Abhigya &Rabul FF : Journey of Hatred to Love Part 3


Rakesh and Prakash Arora finally come face to face in front of statue with Pragya standing in between looking at them. Sid finds Alia in the crowd and goes to her
Sid : hi, how are you
Alia : hey what are you doing here (looks around)
Sid : I came here to seek blessings, so he can give me strength to woo you
Alia : what? (shocked)
Sid : just kidding
Rakesh : So finally you came in front of me, I heard enemies meet on battle ground but for first time in history two enemies are together for same goal and on a holy place
Prakash : well but there is also very old saying one should keep enemies closer than friends but it will be opposite in our condition
Sonia : Listen, it is time for the prayer, lets go
Rakesh : don’t worry, our rivaly will not be over so soon
Alia is about do the prayer but stops when the priest tell that Pragya puts the offering first every year on the ceremony. The Durga prayer starts with Pragya doing the aarti. Later everybody heads to their home. Pragya decides to reveal her relationship to her dad.

Mehra house
Abhi is standing in his balcony looking at Tanu’s picture in his phone.
Purab : bhai, you didn’t sleep yet? what are you looking
Abhi : nothing I am not sleepy, what are you doing here at this time
Purab : I was going to kitchen to get water, bhai I wanted to ask you from long time about Tanu, I mean do you like her
Abhi : what does it matter, when you and I both know dad will never accept this relation
Purab : but bro, she might be from middle class family, as far as I know her she is very modern and today’s generation girl
Abhi ; its not that easy Purab, we are very different, our lifestyles, background and I don’t think Tanu will be able adjust in this house
Purab : I am sure she will, she has that capability, and you also wanted that type of girl right who could understand your workload and give in the time your spare time
Abhi : I know she is right girl for me but not this family, and dad too wants the daughter in law who can easily adjust in this family and who is able to understand the rules for this family
Purab : you are over thinking Abhi, nothing like that will happen and Tanu is smart and sensible, she will make her place in this house
Abhi : I guess you are right, but before giving any commitment to Tanu I want to know dad’s opinion, and we don’t know whats in Tanu’s mind right now
Purab ; you leave that to me, you just talk to dad soon alright
Abhi : okay now you go, its too late, you have to leave for airport tomorrow right
Purab : oh yea I completely forgot about that I have to go for conference tomorrow, good night brother
Abhi : good night
Arora house
Pragya enters her main hall room to talk with her dad who is reading the book seating on the chair
Prakash : why are you standing there dear, come inside (says keeping his book aside)
Pragya : I want to talk something important with you dad
Prakash ; why are you so scared, you know I am like a friend to all of you children, say frankly what is the matter
Pragya (sits down ) : dad, you know that more than mom you are my best friend thats why I want to talk about my life today
Prakash : go ahead I am listening
Pragya : remember you told me that you want a guy for me who will love and respect me and I said I want that person to be like you and I found him dad, prince of my dream who will whisk me away in fairytale
Prakash : you took in reality the fairytales your mom told you all in childhood, dear its real life
Pragya : I know dad but he is the person I was waiting whole life
Prakash : who is he? (Says with seriousness)
Pragya : his name is Rajiv
Prakash : what does he do? is he well to do?
Pragya : actually dad, he is from a middle class family but he is very ambitious, he got a very good job in London and soon will get promotion in his job, he is a newspaper editor

Prakash gets in thinking after hearing his daughter’s words. Though he never refused his children for anything he would not want them to do anything wrong
Pragya : what happened dad?
Prakash : Pragya, me and your mom always gave you all three freedom you wanted so you can cope up with this world, and you all never misused that freedom so I want to meet that boy before deciding anything
Pragya : really dad? (Says excitedly)
Prakash : but only on one condition, I have kept honor of your words now you too have to keep our honor, if I find anything wrong in that guy I will not let you marry him and you have to respect our decision
Pragya : I promise dad, I will never go against you and keep the honor of this family (puts hands on his)
The screen freezes on Abhi’s tensed and Pragya’s happy face. Next day at Mehra house everybody gathers on dining table for breakfast. Alia gets on thinking about Sid.
Rakesh ; Arpita, I want to talk something important today
Arpita : what is new in that? go ahead
Rakesh : I have found suitable partner for Abhi
Everybody stays surprised on Rakesh’s casual behavior
Arpita : are you serious? and you did not bother to tell me, its my son’s life, at least tell us who is that girl
Rakesh : that girl’s name is Tanushree Agarwal
Abhi’s coffee slips from mouth hearing the name
Arpita : is that girl working in our office, Abhi’s personal assistant
Rakesh : yes you are right, Abhi what do you think, final decision would be yours
Abhi : whatever you say dad
Purab : wow bro, you are so lucky, that dad is agreeing to your relationship
Rakesh : I can hear everything
Arpita : but how did you agree to this knowing Tanu’s background
Rakesh : because my son loves her, and if I cannot do a small thing for him what is the use of this prestige
Abhi is delighted to hear his dad’s words and goes to seek his blessing
Rakesh (makes him stand up): Abhi, so what if I don’t talk to you about your personal life but I can read your eyes and mind but you have to promise me something today
Abhi : yes dad, anything for you, I didn’t expected that you could agree to make Tanu daughter in law of this house
Rakesh : I know in past I had another perception about middle class people but I always want happiness for my family Abhi so you have to make a promise that you will not let the honor of this family let down at any cost
Abhi : I promise you dad no matter what I will never put this family’s honor at stake
Arpita : fine then lets call her family and meet them once
Purab : she only has a elder brother who is Abhi’s best friend

Arora house
Rajiv comes to meet Prakash at home. He gets nervous though Pragya told him that her dad is very open minded about everything. He keeps looking at the door bell when Pragya opens it
Pragya : are you going to ask that door bell for my hand or come inside
Rajiv : sorry I was just nervous
Pragya : come inside now (drags him)
Sarla : who is it Pragya (shouts from kitchen)
Pragya : its Rajiv mom,
Bulbul : oh so you are my future brother in law (comes in jumping like kid and gives him high five which he gives too)
Rajiv : yes if your sister and I are set up (starts getting along with Bulbul to irritate Pragya)
Pragya : stop it both of you or else I will show you both right now
Bulbul : wow, jiju my sister is already getting jealous, we will make her more jealous by going on date, what say
Prakash : Bulbul go inside right now (says sternly)
Bulbul : okay (goes inside)
Prakash : so you are Rajiv (shakes his hand)
Rajiv : yes sir, I am Rajiv
Sarla : come dear, lets have breakfast together and we will chat while eating
Prakash : so you are a newspaper editor, I must say it is quite impressive work, who else is in your family
Rajiv : I only have a younger sister, my parents died 8 years ago
Prakash : so at small age you had the responsibility
Rajiv : well I didn’t have to work too hard because my sister is talented and I don’t think even in future I have to take anybody’s favor, I trust myself enough
Prakash is quite impressed with Rajiv’s self confidence and attitude
Prakash : Sarla, won’t you bring the sweet for our son in law
Pragya : that means you agree for this relation dad (goes to hug him)
Prakash : Rajiv come here dear, Pragya is the honor of this family and I always gave my children everything they wanted and they never misused that freedom
Rajiv : I know sir
Prakash : sir? call me dad, and Rajiv don’t hesitate to scold her if she makes mistake (looks at Pragya who pouts hearing it) my daughter is very naive take care of her
Rajiv ; I will not give you chance for any complain, I will keep her always happy
Prakash : god bless you
Rajiv : I just have one request, dad actually I want this marriage to be done as soon as possible because I will get call anytime for my job in London, and if I get married then Pragya will be able to go with me
Prakash : okay then we will call the priest and ask the auspicious date
Rajiv : okay, I am getting late for work
Prakash : alright go ahead, work comes first
The priest tells the auspicious date for wedding of Rajiv and Pragya is after three days.
Sarla : three days? thats such less time
Bulbul : you are right mom, when will we do the shopping for then
Pragya : its okay mom, we will do the rituals later when we come back
Sarla : okay fine then lets start the preparation soon enough

Precap : Abhi fill vermillion in Pragya’s head to save her from humiliation much to the shock of both families.

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