very strong girl she will understand my problem
Abhi : do you have any idea how much she will be humiliated
Rajiv : Abhi, today I am asking favor from you
Abhi : what is it ?
Rajiv : you get married to Pragya

This anger Abhi to the core who is not ready to take the step
Abhi : have you lost it Rajiv? I cannot do that, and what about Tanu then
Rajiv : you don’t worry about her, I will explain her everything, I am getting late I will talk to you later bye (hangs up the phone)
Flashback ends
Pragya : no this is not true, he cannot do this to me, and I don’t believe this marriage (breaks the tied bond and runs to her room)
Bulbul : sis (goes after Pragya)
Sid is about to hit Abhi but Sarla stops him.
Sarla : calm down both of you
People start to taunt Prakash about getting his daughter married to his enemy’s son
Sid : I will not spare that Rajiv for what he did to my sister
Pragya starts breaking things in her room and looks at the vermillion and mangalsutra that Abhi tied in her neck.
Bulbul : sis please, calm down
“NO, this cannot happen, I don’t believe this marriage, Rajiv cannot do this to me” Pragya’s loud voice echoes in the room
Bulbul tries to console her sister but in vain. Sarla tells Prakash that Pragya has to go at Mehra house
Prakash : you have gone crazy, Sarla, you know very well that family will not accept our daughter at any cost
Sarla: marriage is not a joke, and we have to accept whatever happened
Pragya ; no mom I will not go at that house, and if you have problem I will this house but never go there (says sternly) this marriage is nothing for me
Pragya leaves for Goa to get peace of mind for few days
Flashback ends

Pragya goes to her flight for Mumbai from goa after writing her diary. She reaches Bombay in few hours.

Precap : Abhi brings Pragya at Mehra house as his wife which brings rift between father and son. Arpita too gets angry at Abhi
“Abhishek Mehra, you made a very big mistake by marrying with me, and I will make you pay heavy price for this “Pragya says looking at Abhi’s picture in the room

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